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Full Guide to CF Auto Root and Its Best Alternative

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Root an Android mobile is really a very tough process for the new users who don’t know how to root Android mobiles. But no need to worry about the way to root Android mobiles because there are so many software’s available in the online market which allows you to root Android mobile automatically in just one click. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to root your Android mobile while using these software’s. You can easily root your mobiles using these software’s in just one click. So today this guide is about the same and we are going to tell you about the CF Auto Root today through this guide and one best alternative of CF Auto Root software.

Part 1: What is CF Auto Root

CF Auto Root is windows software which allows users to root their Android mobiles in just one click. CF Auto Root software is compatible with more than so many Android mobiles like Galaxy S1, Galaxy s2, Galaxy Tab 7 and over 50 different mobiles brand are supported by the CF Auto Root but it is available for Windows User only. . New firmware of the CF Auto root supports more than 300 Android mobiles of different brands. As per the description from the official site of the software this is the best software for Android root beginners.  The great part is that this software is available for free of cost and you can use it without spending anything. Usually there is not any single way to root all Android devices but there are 300 firmware available with for so many brands. There is exception with the nexus devices that when you use it that time it automatically wipes the data of your nexus. So you must take care before using this software and backup data before starting root process.

Part 2: How to use CF Auto Root to Root Your Android Phone

Now it’s a time to discuss about rooting Android mobile using CF Auto root software but before starting root process you must keep some things in your mind like Your battery level must be minimum 60% before starting root of your Android mobile and Backup all mobile data to the safe place before starting root process. Please ensure USB debugging is enabled and USB drivers are installed on your computer. After following these all things now you are ready to start rooting Android process. Follow these below steps now.

Step 1. Now you have to download the right package for your Android mobile. There are different 300 packages available on the CF Auto Root website for 50+ mobile brands including Samsung, Sony, HTC and Nexus. So you need to choose the right version very carefully according to your mobile. After downloading the package extract it to the computer.

You can choose right version by checking your Android model number. Go to setting > About phone on your Android mobile to check model number.

root android with cf auto root

Step 2. After finding your model number you need to find out the Android version of your mobile as well to download right CF Auto Root package. You can find Android version also in the Setting > About Phone

root android with cf auto root

Step 3. After collecting these information about your mobile just go to CF Auto Root site from the below URL and check the mobile model number and Android version number. Click on download now to download the package.

root android with cf auto root

Step 4. After downloading the package extract it on your computer with the extraction software by going in the downloaded folder location.

root android with cf auto root

Step 5. In this step I Am going to tell you about rooting Samsung devices. If you are using devices other than Samsung then you can’t root phone using this way.

Put Samsung device in the Download mode first. Shut down phone first and press and hold Volume down, Home and Power button together. Now connect the phone with computer using a USB cable.

root android with cf auto rootroot android with cf auto root

Step 6. Now go on your computer and find out the folder where files are extracted. Right click on Odin3-v3.X.X.exe and click on Run as Administrator.

root android with cf auto root

Step 7. After running Odin you have to wait until the box below “ID:COM” option is there in the blue color. Now click on the “AP” button on the odin interface.

root android with cf auto root

Step 8. Now a popup window will appear in front of you. You have to locate the path where you have extracted the files of CF Auto Root. Now select CF-Auto-Root-XXX-XXX-XXX.tar.md5 file and click on open button.

root android with cf auto root

Step 9. After clicking on the open button in the log tab you will see “Leave CS” option, once you are able to see it just click on Start button now. Now whole rooting process will finish automatically. Your phone will automatically restart after root is completed.

root android with cf auto root

Part 3: CF Auto Root Best Alternative - Android Root

Above we have discussed about rooting Android mobile by using CF Auto Root but that was really a very tough way with so many steps. Dr.Fone - Android Root is much better than CF Auto Root because it doesn’t require you to do those many efforts as compared to CF Auto Root. Android Root software allows you to do all things automatically without knowing Android version or model. You just need to connect phone with computer and click on Root Now. All things will be done by Android Root automatically.

Dr.Fone - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

How to root Android mobile using Android Root

Step 1. Android Root is actually a tool of Wondershare Dr. Fone software. So just install the software for windows and go in More Option in the left tab and click on Android Root option.

root android device with android root

Step 2. Now connect Android mobile with computer using a USB cable and make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your mobile. Your mobile will be automatically detected in some time in the Dr. Fone interface.

root android device with android root

Step 3. Once your mobile is detected in the Dr. Fone interface it will show you a proper solution to root Android mobile. After detecting your phone just click on Root now button to start rooting process.

root android device with android root

Step 4. When you click on the root now button on the computer your phone will ask you to confirm you root action. Just tap on the Confirm button to confirm to root process. Only in few minutes your Android mobile will be rooted successfully.

root android device with android root

We have discussed two ways to root Android mobiles. First way is CF-Root, this root way allows you to root Android mobile but the issue is that it doesn’t gives you guarantee about rooting Android mobiles where the second way that is Wondershare Android Root 100% safe and guaranteed to root your Android mobiles. This device supports 7000+ Android mobiles worldwide to root different Android devices.

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