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Top 7 WhatsApp Problems with iOS 15/14 and Solutions


Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp is one of the biggest social messaging apps globally, which more than 1.5 billion people already use. While the app is pretty reliable, it can sometimes malfunction as well. For instance, even after being compatible with iOS 15/14, users have complained about the iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem. Sometimes, WhatsApp keeps crashing in iOS 15/14, while at times WhatsApp becomes temporarily unavailable on iPhone. Read on and learn how to solve these common WhatsApp issues in iOS 15.

Part 1: WhatsApp Crashing on iOS 15/14

If you have just updated your phone, then the chances are that you might be getting the WhatsApp crashing on iOS 15/14 prompt. It mostly happens when there is a compatibility issue with WhatsApp and iOS 15/14. Sometimes, there could be overwriting of settings or a clash between certain features, crashing WhatsApp.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-WhatsApp Crashing on iOS 12

Fix 1: Update WhatsApp

If your phone hasn’t updated WhatsApp during the iOS 15/14 upgrade, you might face this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem. The easiest way to fix this is by updating WhatsApp. Go to the App Store on your phone and tap on the “Updates” option. Here, you can see all the apps with pending updates. Find WhatsApp and tap on the “Update” button.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Update WhatsApp

Fix 2: Reinstall WhatsApp

If an update doesn’t fix WhatsApp crashing on iOS 15/14, you might need to reinstall the app. Hold the WhatsApp icon, tap on the remove button, and delete the app. Just make sure that you have already taken a backup of your WhatsApp chats beforehand. Now, restart your phone and go to the App Store again to install WhatsApp.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Reinstall WhatsApp

Fix 3: Turn off the Auto backup option

WhatsApp allows us to take a backup of our chats on iCloud. If there is a problem with your iCloud account, it can cause WhatsApp to crash unexpectedly. To avoid this, go to your Account Settings > Chat Backup > Auto Backup and manually turn it “off”.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Turn off the Auto backup option

Fix 4: Disable location access

Just like other popular social apps, WhatsApp can also track our location. Since iOS 15/14 has further strengthened its users' security, the location sharing feature can cause some conflict with WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp keeps crashing on iOS 15/14 even after following the above-mentioned tips, then this could be an issue. Go to your phone’s Location Sharing feature and turn it off for WhatsApp.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Disable location access

Part 2: Ultimate Solution to Fix Most Software Issues on iOS 15/14

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Great! Be sure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp and that your phone has been upgraded to a stable iOS 15/14 version. When you know how to fix these common WhatsApp problems in iOS 15/14, you can certainly make the most of the new update. If you are facing any other kind of issue with your device, then take Dr.Fone's assistance - System Repair (iOS). A highly sophisticated tool, it will certainly come in handy to you on numerous occasions.

Part 3: WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on iOS 15/14

WhatsApp notifications not working on iOS 15/14 are probably among the most common problems related to the app. At first, users don’t even notice the iOS 15/14 WhatsApp notification problem. Even after getting messages from their contacts on WhatsApp, the app doesn’t display relevant notifications. There could be an issue with either WhatsApp or your device regarding this.

Fix 1: Log out of WhatsApp Web

You might already be familiar with the WhatsApp Web feature, which allows us to access WhatsApp on our computer. If you are using the WhatsApp web, you might get iOS 15/14 WhatsApp notification problem. There could be a delay in notifications, or you might not get them at all.

Therefore, close the current session of WhatsApp Web on your browser. Also, go to the WhatsApp Web settings on the app and see the present active sessions. From here, you can log out of them as well.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Log out of WhatsApp Web

Fix 2: Force close the app.

If your WhatsApp notifications are not working on iOS 15/14, try to close the app forcefully. Double-tap the Home button to get the App Switcher. Now, swipe up the WhatsApp tab to permanently close the app. Once the app is closed, could you wait for a while, and launch it again?

