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[Fixed] Why Grindr Fake GPS Not Working on My Android Phones?


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Grindr is a dating app developed explicitly for trans and bisexual people. It allows you to find the perfect match for yourself. Therefore, it is one of the most popular dating apps globally. Dating on Grindr can be exciting, but you need to be extra careful while using this application. For example, many people fake GPS on the Grindr Android app.

Are you looking for ways to reach out to people of different regions on the Grindr App? Or do you wish to spoof your current location on Grindr? In such cases, you should continue reading. In this article, we will guide you on how you can fake your location on Grindr.

Part 1: Why Do You Need to Change Your Grindr GPS Location?

If you are into dating apps just like Grindr, you must fake your location on Grindr to maintain privacy. The following are why you must think about changing your GPS location while being active on Grindr.

  • Grindr exposes your location and other personal information to familiar people and strangers can use your personal information to harm you. Therefore, you must fake your GPS location.
  • If you wish to connect with the people residing in other cities and countries, you can change your location and get access to the profiles of the people of different regions.
  • You may get yourself into trouble if you change your GPS location if you are unaware of the country's policies regarding dating apps.

Part 2: Can You Still Fake Location on Grindr in 2024?

If you want to fake your location on Grindr in 2024,  you should consider using the most updated and reliable fake GPS Grindr android tool. It will help you to keep yourself safe while enjoying on dating app. If you face issues like Grindr unable to determine your location with fake GPS, consider using one of the most reliable tools, Dr.fone – Virtual Location.

grindr fake

Part 3: Why My Grindr Fake GPS Not Working on My Android Phone?

Are you getting into trouble while spoofing a fake location on your Android? Or you are facing the issue of Grindr unable to find your location fake GPS. In that case, you need first to learn why you are getting into trouble and then try fixing it. Following are the reasons why your Fake GPS isn't working correctly.

  • You may be using the outdated version or an unreliable GPS location app, so consider switching to a reliable and the most updated GPS location app.
  • One possible reason could be that you are switching countries where dating apps and GPS location applications are also banned. Therefore, you are getting into trouble while changing the location.
  • Another reason can be the increasing security and privacy of the Grindr app sometimes if it can detect "enabling mock location apps" on Android. So if these apps are turned on and are used to mask or spoof your location, Grindr won't allow it.

Part 4: An Alternative Way to Fake GPS on Grindr [Effective]

In this part, we are going to talk about the most effective but alternative way to change location on Grindr. First, introduce Dr.fone – Virtual Location, as a great tool to fake GPS on Grindr Android. It's a powerful one-click location-changing software that can quickly help you fake your location on Grindr. Various advanced features like automatic marching, 360-degree directions, keyboard control, etc., make this a stable platform to use. This software will help you change your GPS location and efficiently use the Grindr app without any hassle.

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  • It has the option to click and change location easily with one click.
  • Compatible with all kinds of location-based apps.
  • The speed customization feature allows users to define a route with random spots.
  • Allows users to import/export GPX files in different ways to save and view.
  • 360degree direction allows users to move location up, down, left, or right anywhere.

Steps to Fake GPS on Grindr Android App:

Step 1: Download, install and launch the Dr.Fone app on your computer. As you enter the software interface read and approve the disclaimer. Now click on the Virtual Location option.           

drfone home

Step 2: Next, click on the Get Started button.           

dr.fone virtual location

Step 3: Connect your Android to your computer with the USB cable. The software will redirect you to the map screen, where you can search for any location you want. Also, click on the Center icon to correctly detect your location on the software.             

search new location

Step 4: Now, you will be able to find your current location on the map. Enable the teleport mode and search for your desired location and select Go.           

virtual location 04

Step 5: Finally, you need to click on Move Here in the pop-up box from the window. Then select the Centre On icon on your Android, and you will be able to see the matches from the location you have just chosen. You are done!            

Move to new location

Part 5: What Advantages and Disadvantages of Spoofing GPS on Grindr?

There are various pros and cons of using Fake GPS Grindr. Therefore, one must be well aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of spoofing GPS on Grindr.


  • Safety: The number one advantage is safety. It keeps your data private and secure.
  • Finding Great Matches: Since the Fake GPS app lets you use any location in the world, you'll have many options to find your best match from more people.
  • Using Grindr Abroad: When you're visiting or shifting to a new country, you may realize the country doesn't allow Grindr. Or even if it does, it may ask you to follow stricter guidelines.


  • Ban from Grindr: Sometimes, Grindr detects too many locations mocks from a single user. It may force them to ban that ID permanently. This happens quite a lot.
  • Cheating: Faking locations in a dating app sounds cheap. When the other person finds out about your original location, it might hurt them and even can break your relationship.
  • Legal Issues: It's not legal to fake a location on Grindr. You may get punished for such an act if the legal authority learns about it. 

Part 6: Hot FAQ about Disabled GPS Fake Location on Grindr

Q1: Can Fake GPS be detected?

Grindr has become very strict regarding its safety policies, and it suspends the account as soon as it detects any suspicious activity. To prevent yourself from being detected by the app use the most reliable location spoofing tool just like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location.

Q2: Why is my Grindr location wrong?

The reason behind the wrong Grindr location is that you have disabled your Android GPS and location settings. Simply go to the setting and enable your GPS and location setting.

Q3: How to Turn off Grindr Location Completely on my Android phones?

If you're an Android user, follow the below steps –

Go to settings> App Permissions> Location. Now disable the location service.

Q4: Why is my Grindr location wrong on my Android phone?

Even though the Grindr app is very efficient, the users often have issues with the wrong location. This is mostly due to the communication between the smartphone and the Grindr app. The location is based on your smartphone's GPS settings and that's why it's the best place to start troubleshooting your wrong Grindr location. Here are the steps you should follow if you own an Android smartphone –

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Security and Location.
  • Find Locations.
  • Uncheck and check on the Use Location feature to use your current location. 


It is fun to use dating apps like Grindr, but it’s quite difficult to maintain your privacy on such apps. Therefore, make sure to protect yourself while you are on Grindr. Moreover, you can consider turning off the Grindr location completely. In this article, you can find the most reliable method of spoofing the Fake GPS location. We recommend you fake your location while using Grindr and keep yourself safe. Moreover, you should consider using Dr.Fone – Virtual Location to fake GPS Grindr Android.


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