6 Popular Bloatware Remover APKs to Uninstall Android Bloatware

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Some of the Android apps on your device are plain bloatware and only of interest to the device manufacturer, Google or Carrier and serve no purpose to you as the device's owner. They are referred to as bloatware because you never use them, yet they take up space on the device. As a direct consequence, these apps will often consume your battery, lowering the device’s performance.

Removing these apps on your device is not easy. While some can be disabled, disabling the app doesn’t really remove the app and therefore does nothing for the device’s performance. The only way to effectively remove the apps is to root the device and then use one of the following bloatware remover APKs to uninstall the apps.

Part 1. What is Bloatware?

Before diving into the solutions, it's essential to understand what bloatware is. Bloatware refers to pre-installed applications on your Android device that you didn't explicitly choose to install. These apps can be from the manufacturer, carrier, or third-party developers. While some bloatware apps might be useful, many are redundant and occupy significant storage space and RAM, slowing down your device.

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Part 2. 6 Popular Bloatware Remover APKs

One of the following bloatware will be useful when removing bloatware from an Android device. Please note that these apps will only work if the device is rooted.

#1. System App Remover (ROOT)

System App Remover is a free bloatware removal app that is also quite easy to use. The app has a function that also allows you to see the app details. You can do that by long-pressing on an app listing. This is particularly advantageous when you are unsure if an app is useful or not.

System App Remover


  • You don’t have to buy the app; it is completely free to use
  • You can see app details before removing to ensure you don’t remove apps you might need later
  • Once the app is removed, it is placed in the recycle bin and can be restored at any time.


  • It comes with a lot of ads
  • App details are not fully explanatory and may, therefore, confuse the user more than they help.

#2. Root Uninstaller

Root Uninstaller is another bloatware removal app that can perform a number of additional functions including clear cache on the device. You can use the free version that is limited in its functionality or purchase the premium version for additional features.

Root Uninstaller


  • You can use it to uninstall or simply disable apps
  • It can be used to freeze an application that you may not currently need and then un-freeze it when you need it later


  • Most functions are unavailable with the free version.
  • Its many functions make it less ideal for someone who just needs bloatware remover and may end up undermining the device's performance.

#3. Root App Deleter

The Root App Deleter will give you the option to either disable an app or completely remove it from the device. It does that by giving users the option to choose between the Pro or the Junior option. When you first open the app, you will be presented with this choice even before you see a listing of the apps you can delete.

Root App Deleter


  • The Junior option gives you a safe solution that may come in handy if you are not sure you want to delete an app.
  • The Pro version allows you to delete one app or a set of apps.
  • The apps you can delete are listed in groups to make it easier to determine which apps can be deleted.


  • You may accidentally delete some components that you may be unable to get back since it is not as easy to use.
  • The free or Junor option is limited in functionality. For instance, you can't use it to delete multiple apps.

# 4. NoBloat (Free)

It is one of the most popular bloatware remover apps for a reason; it is very easy to use. With NoBloat, all you have to do to permanently remove bloatware from your device is locate the system apps list and tap on an app. You can then choose either to disable, backup and delete or delete the app without backup.



  • NoBloat free version is still quite useful.
  • App listing is clear so you are aware of the type of app you are deleting.
  • You can back up an app before deleting it which may come in handy when you need it later.


  • With the free version, you can only delete one app at a time which may not be ideal if you have too many apps.
  • NoBloat free comes with ads you may find annoying.

#5. Debloater (No Root)

Debloater is different from all the others on this list in that it is not installed on the device. Instead, you install it on your computer and connect the Android device to use it. Once installed, the program is quite easy to use. You just need to connect the Android device and disable or remove apps from the list of apps that appears.



  • It can be sued to disable, block or even remove apps from your device.
  • While your device does not need to be rooted, it will work so much better if it is.
  • You can disable or block multiple apps on the device at the same time.


  • Devices running anything other than KitKat and above need to be rooted.
  • In very rare circumstances, it may fail to recognize the device.

#6. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one of the most reputable and robust tools for managing apps on rooted Android devices. It not only allows you to remove bloatware but also provides comprehensive backup options for your apps and data.



  • Extensive features beyond bloatware removal.
  • Ability to back up and restore apps and data.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Requires root access, which can void warranties.
  • Overwhelming for beginners due to its extensive features.

Part 3. FAQs about Bloatware Remover APKs

1. Is it safe to remove bloatware?

While removing bloatware can improve device performance, it's essential to be cautious. Some system apps are necessary for your device's proper functioning. Always back up your data before making any changes.

2. Do I need root access to remove bloatware?

Most effective bloatware remover APKs require root access. However, some tools like Debloater can disable bloatware without rooting your device.

3. Can removing bloatware improve my device's performance?

Yes, removing bloatware can free up storage space, reduce background processes, and improve overall device performance.

4. Are there risks involved in using bloatware remover APKs?

Yes, there are risks, particularly if you remove essential system apps. This can lead to instability or malfunctioning of your device. Always research and ensure you know what each app does before removing it.


Bloatware can be a significant hindrance to the optimal performance of your Android device. Thankfully, several bloatware remover APKs, such as Titanium Backup, System App Remover, NoBloat Free, Debloater, and Root Uninstaller, can help you reclaim control. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that best fits your needs and technical comfort level. Always remember to back up your data before making any significant changes to your system.

Ready to experience a cleaner, faster, and more efficient Android device? Explore these bloatware remover APKs today and enjoy a bloatware-free experience.

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