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Fake Android Location without Rooting: Here Is How


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Do you like to share your location details to the strangers and unauthenticated apps? Due to the evolution of GPS enabled devices, rules out the privacy factor completely. At some situation, there is a need to fake GPS Android location. The GPS is necessary to track, map, and receive weather reports.

You can make use of certain apps in the digital market only if you grant permission to access your location details. In case, if those apps are not reliable then you require an alternative to handle this scenario. GPS spoofing is the right choice to get rid of location accessing issues. In this article, a complete guide on the spoofing techniques discussed after detailed research.

GPS spoofing

Part 1: Why fake Android GPS/location?

What are the benefits of a fake Android location? There is a need to fake the GPS location on your Android device for various reasons as follows

  • If you were playing the location-based games then it would be convenient to move between different locations to win points effortlessly.
  • You can get rid of tracking phenomena from parents, employees etc via the GPS feature
  • Fake GPS Android let you download all the interesting apps on the Google play despite location ban of certain games.
  • Divert your friends and mislead them to identify you in a stunning location and make jealous of you on your vacation trips
fake GPS for Android location

The location-based apps are available below and learn how to make use of the spoofing techniques to establish a fake curtain on your location details.

  • Pokemon Go
  • Social apps like Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook
  • Dating apps like tinder
  • Bypass media blackouts

Pokemon Go:

It is one of the finest and trending game app for the current generation kids. This game is a favorite one for all age groups. Capturing Pokemon by moving around wisely is the foremost goal of this game. The Pokemons were scattered around the globe and you can get hold of the Pokemons residing nearby your location.

Using the GPS spoofing techniques you can fake the GPS feature and play the game on your favourite place around the globe without travelling in reality. You can play the game on the American location by moving around in Japan. Thereby you can capture a lot of Pokemon in no time.

GPS spoofing for Pokemon Go

Social apps like Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook

The Fake GPS Android feature on social apps like Instagram/Facebook /Snapchat etc is mainly useful for security purpose. While posting on Facebook you share the data along with the location details. In case, if you do not want to share your location details on the Facebook wall, then mock it using this fake GPS Android feature.

Edit the images and post it accordingly on Instagram/Snapchat etc to divert your friend’s perception on your vacation plan. Create the images as if you are having fun on exciting islands across the globe using the mock location hash tags.

Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook location spoofing

Dating apps like Tinder

Tinder is a dating app mostly used by singles, college students, and committed ones too. Here the members get to know one another and go for a dating. Some members make use of this app just to make friends.

If you are residing in a small country then you will get exhausted after surfing through the regular members all the time. You would like to look for a change. By fake GPS Android, you can implement this mock location phenomenon. With the help of this option, you can now make friends beyond boundaries despite location constraints.

location spoofing on tinder

Bypass media blackouts

Some websites, which handle media, ban on certain countries for a specific reason. If you are residing in the blocked regions then fake GPS Android option greatly helps you to access those media effortlessly. Some sports broadcasting platform blackout the streaming on particular regions like the UK, Russia, and Japan etc. Enjoy and have fun with media data despite location constraints using fake GPS option.

Bypass media blackouts

Part 2: VPN vs. GPS spoofing: Which you need?

It is high time to explore unique effective ways to mock your location on the network. You can establish this strategy in two ways

  • Using GPS Spoofing
  • VPN

What does GPS Spoofing mean?

The basic concept in GPS spoofing is that you are going to mock GPS Android via the radio signal received from satellites. The Global Positioning System works using the signals sent by various satellites like American GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, and Chinese BeiDou etc. Google started to make use of these signals in the year 2007 to implement the GPS systems in your mobile.

All these satellites emit signals continuously with unique coordinate parameters. The smart phones receive those signals along with coordinate details and the math algorithm calculates the location precisely. The coordinate details of the signals depend on the positioning of the satellites on the Earth’s orbit. Here in the GPS spoofing technique mock the coordinate detail of the signals thereby leading to the change in the location.

change in the location

What is a VPN?

It is a Virtual Private Network and used for ages related to security needs. This concept deals with the IP address. Similar to the firewall in your PC this VPN serves as a protective curtain for the data on the web. With the help of a VPN, you can

  • Encrypt the data on the web with a high level of encryption techniques
  • Hide your IP address and mock the location
  • Get access to restricted areas on the web
  • Change your IP address as per your needs in no time

The VPN provider will assist you by serving a new IP address to mask your location. The IP address (Internet Protocol) is a combination of numerals and alphabets separated by colon indicating the location of your device over the network. The original address is replaced with a new one directing to another location on the internet.

IP address to mask your location

Difference between GPS Spoofing and VPN

Elements to compare GPS Spoofing VPN
Tracks location Using radio signals IP address
Make use of Satellite signals Data with letters and numbers
Spots the device address The signal’s coordinate details With unique combinations of numbers and letters
Spoofing strategy Register wrong coordinate details VPN provider offers a different set of IP address instead of the original data
Other features Threatens the security systems on the internet and give access to restricted apps and WebPages Encrypt data and mask the location details for security purpose.
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Part 3: How to fake Android location by GPS spoofing

You must make some changes on your Android Phone before installing the Fake GPS location app.

Step 1: In your Android Phone go to the ‘Settings’ option and select ‘About Phone’


Step 2: In the next window choose ‘Software Information’

Software Information

Step 3: Tap on ‘Built Number’ in the preceding screen. This step allows you to access the ‘Developer option’ in the device

Developer option

Activate the Mock Location option in Android

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ option in your Android device and choose ‘Developer Option’.

Activate the Mock Location option

Step 2: In the next screen enable the ‘Mock Location’ option to spoof the location details

spoof the location details

You have to install the Fake GPS App, which is available in the Google Play Store. In this article, Lexa Fake GPS app employed to explain the steps in detail.

Now it is the perfect time to Fake your GPS location using the below guidelines

Step 1: After successful installation of Lexa, tap the icon to trigger the app. The home screen of this app displays a map

trigger the app

Step 2: Click the ‘Set Location’ option and drag the pointer on the map as per your desire

drag the pointer on the map

Step 3: Save the changes and exit from App. Your Android phone will display the new location address in the notification window.

display the new location

Part 4: How to fake Android location using VPN

Step 1: Go to the Google Play store and choose an appropriate VPN provider compatible with your device

choose an appropriate VPN provider

Step 2: Follow the Wizard and install the VPN Provider

install the VPN Provider

Step 3: Open the ‘VPN location Changer’ app

VPN location Changer

In the above screenshot, you can infer that there are three tabs displaying ‘Recommended, All and Favorites’ option. These tabs flash the names of the countries around the globe in a well-organized format.

You can choose the desired country and connect to the respective VPN in no time. Your original IP address will be masked immediately soon after the selection process. This app will make your device to appear in the selected region using the newly generated IP address.


This article has given you a basic knowledge related to the spoofing techniques based on GPS and VPN. It is highly advisable to make use of this location-masking feature for fun games and constructive purpose. Here you have learnt about the fake android location without rooting. Do not use this option to make money since it is an illegal act by law. Learn and explore spoofing techniques with the help of this detailed guide.

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