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How to use iSpoofer on Android


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

iSpoofer is one of the most useful tools for iOS users, that’s designed to simulate a user's GPS location. With iSpoofer, you can change your current location to anywhere in the world and access geo-restricted content without any hassle. While the tool has several real-world applications, the majority of users use iSpoofer to fake their location to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Since iSpoofer is an extremely reliable app, even Android users want to know if they can use it on their smartphones or not. If you’re one of them, this guide will help. In today’s article, we are going to discuss if you can download iSpoofer for Android or not and what are some of the best solutions to fake GPS location on an Android device.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Part 1:  Can I download the iSpoofer on Android

Unfortunately, iSpoofer isn’t available for Android. It’s an exclusive geo spoofing app that only works on iOS devices. In fact, all its features are tailored for the iOS ecosystem only. So, if you have an Android device, you won’t be able to download iSpoofer for Android at all.

However, the good news is that you don’t need iSpoofer to fake GPS location on an Android smartphone. There are dozens of Android-specific location spoofing apps that’ll help you simulate the GPS location and play Pokemon Go with a fake location. Some of these tools also come with a dedicated GPS Joystick feature, which means you’ll also be able to control your movement while sitting at one spot.

Part 2:  Common ways to spoof on Android

When it comes to choosing the right location spoofing methods for Android, you’ll have to be extra cautious. Why? Because there are many fake GPS apps on Android that aren’t reliable and may damage your smartphone’s overall functionality as well.

Here are some of the most common ways to spoof location on Android devices.

  1. Use VMOS

VMOS is an application that lets users set up a virtual machine on their Android device. This means that you’ll be able to set up two different Android systems on the same device. What makes VMOS the right tool for geo spoofing on Android is the fact that it offers a one-click root enable feature. You can easily root your virtual Android OS without damaging the firmware of the primary OS. This way you’ll be able to install professional location spoofing tools and change your GPS location without any hassle.



The only downside of using VMOS is that it’s extremely hard to set up and manage. First and foremost, you’ll need different tools to successfully set up the virtual OS on your device. Secondly, VMOS is heavy software and if your smartphone doesn’t have decent configurations, it may even slow down the overall processing.

  1. Root Your Device

Another way to fake location on Android is to root your device. Rooting an Android device will allow you to install third-party spoofing apps that offer extensive functionality. However, when you’ll root your device, you won’t be able to claim its warranty anymore. So, in case you don’t want to void your smartphone’s warranty, ‘rooting’ may not be the right solution to fake your location in Pokemon Go.

  1. Use PGSharp

PGSharp is one of the best alternatives to iSpoofer for Android. It’s a tweaked version of the original Pokemon Go app that comes with a few additional features such as spoofing and GPS Joystick. The best part about using PGSharp is that it’s compatible with all Android devices. You won’t have to root your device to install and run PGSharp.



You can either choose the free or the paid version of the app. Of course, the latter comes with a few additional features, but if you only want to fake location in Pokemon Go, the free version of PGSharp will get the job done as well.

Note: Keep in mind that PGSharp isn’t available on Google Play Store and you’ll have to download it from the official PGSharp website.

Extension: safest way to spoof on iOS- Dr.Fone virtual location

So, that’s how you can fake GPS location on an Android device and collect different types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Even though iSPoofer isn’t available for Android, you can still use the above three methods to mock location without any effort.

It’s also worth noting that iSpoofer is permanently shut down and you can no longer install it on iOS devices as well. Even the iSpoofer website is down and if you want to fake location on your iPhone/iPad, you’ll have to look for other options. One of the best ways to change GPS location on an iOS device is to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS). It’s a professional geo spoofing tool for iOS that comes with a wide variety of features to mock location on iDevices.

It has a dedicated “Teleport Mode” that’ll allow you to change your current location to anywhere in the world. You can even set a fake location using its GPS coordinates. Like iSpoofer, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) also comes with the GPS Joystick feature. This means you’ll be able to catch different types of Pokemon without moving at all.

Here are a few key features of Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS).

  • Change your current location with a single click
  • Use GPS coordinates to find locations
  • Virtually control your GPS movement using the Joystick feature
  • Customize your movement speed while walking in different directions
  • Compatible with all iOS versions

Follow these steps to change your GPS location on an iDevice using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS).

Download for PCDownload for Mac

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Step 1 - Install the Dr.Fone toolkit on your computer and launch the software. Click “Virtual Location” and connect your iPhone to the computer using a lightning cable.

launch the Virtual Location

Step 2 - Once the tool recognizes your device, click “Get Started” to proceed further.

launch the Virtual Location

Step 3 - You’ll be prompted to a map that’ll point to your current location. Select “Teleport Mode” from the top-right corner and use the search bar to find the desired location.

virtual location 04

Step 4 - The pointer will move to the selected location automatically. Finally, click “Move Here” to set it as your new location.

launch the Virtual Location

That’s how you can change GPS location on an iPhone/iPad using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS).

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