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How Can I Spoof GPS Location on Android?


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Today, Augmented Reality (AR) games are the rave amongst gaming communities. Everyone is playing them and some of the best are Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite, both developed by Niantic. The issue with these games is that you have to be physically within a certain area to take part in the game events. So if you are living in Europe and there is a huge game event in the United States of America, you would have to lose out. However, thanks to GPS spoofing apps, you can now change your device location virtually, and then play as if you are in the USA. Today, you learn how you can spoof the GPS on your Android device and also on an iOS device.

Spoof Pokémon on android Device Safely

Part 1: Can I spoof Android GPS?

There are many apps that can be used to spoof the location of an iOS device. Android device users ask whether there are apps that they can use to virtually change their device GPS coordinates. The methods below are some of the best ways in which you can spoof your location on an android device. You must note that spoofing your device is considered cheating by the developers, and they will ban your account if they catch you doing so three times. The apps described below will help you spoof your device, without jailbreaking it and also without getting your game account closed.

Spoof Android GPS using Fake GPS Go

Fake GPS is a top-notch android app that you can use to virtually change your location. This will allow you to access AR games from any location without the game detecting that your device has been spoofed.

To Use Fake GOS Go, you need to go to your settings and unlock the developer options. Now the app will be able to discreetly change the location. With Fake GPS Go, you just have to go to the map and pin your location then go ahead and play as if you are physically in that area.

Step 1: Access “Settings” on your Android device, choose “System” and then “About Phone”. Now tap seven times on the “Build Number” This will enable you to unlock the Developer Options on your android device.

virtual location 0

Step 2: Download and install Fake GPS Go on your Android device and then agree to grant it access as required. Now go to “Settings” then “Developer Options” and toggle it to “ON”. Select Fake GPS Go from the Mock Location App feature and then allow it to control the GPS location of your device.

virtual location 0

Step 3: That is all you have to do. When Fake GPS Go is active, you can launch it and then pin a new location on the map. Now you can go back and launch Harry Potter Wizards Unite or Pokémon Go and enjoy the game at your new location.

virtual location 0

You do not have to worry about your location reverting when you close Fake GPS Go. The app continues running in the background to make sure that your pinned location stays intact until you change it later.

Spoof Android using Fake GPS Free

This is a great free virtual location changer, which will allow you to play Pokémon Go with ease. The great thing about the app is that it is very light on system resources and will not cause your device to lag when playing the game. Make sure you get the latest version, as other older versions could be detected and some people lost their accounts.

Step 1: Start by accessing the settings on your device and unlocking the Developer Options. You can do this by going to “About Phone” and then tapping on the “Build Number” seven times. Next, go to Google Play Store and download and install Fake GPS Free.

Step 2: when you have installed Fake GPS Free, go to “Settings”, then “Developer Options” and then choose the “Mock Location app” feature. Now grant Fake GPS the necessary access.

virtual location 0

Step 3: Now go back to your home screen and launch Fake GPS free. Go to the map and find the location that you want. The great thing about this app is that you can zoom in and get more accurate with the location pinning.

Step 4: After you have spoofed your location, Fake GPS Free will notify you of the change. Close the app and let it run in the background. Now access Pokémon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite and play the game as if you are physically in the new location.

virtual location 0

Spoof Android GPS using a great VPN app

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network is a clever method that you can use to spoof the GPS coordinates on your android device. It works by hiding the IP address of your device, so you can go to any location on the map and take part in AR games. A top-notch VPN will mask and encrypt your data; this ensures that the game you are playing, whether Pokémon or Harry Potter Wizards Unite does not sense that you are spoofing your GPS. This minimizes the risk of getting your account banned.

All you have to do is look for a powerful VPN app on Google Play Store and then activate it before you start playing the game. You will get a list of servers that helps you choose the best to mask your IP address.

virtual location 0

Step 1: Get the original version of Pokémon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and then create a new account. Now download and install the VPN app of your choice. It is best to get a premium VPN which offers you better protection. It will also have a free trial period so you can take it for a road test before you buy it.

Step 2: Now make sure that the game does not run in the background. This ensures that the game does not detect the VPN which will be running in the background. Now start the VPN app and then choose from the list of VPN servers. Once done, you may now choose the region where you want to go and play.

Step 3: When the VPN is active, you may now start the game that you want to play and using a tracker map, move to the location where you want to be. Your GPS coordinates will be hidden and you will have spoofed your android device.

Part 2: How to use dr. fone Virtual Location to spoof GPS?

Now you know how you can spoof your GPS on an android device, so you should also know how to spoof your location on an iOS device. There are many ways in which you can spoof your location on iOS but most of them require you to Jailbreak the device. However, there is a safe method that you can use to spoof your GPS without Jailbreak and not get banned from the game.

The app you need is dr. fone Virtual location, a GPS spoofing tool that does not require rooting of your device. With the app, you can safely play Pokémon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite among many other geo-location data-based games.

Here is all the information you need to use dr. fone Virtual Location iOS:

Features of dr. fone virtual location – iOS

  • The discreet teleport mode will spoof your location safely and you can play the GPS data based game anywhere on the map.
  • You can easily navigate around the map using the Joystick feature. Simply connect a Joystick and move around as needed.
  • On the map, you can trick the game to think that you are walking, in a vehicle, or running to the new location.
  • Any geolocation data based game or app can use dr. fone Virtual Location for spoofing GPS coordinates

A step-by-step guide to teleport your location using dr. fone virtual location (iOS)

From the official download page for dr. fone, download the app, and install it on your computer. Access the Home screen when you launch it and then click on "Virtual Location".

drfone home

Once the Virtual Location module is launched, connect the iOS device using the original USB cable that came packaged with the device. An original USB cable ensures that data does not get corrupted, a risk that you incur when you use a generic cable.

virtual location 01

After your device has been recognized and listed by dr. fone, you should now confirm your actual location shown on the map. If the location indicated is not the correct one, then do not fret. Simply go to the lower end of your computer screen, find the "Center On" icon, and then click on it. Instantly, your actual location will be corrected and you can proceed.

virtual location 03

Swing up to the top bar of your computer screen. There look for the third icon and hit it. This will instantly put your iOS device into the "Teleport" mode. Check for an empty input box on the screen and then type in the location that you want to teleport to. Click on “Go” and you will be instantly teleported to the new location.

Look below and see an image of how your device would be recognized if you typed in Rome, Italy.

virtual location 04

After you have been teleported to your desired location, open up the game or app that you are using and then take part in events that are in that area.

When playing Pokémon Go, you must adhere to the cool-down period so the game does not realize that you had spoofed your location. Click on “Move Here” and your location will remain the same, even if you switch off the app for a while. When you want to move to a new location, follow the process once more.

virtual location 05

This is how your location will be viewed on the map.

virtual location 06

This is how your location will be viewed on another iPhone device.

virtual location 07

In Conclusion

Now you have seen the three methods that you can use to spoof your Android device and one safe way to do the same on an iOS device. It is convenient to use Fake GPS Go or Fake GPS Free, but these have some risk of letting the game realize that you are spoofing your GPS location. Use a VPN if you need added security and ensure that the game does not run in the background. If you have an iOS device and do not want to jailbreak it, then you should use the powerful iOS spoofing tool, dr. fone Virtual Location – iOS. Try out these measures and enjoy playing Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite from any point in the world.


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