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5 Best Android Phones to Root and How to Root Them

James Davis

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

What Is "Root Android"?

What is rooting? Simply put, it is a process of attaining super user access on any android system. These privileges allow one to load custom software, increase battery life and performance. It also assists in installing software via WiFi tethering. Rooting is, in a way, hacking your android device- pretty much like a jailbreak.

Rooting can be dangerous for any device if it is not carried out judiciously. It may cause severe damage if misused. However, if caution is exercised, rooting comes with many loaded benefits.

These include the ability to:

  • Customize one’s operating system.
  • Update one’s baseband on the rootable android phones.
  • Gain access to blocked features, etc.

All these benefits combined can give one’s device:

  • An extended battery life
  • A much better performance
  • Updated Baseband that can improve the signal quality of the phone calls

Best Android Phones to Root

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best phones to root in 2018.

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T comes with a Snapdragon 835-powered flagship with a variety of attractive specs. It has thus become the best phone to root. It has even been stated explicitly that unlocking one’s bootloader will not void its warranty. The phone has a software-based tamper flag. One can easily reset this to keep the manufacture from finding out that you have modified your software.

OnePlus has even posted kernel sources for this model. It simply means that plenty of custom kernels will be available for use. Because of its inherent support for rooting, this phone has one of the most active development communities. This further on provides it with plenty of custom ROMs. Since it is currently running on android Nougat, the Xposed Framework is available for the 5T.

Pixel (First Generation)

Google’s Pixel phones are a rooter’s dream come true. Google had trouble keeping the devices in stock initially due to this reason. Every model of this phone (first generation only), excluding the Pixels sold by Verizon, can have its boot locker unlocked. This can be simply done by enabling a particular setting, followed by a single command with Fastboot. In addition to this, unlocking the boot locker does not void one’s warranty. The Pixel has a tamper flag, such that after unlocking one’s boot locker, certain data is left behind. This conveys the message to Google about the alterations made. However, this is merely a software-based tamper flag. Hence, a simple Fastboot command is enough to reset it, thereby taking care of that problem.

It is easy for developers to create custom ROMs and kernels for Pixel. This is because Pixel’s driver binaries and kernel sources are always published. Among custom kernels, two of the best are available for Pixel- ElementalX and Franco Kernel. It is though recommended to buy a Pixel directly from Google and not from the Verizon. It is because the variants of Verizon have all locked up bootloaders.

Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus is considered one of the best android phone to root in the market. All due to its refined looks and balanced performance that has increased its importance significantly. It is easy to unlock the bootloader using Motorola’s official site by generating an unlock code. However, upon unlocking the bootloader, the device is no longer covered by the Motorola warranty.

Developers can easily create a custom firmware. This is because the driver binaries and kernel sources are all published on the Motorola’s Github page. ElementalX is available for G5 Plus, and TWRP recovery is supported. This phone’s low price and near-stock version of android are very attractive. Simply because the phone’s XDA forums are extremely active with plenty of custom ROMs, kernels etc.


This is a phone with an alleged solid cult following from fans. LG G6 has met with the universal acclaim from reviewers. Therefore, it is one of the best android phones to root in the market. LG allows the user to generate a code to unlock the bootloader through Fastboot commands.

The G6’s kernel sources are published, and the TWRP recovery is officially available. The LG Bridge is a very useful kit. It allows you to download stock firmware and restore your phone with just a few clicks. In addition to that, Skipsoft offers full support for the SIM-unlocked variant. However, it is recommended that you buy this phone directly from LG if you wish to root it.

Huawei Mate 9

The Mate 9 is a great option when it comes to rooting. The bootloader can be unlocked with a code-based system. Although this renders your warranty void. The kernel sources and binaries are published on the site. The TWRP, though, isn’t officially available. However, a working unofficial port solves this problem to a certain extent. It has an active development community and a decent custom ROM support. Combined with its reasonable price, the Mate 9 is a solid buy.

James Davis

James Davis

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