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Force close the app

Fix 3: Check the notification option

Sometimes, we turn off the notifications on the app and later forget to turn them on. If you have made the same mistake, you can also encounter the iOS 15/14 WhatsApp notification problem. To fix this, go to your WhatsApp Settings > Notifications and turn the option on for messages, calls, and groups.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Check the notification option

Fix 4: Un-mute group notifications

Since WhatsApp groups can be a bit noisy, the app allows us to mute them. This might make you think that WhatsApp notifications are not working on iOS 15/14. Go to the Group settings or just swipe left the group to enter its “More” settings to fix this. From here, you can “Unmute” the group (in case if you have muted the group earlier). After that, you will start getting all the notifications from the group.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Un-mute group notifications

Part 4: WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable on iPhone

Getting the WhatsApp temporarily unavailable prompt on iPhone is a nightmare for any regular user of the app. Since it will stop you from using the app, it can tamper with your work and daily social activities. There might be a problem with your phone’s settings, or even WhatsApp servers could be down. We recommend following this quick drill to fix this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem.

Fix 1: Wait for a while

Sometimes, users get the WhatsApp temporarily unavailable message on the iPhone due to its servers' overloading. It mostly happens during special occasions and holidays when there is a lot of load on WhatsApp servers. Just close the app and wait for a while. If you are lucky, then the problem will subside on its own.

Fix 2: Delete WhatsApp Data

If there is a lot of data on your WhatsApp and some of it is not available, you might face this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem. Just go to your device storage settings and select WhatsApp. From here, you can manage WhatsApp storage. Get rid of anything you no longer need to make more free space on your phone.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Delete WhatsApp Data

Fix 3: Reinstall the app

Since you can’t get rid of WhatsApp cache data directly (like Android) on the iPhone, you need to reinstall the app. Uninstall the app from your phone and restart your device. After that, go to the App Store and install the app again. Ensure you have already taken a backup of your chats before else your WhatsApp chats and data would be lost in the process.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Reinstall the app

Part 5: WhatsApp Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on iOS 15/14

Right after updating your device to iOS 15/14, you might encounter this problem with a few other apps as well. To use WhatsApp, a stable data connection is needed. Though, if the app can’t access the network, then it won’t work. There can most likely be a problem with your device’s Wi-Fi settings that would be causing this issue.

Fix 1: Have a stable internet connection

Before you take any drastic step, first check if your Wifi connection is working or not. Connect any other device to your Wifi network to check it. You can turn off the router and turn it on again to ensure the internet connection is stable.

Fix 2: Turn off/on the Wifi

After making sure there is no problem with the connection, move to your iOS device. If the problem is not big, then it can be fixed by simply resetting the Wifi. Just go to your phone’s Control Center and tap on the Wifi option to switch it off. Please wait for a while and switch it back again. You can do the same by visiting your phone’s wifi settings as well.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Turn off/on the Wifi

Fix 3: Reset the Wifi connection

If your phone cannot connect to a particular Wifi connection, you can reset it as well. To do this, go to the Wifi settings and select a particular connection. Now, tap on the “Forget this Network” option and confirm your choice. Afterward, set up the Wifi connection once again and check if it fixes the iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem or not.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Reset the Wifi connection

Fix 4: Reset Network Settings

If nothing else would seem to work, then you can choose to reset the network settings on your phone as well. This will restore your iPhone to the default network settings. If there is a clash in the network settings, then it would be resolved with this solution. Unlock your device, go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on “Reset Network Settings”. Confirm your choice and wait for a while as your device would be restarted.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Reset Network Settings

Part 6: WhatsApp Showing Waiting for This Message on iOS 15/14

There are times when we get the “Waiting for this Message” prompt while using the app. The actual message isn’t displayed in the app. Instead, WhatsApp informs us that we have pending messages. A network preference or WhatsApp setting could have caused this issue. The good news is that this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem can easily be resolved.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-show Waiting for This Message

Fix 1: Make sure you have a stable connection

First of all, you need to make sure that the internet connection is stable and working. Launch Safari and try to load a page to check it. You need to turn on the “Data Roaming” feature if you are outside your home network. Go to your phone’s cellular data settings and turn the Data Roaming option on.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-have a stable connection

