Full Guide to Root Master and Its Best Alternative

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Rooting your Android device gives you control over what you can do with your phone. You are now able to control the root section of the device, thereby allowing you to install and remove any applications that you may desire. Accessing the root section can also allow you to program how your phone uses its battery power and other essential service. This is a great way of getting Superuser privileges when you have an Android phone.

Part 1: What is Root Master

Root Master is an application that you can use to root your Android phone with ease. Traditionally, most applications that you use to root Android phones require the use of a computer; with Root Master you do not have to do this. You simply download it to your phone and then click on the application icon and follow the easy instructions. This is a safe application and there have never been reports of damages on any mobile device.

The key features of Root Master

Compatible with almost every Android version. Root Master works with Android 1.5 Cupcake, all the way to Lollipop. This means that you can virtually get root access on any Android device, including the older models.

One click rooting. Once you click on the application icon, you only have to click on “Tap to Root’ and the application will do the rest within a few short minutes.

Ability to unroot a device. With Root Master, you can unroot a device whenever you want to. When you root a device, the warranty is voided, but you can unroot it, but this will not reinstate the warranty.

Add and remove apps. You can use Root Master to remove bloatware on your Android device. You can also use it to install any root-only apps that you want. It also has the ability to backup your game and app data.

No need for computers. This is one application that does not need a computer to root the device. This is an added plus since it makes the whole process easy

Simple Interface with several functions. There are many other functions that you can do with Root Master. You can improve your battery life and a lot more. All these functions are accessible on multiple screens.

Pros of Root Master

•    It speeds up the performance of the Android Device

•    It does not need a computer in order to work

•    It gives you better access to Android apps and you access the sub-systems of the device

•    It can be used to extend battery lie

•    It can act as a hotspot controller

•    It allows for precise management of the Android system

The cons of Root Master

•    It works on few devices and may not be universally used

Part 2: How to use Root Master to Root Your Android Phone

Root Master is one of the easiest Android rooting applications to use. It is so simple; a novice will be able to use it with no technical knowhow, unlike other applications where you need to be very careful. Here is how to go about using Root Master

Step 1) Download Root Master APK and install the application

Go to the download site and download the APK to your android phone. It will install itself just like any other application. You may get some warnings, but you should ignore these; they come up because the APK will access the root of the phone.

root master screen

Step 2) Run the application

Once the application has been installed, simply go to the apps menu and click on the Root Master icon. The application will launch and you can click on the “Tap to Root” button or the “Start” button depending on the version that you are running.

The application will root your phone in a few minutes. During this process, the phone may reboot several times. You should not worry about this as it is quite normal.

Root Master is a great tool for rooting an Android device because it does not need a computer in order to work. It has one-click rooting and comes with several other beneficial features. It is the safest and works with the most Android devices.

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