Which is the best Pokemon Go joystick on Android and iOS?


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Pokemon Go is an AR game developed by Niantic and it is based on the popular Pokemon franchise. The best part of this game lies in its unique approach and adaptation of the cult Pokemon series which grabbed the attention of the Pokemon fans all over the world.

Because of its high demand and popularity in the worldwide gaming arenas, numerous attempts have been made to trick the game server and spoof location to the users’ advantage. Players have tried using joysticks to take control of the game fully. Now the question arises is location spoofing possible?

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Part 1: Best Pokeomon Go joystick on iOS Device

best pokemon go joystick

Pokemon Go players need to complete several daily quests which require them to step out and complete certain actions such as catching a various and specific type of Pokemons to complete the assigned tasks. Now it is not always possible for users to step out and roam around to catch new Pokemons. So what can they do? Well, we have the perfect solution for them. If you are a player who is facing the same issue, then you will be able to get access to features such as a joystick, teleportation, and GPS spoofing by simply sitting at home.

Using Pokemon Go joystick iOS is comparatively easier than Android. You do not require to jailbreak your phone to use the below-said strategies. Spoofing the Pokemon Go GPS location is not as easy as it was in the initial days. The developers have hardened the server and there exist only a handful of apps that can spoof your realtime location.

Currently, two such leading GPS spoofer and joystick apps are fully functional and positively reviewed. They are as follows:

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

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Pokemon Go server catches any minute behavioral changes of the users. If you are using a cab ride to hatch an egg, you will be asked to choose the passenger mode and the distance traveled will not be counted. These types of issues can be solved by just staying at home. Want to know how?

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location app is the new age GPS spoofing app that lets the user mock and changes the location anytime in their iOS by simply sitting at home. All you need to do is install the app and choose from the three different modes of GPS spoofing methods. This app is perfect suited for the location-based AR games such as Pokemon Go. The best part of this app is that you get what you are looking for - a Pokemon Go joystick iOS 2020 feature to enable you to move virtually across the world of Pokemon Go. Simply use the joystick to smoothen your movement and stimulate your position freely across the map. Teleport wherever you want and catch your favorite Pokemons and join gym battles and raids.

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4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location app comes with the following features:

    • Automatic marching

Select a spot on the map and automatically teleport your location to the spot.

    • 360-degree directions

Use the upward and downward arrows to navigate across the map.

    • Keyboard control

Use the arrow keys and make use of the joystick to stimulate your GPS movement.


ipogo spoofing app

There is another app that is quite effective and is on par with Dr.Fone – Virtual Location app. The iPogo spoofing app is another pokemon go joystick ios free app for Pokemon Go players like you. You can use this app by simply downing and directly installing it on your system. There is another option to use the app and that is by using the Cydia Impactor.

Simply follow the following instructions to get the app working on your system:

Step 1: Visit ipogo.com.

Step 2: Click on Direct Install.

Step 3: After installation, go to Send me to Profile Management.

Step 4: Click on Allow.

Step 5: Choose your desired profile and click on Trust.

Step 6: You are all set to use the app.

The iPogo app comes loaded with the following features:

  • Auto Walking
  • Teleporting
  • Feeds (Pokemon/Quest/Raids)
  • Enhanced Throw
  • S2 Overlays (L14/17 Cells)

Part 2: Best Pokemon Go Joystick on Android Device

Now that you know the apps to use in your iOS mobile to fake your GPS, let us now talk about the Android system. Is it possible to use a GPS location spoofer in Android systems? Numerous apps require you to root your phone. Now there are many problems associated with rooting. You might lose the warranty provided by the manufacturer. In simple words, your warranty will be void. But now the question arises – are there any apps that do not require rooting your mobile?

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free

fake gps go location

Well, thankfully there is one. The Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free is one such GPS spoofing app that works well on Android systems. This app overwrites your current GPS location smoothly and tricks the game server efficiently. You can simply teleport to any location of your choice and catch new and exciting Pokemons out there. All of these features you can access by simply sitting at home.

Also, add a VPN connection to maintain the accuracy and efficiency of the app. This app works hand in hand with a VPN app and together it can do wonders. Before launching the app, make sure you disable the high accuracy location positioning option which you will find under the Android Location Settings.

Here are the features of this app:

  • GPS spoofing for all Android devices.
  • Use this app without rooting your phone.
  • Access to faves and history.
  • New route creation option.
  • Integrate with other apps.
  • Use the user-friendly joystick to navigate across the maps.

Part 3: Any risks for using Pokemon Go joystick?

GPS location spoofing can be beneficial to Pokemon Go users as it eliminates the need of stepping out of their house to catch the Pokemons. But little do they know about the risks associated with GPS spoofing. Pokemon Go is the primary target for gamers when it comes to using GPS spoofing. GPS location is a vital place for valuable geographic information and the hackers might hack your system and cause substantial damage using your GPS.

Also, Niantic is aware of the GPS spoofing its players do to gain a competitive advantage. That is why they have stated that they might be banning and suspending accounts if they find any unusual behaviors in the Pokemon Go accounts. Many have used GPS spoofing to play pranks on unknown people which have led to a series of negative and unfavorable incidents in the past. Make sure you use GPS spoofing wisely and not for any harmful actions and pranks.


GPS spoofing is a great method of masking your real location and replacing it with a virtual location. There are many apps stated above that you can run on your iOS and Android devices. Make sure you adhere to the above-mentioned steps and follow them accordingly to get the optimum results. Remember to use these apps wisely and stay away from any pranks and unfavorable actions. Any harmful acts can bring you in the spotlight of legal action and you might face consequences if found guilty later. Use them wisely and for good reasons.


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