Fix 2: Turn on/off the Airplane mode

This smart solution can fix a minor network-related issue with your phone. Sometimes, all it takes to fix this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem is a simple network reset. Go to your phone’s settings or its Control Center and turn on the Airplane mode. This will automatically turn off your phone’s Wifi and cellular data. After waiting for a while, please turn it on again and check it fixes the issue.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Turn on/off the Airplane mode

Fix 3: Add the WhatsApp user to your contacts

If a user not added to your contact list would send a broadcast message (including you), then WhatsApp will display the pending message promptly. In this case, you can add the user to your contact list. Once it is done, launch the app on your phone again, and the message would be visible.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Add the WhatsApp user to your contacts

Part 7: WhatsApp Not Sending or Receiving Messages

If the WhatsApp server is busy or a problem with your phone’s network, you might not send or receive messages on the app. It might surprise you, but there could be a problem with the other WhatsApp user network. Follow these quick suggestions to diagnose this problem.

Fix 1: Close the app and start again

If the app has been stuck, it can tamper with the sending or receiving of messages. To solve this, double press the Home button. Once you get the app switcher, swipe up the WhatsApp display and permanently close the app. After a while, launch the app again and try sending the message.

Fix 2: Check yours and your friend’s connection

The most common reason for this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem has an unstable network connection. Firstly, make sure that the network connection you are using is working properly. If you are trying to access the app with your cellular data, go to your device settings and make sure the option for “Cellular Data” is enabled.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-check yours and your friend’s connection

While sending a message, many users complain that only a single tick appears for a message. In this case, there could be a problem with your friend’s connection (the receiver). They could be out of the coverage area or might not be using a stable internet connection.

Fix 3: Check if the user has been blocked

If you can send messages to everyone on your list, except a specific user, then the chances are that you would have blocked the person. Alternatively, it can happen that they would have blocked you too. To fix this, go to your WhatsApp Account Settings > Privacy > Blocked to get a list of all the users you have blocked on WhatsApp. If you have blocked someone by mistake, you can remove them from your block list here.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Check if the user has been blocked

Part 8: Contacts not showing in WhatsApp on iOS 15/14

As surprising as it might sound, sometimes your contacts might not appear on WhatsApp at all. Ideally, this is a glitch in WhatsApp, and we are expected to have a fix with a new update. Though, here are some easy solutions to fix this iOS 15/14 WhatsApp problem.

Fix 1: Restart your device

One of the easiest ways to get your contacts back on WhatsApp is by restarting your device. To do this, press the Power (wake/sleep) button on your device, which would be located on its top or side. Once the Power slider would appear, swipe right, and wait for your device to turn off. After a while, press the Power button again to turn it on. If you are lucky, your contacts will come back on WhatsApp.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Restart your device

Fix 2: Let WhatsApp access your contacts

If you face the problem right after the iOS 15/14 update, you need to check its settings. The chances are that your phone could have turned off the syncing of its Contacts app with WhatsApp. To resolve this, go to your phone’s privacy settings > contacts and ensure that WhatsApp can access your contacts.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Let WhatsApp access your contacts

Furthermore, even if the option is turned on, you can toggle it off. Please wait for a while and turn it on again to reset it.

Fix 3: Check how you have saved the number

WhatsApp would only be able to access your contacts if they are saved a certain way. If the contact is local, you can readily save it or add a “0” in front of it. If it is an international number, then you need to enter “+” <country code> <number>. You should not enter a “0” in between the country code and the number.

Fix 4: Refresh your contacts

If you are not able to access a recently added contact, then you can Refresh WhatsApp. Go to your contacts and tap on the menu. From here, you can refresh the contacts. Alternatively, you can turn on the Background App Refresh option for WhatsApp as well. In this way, all the newly added contacts would be reflected in the app automatically.

ios 12 whatsapp problems and solutions-Refresh your contacts

Last, but most importantly, make sure that the other user is also using WhatsApp actively. If they have uninstalled the app or not created their account, they would not appear in your contact list.

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