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Best Ways To Restore WhatsApp Backup Without Uninstalling


Dec 29, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp is a widely used communication platform globally, connecting millions of users. Its convenience in sharing messages, media, and documents has made it essential. However, users often encounter challenges when attempting to restore their WhatsApp backup. The complexities in restoring backups might stem from various factors. These include device changes, software updates, or unexpected technical glitches.

The app typically offers straightforward methods to back up and restore data. Yet, the restoration process might not always function. So, users seek alternative solutions to overcome these hurdles. This article aims to explore how to restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling.

whatsapp backup restore without uninstall

Part 1. Can WhatsApp Backup Be Restored Without Uninstalling Application?

No, WhatsApp doesn't let you restore backups directly without removing the app. To retrieve your data, it is essential to back it up initially. This is how WhatsApp keeps your data safe when switching devices or updating software. When you back it up, your WhatsApp info gets saved on your phone or in a place like Google Drive or iCloud.

Uninstalling the app before restoring the backup is for security reasons. It helps keep your data safe and makes sure the encryption stays intact. When you reinstall WhatsApp, you confirm your phone number to access your account again. So, in short, the answer to how to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive without uninstalling is that it’s not possible.

Part 2. Collecting Different Ways To Restore WhatsApp Backup: A Tabular Overview

Now that you know the answer to how to restore WhatsApp chat without uninstalling, the question is what comes next. While restoring WhatsApp without uninstalling the app is impossible, it does not lower the importance of the process. Users will still need to learn viable ways to backup and restore WhatsApp chat. In this guide, we will discuss many such ways currently being employed by users:

Method Description Intensity Usefulness Limitation/Contention
Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android) Third-party tool providing selective data recovery from Google Drive High Offers selective restoration of WhatsApp data; user-friendly interface. Dependency on third-party software
iCloud Backup Restoration (iOS) Restores WhatsApp chats from iCloud backups after reinstalling WhatsApp on iOS devices. Moderate It is useful for complete data restoration but overwrites existing data on the device. Inability to selectively restore WhatsApp chats; overwrite current iPhone data.
Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) Recover WhatsApp data selectively from iCloud/iTunes backups High Provides selective recovery options and ease of use. Relies on third-party software;
iTunes Backup Restoration (iOS) Utilizes iTunes backups to restore WhatsApp chats, replacing existing iPhone data during the restoration. Moderate Suitable for complete device restoration from backups but lacks selective restoration. Cannot selectively restore WhatsApp messages; overwrite existing iPhone data.
Local Storage Manipulation (Android) Involves renaming WhatsApp backup files for restoration Low Provides a method for local restoration High risk; might not work universally due to encryption differences;

Part 3. Restore WhatsApp Chats From a Google Drive Backup [Android]

Google Drive backups serve as a crucial safeguard for WhatsApp data. It is a secure repository preserving chat histories, media files, and settings. There is a critical limitation to consider when relying on Google Drive backups. The backup must have been created before the deletion of the chats. Given below are the two ways you can use Google Drive to restore your WhatsApp backup:

Method 1. Use Google Drive Backup After Uninstalling WhatsApp

If you have a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive before the targeted chats were deleted, you can restore it. Follow these steps to restore the desired WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to get back your chats:

  • Step 1. Ensure that a recent Google Drive backup of your WhatsApp data exists, including the messages you wish to recover. Open WhatsApp, go to Settings, and tap "Chats," followed by "Chat backup," to confirm the presence of a suitable backup.
  • ensure whatsapp backup available

  • Step 2. On your device, uninstall and then reinstall the WhatsApp application. Open WhatsApp after reinstalling it and enter the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account.
  • uninstall whatsapp from android

  • Step 3. During the setup process, WhatsApp will detect the Google Drive backup linked to your phone number. Follow the prompts to restore your chats and media from the available backup.
  • restore backup from google drive

    Method 2. Use Dr.Fone – Data Recovery for WhatsApp Retrieval From Google Drive

    When data deletion and recovery become crucial, effective methods are essential. Wondershare Dr.Fone is a reliable option for recovering lost or deleted data. It is designed to assist in data recovery scenarios and provides a dedicated feature to recover WhatsApp data. Using this feature, you can easily recover WhatsApp backups from Google Drive:

    Key Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone

    1. Fone supports over 6000 Android and iOS devices for data recovery.
    2. It can recover data from broken Samsung devices with ease.
    3. Using Dr.Fone, you can recover lost data from iCloud and iTunes.

