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How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages [iPhone & Android]


May 22, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

Connecting to your loved ones across the world has become easier now with WhatsApp. But what if you accidentally delete one of the important messages or chat?

Are you also in the same situation and looking for a way to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages?

The instant messaging app comes with various features. In its list, it also has the feature to delete any chat or message. But, by doing so, sometimes you end up losing some of your important messages. Now the point is, are these messages actually deleted from your system, and can you retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages? You will be surprised that these messages are still there in the storage space, and you can retrieve them unless they are overwritten.

Look no further as here we will guide you about retrieving deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone and Android. Here you will also learn how to retrieve WhatsApp messages without backup.

Part 1: Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Are you using iPhone and have mistakenly deleted important WhatsApp messages?

1.1 Retrieve WhatsApp messages from Chat Backup

iPhone users can quickly recover their WhatsApp messages from the chat history backup. Do not worry if you fail to take backup of your messages, as we will also discuss the other methods in this article.

Now let us see the complete process with which you can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages from the backup.

Here are the simple steps to restore chat from the backup:

  • First, you will need to open your WhatsApp and go to "settings."
  • Now head on to "chats" to reach "chat backup."
  • Look for the latest backup to restore your deleted messages.

chat backup

  • Now, to display the deleted chat or messages, you need to uninstall the app from your device and then reinstall it.
  • Fill in your mobile number and proceed as per the on-screen instructions. When it prompts for chat recovery, select the backup.
  • Now all the deleted messages are restored. It will also recover even the recently deleted messages.

Simple! Now, you can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages from the backup on your iPhone.

1.2 Restore WhatsApp messages to iPhone using iTunes

Do you know that you can restore WhatsApp chat through iTunes.

Yes, you read it right! If you are acquainted with iTunes then, you can restore WhatsApp on iPhone with it. Here are the steps that you will need to follow for restoring WhatsApp messages on iPhone with iTunes.

  • First, you need to update your iTunes according to the latest updates on your system.
  • Also, make sure to update iOS firmware for the safety of your data and device.
  • Now, run iTunes over a system that you can trust.
  • After this, make a connection between your PC and the iPhone with the help of a lightning cable.
  • Go to the "Summary" tab on iTunes after clicking on your device name over it.
  • On the window page, under "This Computer," click on the "Restore Backup" option.
  • After this, you will need to pick the desired iTunes backup and tap on the "Restore" button.
  • Finally, press the "Restore" button for confirmation.

So, this is how you can restore or retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on your iOS device.

But there is some limitation when you use iCloud or iTunes to retrieve WhatsApp messages to iOS:

  • You are not able to choose the selectively backup data.
  • Keeping iTunes sync on when you lose any data may result in losing the important message forever.
  • If you plan to use iTunes to restore WhatsApp messages, you need to turn off iCloud sync.
  • Moreover, restoring messages with iTunes backup means restoring all the device data along with the WhatsApp data.

Part 2: Retrieve the Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

Same as iPhone, you can retrieve WhatsApp messages from backup on an Android phone too. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from the Android phone and reinstall it.
  2. Now fill in your mobile number, and when the app prompts, you can recover your WhatsApp chat history.
  3. The backup allows you to recover all your old messages and even the deleted chats.

Recover WhatsApp Messages from Auto-Backup File

After following the above steps, you can do the following things to retrieve your deleted WhatsApp chats.

  • Firstly take a backup of all your current WhatsApp data.
  • To do this, go to the WhatsApp app.
  • Now, go to the settings menu and under it, go to the chat settings.
  • After this, backup all your data.
  • As the backup starts, you will see a file name "msgstore.db.crypt " so rename it.
  • Now on your android phone, go to the settings and locate Apps.
  • After this, go to Whatsapp and clear the data.
  • Open WhatsApp and choose the restoration process when it pops on the window.
  • This helps to restore your data.

Part 3: Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages in 1 click

You can also try third-party apps to get back your deleted Whatsapp messaged in 1 click. Here we will learn some of the best apps with detailed steps that will guide you about how to retrieve old WhatsApp messages.

3.1 Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer

Dr.Fone is one of the best apps for Android and iOS users. You can use the app to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. You can take a backup of your device with this excellent tool.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer WhatsApp account and chat history from one phone to another

  • Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone with the same/different phone number.
  • Back up social apps, not only WhatsApp. Such as LINE, Kik, Viber, and WeChat.
  • Allow previewing WhatsApp backup details for selective restoration.
  • Export WhatsApp backup data to your computer and view with PDF/HTML.
  • See deleted WhatsApp data easily.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,480,561 people have downloaded it

If you already have a backup, restoring it on your iOS or Android device is very easy. All you need is to follow the following steps:

Steps for Android users:

    • Download and install Dr.Fone on your device and select "Restore to Device" which is under the WhatsApp feature.

restore to device

    • Now from the list, you need to select iPhone backup and then click on "Next."

click on next

    • Now connect the Android device with the system. Once the connection is successfully made, click on "restore."

click restore

    • Restoration of deleted messages begins.

restore deleted messages

  • Once the restoration completes, it will display the message.

show deleted messages

These were the steps for Android users. Follow them carefully to get back all your deleted messages.

Now let us proceed to see the complete steps for iOS devices.

When you are thinking about retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone, try Dr.Fone easy steps. Getting back deleted messages from backup to other iPhone is very easy. Here you also get the option to keep or delete the data from the target phone.

Take a look at the detailed steps so that you can get back your messages soon.

  • Connect iPhone with the system and select the option, "Restore messages to iOS phone or device." Here you will see all your backup files.
  • Select the backup file you need to restore. You can even view the first and then decide which backup file you need to restore.

The tool will restore the files to your system, and you can read your deleted WhatsApp messages.

3.2 Notification History

Have you forgotten to take a backup of your Whatsapp messages? Then you must be thinking about how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup? Well, you can retrieve the messages easily with the methods discussed here. Continue reading to learn how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages.

Use Notification History

notification history

When you have forgotten to take a backup of your Whatsapp and wonder if I can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, then notification history can help you do so. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Google Play Store and download "Notification history."
  • In the Android notification log, look for deleted Whatsapp messages.
  • You do not require any additional app to access "Notification history." All you need to do here is long-press your home screen and then click on the "widgets." Here proceed to activities and then to settings. Now you can see here the "notification log."
  • Now you can easily access the system of notification log-in and read all your deleted Whatsapp messages.


When you delete any of your Whatsapp messages from your Android phone or iPhone, they might disappear from your phone screen. But these are still somewhere stored in the memory. As the deleted messages are not permanently deleted so you can restore them. We have discussed several methods on how to retrieve WhatsApp chat in the above article. Follow the above-discussed methods to restore your deleted messages.

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