Full Guide to SuperSU Root and Its Best Alternative

In this article, you will learn how to operate SuperSU Root with your Android, as well as a much easier and free tool to root Android.

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About SuperSU Root

SuperSU is one of the most useful tools to control the root settings on an Android device. Simply put, it is an app that allows for advanced management of superuser access on a rooted Android device. SuperSU may be popular, but like every other rooting tool, it does have its own advantages and disadvantages. They include the following:

Pros of using SuperSU Root

  • SuperSu is quite easy to use, granting user-access to rooted settings in a single click.
  • The SuperSU root zip file is free to download.
  • Flashing SuperSU can be done with a single click.

Cons of using SuperSU Root

  • You have to install TWRP to use SuperSU.
  • You have to have knowledge of how to navigate root settings to use SuperSU.

How to Use SuperSU Root to Root Android

To use SuperSU, you first need to install the TWRP recovery environment on your device. Go to the TWRP site to download the right one for your device.

Once the TWRP recovery environment is installed on your device, you are ready to Flash SuperSU and gain root access. See the following simple steps to learn the details:

Step 1: On your phone or computer browser, go to the SuperSU Root site and download the SuperSU zip file. If you download it on your computer, you need to transfer it to your device.

Step 2: Get the device in the TWRP recovery environment. To do that, you will need to hold down specific buttons on your device. These buttons you have to hold down vary from one device to another. For your specific device, find the proper button combination by searching for "TWRP (Device Model name)" in Google. On the TWRP recovery screen, tap "Install" to begin the process.

install supersu root

Step 3: You should see the option to install the SuperSU zip file you downloaded. Select it and then "Swipe to confirm flash."

confirm flash

Step 4: The duration of installing the SuperSU zip file in TWRP recovery mode depends on actual situations, so please be patient. Tap "Wipe cache/Dalvik" when SuperSU is installed, and then select the "Reboot System" to continue your operation.

Wipe cache/Dalvik

That completes the process, and you should now see the SuperSU app on your device. You can test the success of the rooting procedure by installing an app that requires root access. A good example is "Greenify" or "Titanium Backup" When attempting to use one of these apps, a popup should appear requesting Superuser access. Tap "Grant" and when you see a "Success" message, the device has been successfully rooted.

root complete

Best Alternative of SuperSU Root

SuperSU may grant root access easily, but the actual process of getting it on the device is lengthy. It is, therefore, not ideal for you if you want a faster, more effective solution. Fortunately for you, Dr.Fone-Root is SuperSU Root's alternative that can root your Android device without the lengthy processes.

Some of Dr.Fone-Root's features include the following:

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone - Root

Alternative of SuperSU Root to Root Android Easily

  • With it, rooting your Android device is free of charge, simple, and hassle-free.
  • It supports up to 7000 Android devices.
  • It is 100% safe and risk-free.
  • It has the highest rooting success rate of any rooting tool in the industry.
Available on: Windows
5,435,529 people have downloaded it

Before we use Dr.Fone-Root to gain root access to your Android device, the following are just some of the things you should do first to ensure the process runs smoothly:

  • Back up all the data on your device.
  • Ensure that the anti-virus/firewall on both the device and the computer are disabled.
  • Make sure the device has sufficient battery power to complete the process. We recommend a fully charged device or at least 80%.
  • Ensure that the necessary drivers are installed on the device and the computer.
  • Learn how to unroot the device in case it becomes necessary to do so.

With that done, you are now ready to root your Android device using Dr.Fone-Root. Install the program on your computer and then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone and from the main window select "Root". Connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable.

intial screen to choose Root

If you are running Android 4.2.2, you may need to enable USB debugging before you can proceed. Just tap "OK" on your device, and Dr.Fone-Root will recognize the device.

Step 2: Now, click "Start" and the program will begin to detect the best way to root your device.

start to root

This process can take a while, depending on the model of your device.

detecting best way

Step 3: Click "Root Now" to begin the rooting process.

allow tool to root

Step 4: During the rooting process, a message will pop up on your device, asking you to confirm that you want to root the device. Tap "Confirm" to continue. A few minutes later, your device will be successfully rooted.

rooted android

By comparison, Dr.Fone-Root offers an easier way to root your device. There are no complicated preparation steps you have to take to root the device; all you need is Dr.Fone-Root, your device, and a USB cable. The easier the rooting process, the quicker you can begin to enjoy the benefits of gaining root access.

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