    Step-by-Step Instructions To Recover WhatsApp Data From Google Drive Using Dr.Fone

    Recovering lost data from Google Drive becomes a breeze when Wondershare Dr.Fone is employed. Here is how you can recover deleted WhatsApp backups from Google Drive:

  • Step 1. Initiating Google Drive Data Recovery via Dr.Fone
  • To begin, open Dr.Fone on your computer once it's installed. Navigate to "Data Recovery" in "Toolbox" and choose 'Android' as your device type. Then, select 'Recover Google Drive Data' on the following screen. Proceed by signing into your Google Drive account.

    sign in google drive account

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2. WhatsApp Data Recovery Process From Google Drive
  • After logging in, simply select the "Recover WhatsApp Data" button. It will start the retrieval of WhatsApp data backup from Google Drive. Once displayed, choose the relevant backup by clicking the 'Download' button. The ensuing screen will illustrate the progression of downloading the WhatsApp backup file.

    select backup and configure

  • Step 3. WhatsApp Data Verification and Retrieval Process
  • To access the data, you must first verify your WhatsApp account. Follow the instructions displayed on-screen for the verification process. Once verified, the downloaded WhatsApp data undergoes parsing to enable display on the next screen. Choose the data you wish to retrieve, then select the "Recover" button. Specify the destination for the recovered WhatsApp data and click on "Export."

    restore google drive backup dr fone

    Part 4. Restore WhatsApp Chats From an iCloud Backup [iOS]

    For iOS users, restoring WhatsApp chats from an iCloud backup can be an efficient method. It can help user retrieve their deleted or lost messages. However, a drawback of this method is that users will lose the latest chats as they aren't backed up. The following are the two ways you can restore WhatsApp chats from iCloud:

    Method 1. Use iCloud Backup After Uninstalling WhatsApp

    To access iCloud settings, navigate to “Settings” on your iPhone and select your Apple ID. Press "Manage Storage" and look within "Backups" to ensure a suitable iCloud WhatsApp backup exists. Should a backup be accessible, here's a detailed walkthrough for recovering WhatsApp content:

  • Step 1. To start, remove the WhatsApp application from your iPhone. Next, reinstall it through the App Store. Once installed, launch the app, input your phone number, and then proceed to verify it.
  • uninstall whatsapp ios

  • Step 2. During the setup process, WhatsApp will detect the iCloud backup associated with your phone number. You'll receive a prompt asking if you want to restore chat history from iCloud. Click on "Initiate Chat History Restoration" to commence restoring chat history.
  • restore chat from icloud

    Method 2. Use Dr.Fone – Data Recovery for WhatsApp Retrieval From iCloud

    If you had an iCloud backup of WhatsApp that contained the targeted message, but it is now lost, don't panic. Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a comprehensive data recovery tool that also excels in data recovery from iCloud. Here are the steps you need to follow to get back your WhatsApp chats:

  • Step 1. Accessing iCloud Data Recovery Tool via Wondershare Dr.Fone
  • As you launch the “Data Recovery” tool, proceed by selecting “iOS” and move forward. Among the options provided, choose "Recover data from iCloud." It will access the dedicated data recovery tool for iCloud data retrieval. You'll need to sign into your desired iCloud account to initiate the data recovery process.

    sign into icloud

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2. iCloud Account Authentication and Data Selection
  • Provide the required authentications to access your iCloud account for data recovery. Afterward, choose the specific file types you wish to recover using Dr.Fone. Mark all the data categories you want and proceed by selecting 'Next.' Once you proceed, the download process will commence. It will display all downloaded data in a categorized layout within the next window.

    select data to recover from icloud

  • Step 3. Restore Recovered WhatsApp Chats
  • Once you have recovered the targeted WhatsApp chats, the next step is to restore them. Choose "Restore to Device" to restore your WhatsApp backup to the iOS device.

    restore icloud backup dr fone

    Part 5. Restore WhatsApp Chats From an iTunes Backup [iOS]

    Similar to Android devices, iOS users have a direct method to restore WhatsApp chats from backups using iTunes. iTunes, an application developed by Apple, is a comprehensive tool for managing iOS devices. It facilitates the creation of complete device backups on a computer. This becomes a drawback as you can't selectively restore WhatsApp alone.

    It will replace the current data on the iPhone with the data from the backup, which might not be desirable. Here is how you can iTunes backup to restore WhatsApp chat history:

    Method 1. Use iTunes Backup by Direct Connection and Settings

    Ensure you have an iTunes backup that includes the specific WhatsApp data you want to recover before proceeding. Additionally, ensure that your computer has the most up-to-date version of iTunes installed. Follow these steps to recover the WhatsApp data using the iTunes backup:

  • Step 1. Connect your iPhone, and when prompted, open the iTunes application on your computer. You may see a message asking you to "Trust This Computer" on your iPhone. Tap "Trust" to grant iTunes access to your device.
  • trust device on itunes connection

  • Step 2. Within iTunes, locate and click on the device icon in the top left corner to access your iPhone. Under the "Summary" tab for your iPhone, find the "Backups" section.
  • access itunes backup for restoring

  • Step 3. Choose "Restore Backup" from this section. Select the specific iTunes backup from the list available. Confirm that it contains the WhatsApp data you intend to restore. Once selected, click "Restore" and allow iTunes to complete the restoration process.
  • restore itunes backup to device

    Method 2. Use Dr.Fone – Data Recovery for WhatsApp Retrieval From iTunes

    Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a robust data recovery feature to recover data from iTunes. Moreover, using Dr.Fone also means you can selectively recover and restore WhatsApp data instead of the entire device. Here is how the Dr.Fone data recovery process for iTunes works:

  • Step 1. Launching Dr.Fone and Initiating iTunes Data Recovery
  • When the “Data Recovery” window opens, choose “iOS” as the device type for further processing. Moving to the next screen, opt for the "Recover Data from iTunes" feature and begin the data recovery process from your iTunes backup.

    start itunes recovery dr fone

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2. Initiating iTunes Backup Scan for WhatsApp & Attachments Retrieval
  • The following screen displays the detected iTunes backups available on the device. After the list appears on the screen, choose a particular backup and select “Start Scan.” Moving to the subsequent screen, ensure you have check-marked “WhatsApp & Attachments.” Then, initiate the scanning process by clicking “Start Scan.”

    select data to recover itunes backup

  • Step 3. Backup File Scanning and Data Preview/Restoration
  • The following screen illustrates the scanning backup file’s progress. You can preview any desired data type once the complete backup data is visible. For device restoration, simply select the data and navigate to the ‘Restore to Device’ option.

    select device and restore itunes backup

    Part 6. Restore WhatsApp Chats From the Local Storage [Android]

    Android users can also restore WhatsApp chats from local storage on their devices. It involves manipulating the encrypted backup file. Exercise care when using this method, as it entails renaming the backup file. Before proceeding, verify your recent backup file in the local storage. These are the steps needed to complete WhatsApp restoration via local backup:

  • Step 1. Use the “File Manager” app to navigate to the WhatsApp backup folder on your Android device. Look through the “Databases” folder and discover files named 'msgstore.db.cryptXX' (where XX represents a number).
  • access databases folder on android

  • Step 2. Choose the most recent 'msgstore.db.cryptXX' file and rename it to 'msgstore.db.crypt14'. This step involves changing the file extension to 'crypt14', which WhatsApp recognizes. Do uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device with care.
  • rename encrypted backup file

  • Step 3. During the setup process of WhatsApp, the app will detect the 'msgstore.db.crypt14' file. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the chat history from this backup.
  • restore backup from file android

    Bonus Part. Restoring WhatsApp Chats on Wondershare Dr.Fone From Another Way

    Do you have WhatsApp chats stored on your computing device (from an iPhone or Android)? Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer provides an alternative method for restoring WhatsApp chats. This approach is useful when you have WhatsApp backup files on your computer. Here's a step-by-step guide to restore WhatsApp chats using Dr.Fone:

  • Step 1. Preparation and Tool Selection
  • To start the process, download and install Dr.Fone on your computer. Then, select "WhatsApp Transfer" in "Toolbox" to access the specific tool. Once the tool opens in a new window, select "Restore to Device" to start restoring the backup onto your device.

    access restore to device option

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2. Explore WhatsApp Backup Files and Preview Content
  • The next screen showcases the backup files, offering an insight into the platform's stored data. Find your desired backup file and click the "View" button. You'll find a comprehensive preview of the WhatsApp backup file on the next screen. Choose a specific category to explore individual chats and media within the preview window.

    look for backup restoration file

  • Step 3. Device Data Restoration Process
  • If you wish to restore this data to your device, select the "Restore to Device" button. It can be found in the lower-right corner of the screen. Following this, on the next screen, initiate it by clicking the "Restore" button. If you want to create a backup, select "Backup." Otherwise, to proceed with the process, click "Continue" to start the restoration.

    restore backup whatsapp transfer dr fone

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    This comprehensive guide explored how to restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling. For this, multiple methods to restore WhatsApp chats have been explored. They ranged from utilizing Google Drive and iCloud backups to third-party software like Wondershare Dr.Fone. While various solutions exist, Dr.Fone emerges as a standout choice. With its robust features, Dr.Fone provides an effective and reliable option.

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