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Free Download Android Mobile Software for PC

James Davis

May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Looking to have the best and top free Android apps on your smart phone? Wondering which app will work the best for you?

For the tech-savvy, managing Android smartphones straight from their PC is an unmissable convenience. Leveraging the power of your desktop or laptop, you can perform a myriad of tasks, from responding to messages and emails to downloading apps and doing much more – all without the need to constantly pick up your phone. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through a detailed rundown of the top Android software for PC, ensuring that you're equipped with the tools to streamline your digital experience.

Here is a list of the top 50 free Android apps that you will love to know about and which are a must have for any Android smart phone owner.

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Part 1. Top 50 Free Android Mobile Software for PC Download

The android phones have created a revolution in the world. Whatever we need is accessible from our smartphones. But sometimes it becomes difficult when we want to access the apps on our phone through our desktop. The solution to this problem is a host of free Android apps that let's you run your apps on your Mac or Windows pc. Below are listed some of the such most popular free Android apps. We have also included some apps that have pc versions available.

You can simply download the 50 free Android apps to computer, and then install the apk to your Android devices via Wondershare Dr.Fone.

install 50 free Android apps

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1. BlueStacks

free download android software for pc

One of the most renowned Android emulators for PC, BlueStacks, has become a household name for Android gaming enthusiasts. While its roots were in bringing a rich gaming experience to PC monitors, it has evolved to cater to a broad spectrum of Android applications. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to set up, and its feature set includes:

  • Custom keyboard mapping for gaming.
  • Synchronization between your phone and PC.
  • A reliable, user-focused environment.

You can get it here: http://www.bluestacks.com/

2. Andy

free download android software for pc

Andy lets you synchronize your mobile and desktop easily. It keeps your android OS updated all the time. You can use your phone as a remote control while playing games on your pc.

Download it here: http://www.andyroid.net/


free download android software for pc

AMIDuOS is the perfect computer app for android versions Lollipop and Jellybean. It runs your smartphone apps on Windows 7,8 or 10 pc and tablets. 3D acceleration and Open GL makes the graphic heavy games run smoothly without any glitch.

The link to download: http://www.amiduos.com/

4. GenyMotion (Personal Use, Paid Pro Plans Available)

free download android software for pc

Genymotion stands out as a more developer-centric emulator than others. It's perfect for professionals who need advanced features to test their apps across a wide variety of virtual devices. While Genymotion offers a paid Pro version with even more features, the Personal Use version remains a robust tool for Android enthusiasts:

  • Offers compatibility with Android Studio and Eclipse
  • Boasts fast and flexible virtual devices for every need
  • Supports versatile automation capabilities for testing

Visit https://www.genymotion.com/ to download it.

5. Jar of Beans

free download android software for pc

This emulator runs the android Jelly bean version. It can be run as an executable file without the need of installing. It presents you with a number of configuration options.

Get it here: https://www.wondershare.com/mirror-emulator/download-best-android-emulator-for-pc-mac-windows.html

6. Droid4X

free download android software for pc

Droid features enhanced performance of graphics rendering and Android kernel. It has a compatibility rate of 99% running all apps on the pc. It is the first multi touch supported simulator.

The website url is: http://www.droid4x.com/

7. Windroy

free download android software for pc

This emulator preserves all the originality of android from UI to Dalvik virtual machine. It provides full porting of Android on Windows devices.

you can get it here: http://windroy.software.informer.com/4.0/

8. MoboRobo

free download android software for pc

Moborobo is an easy way to arrange all the data on your phone. It analyzes the data on the phone and separates it in different categories like data, images, videos, music and apps. You can download apps from the Mobo Market, which is an app store like Google Play.

Download MoboRobo here: http://www.moborobo.com/

9. Xamarin Android player

free download android software for pc

Being developed by a programming based company, it is best for developers. It is almost bug free. It requires Virtualbox to work.

You can download it here : https://xamarin-android-player.s3.amazonaws.com/installer/Windows/XamarinAndroidPlayerx32.exe (32 bit)

https://xamarin-android-player.s3.amazonaws.com/installer/Windows/XamarinAndroidPlayerx64.exe (64 bit)

10. Whatsapp for PC

free download android software for pc

Instant messengers are the in thing today and whatsapp is the most popular of all. You can send messages, photos files and even call without having to pay anything.

You can run this on your pc by going to https://web.whatsapp.com/ and following the instructions.

11. SHAREit

free download android software for pc

Share it has been a very popular phone to phone file transfer free Android app. It can now be used to transfer files between any smartphone and your pc wirelessly using bluetooth or NFC connectivity.

The website is: http://www.shareitforpc.com/p/lenovo-shareit-for-windows-8.html

12. AirDroid

free download android software for pc

AirDroid gives full access to your phone from PC or Mac. You can handle calls, sms and notifications on your computer screen at ease.

Get it here: https://www.airdroid.com/

13. Gmote Server

free download android software for pc

Gmote Server helps you use your phone as a remote control by connecting with your phone via Gmote. You can control various functions related with music and movie playback like play, pause, stop, increase or decrease volume.

Download it at: http://gmote-server.en.lo4d.com/

14. Mobogenie

free download android software for pc

Apart from being an Android manager, Mobogenie lets you download varied content for free using your pc's bandwidth. You can uninstall stock apps and backup your phone's data with just one click.

It is available at: http://www.mobogenie.com/in/product/mobogenie-pc.html

15. Android Studio

free download android software for pc

It is the official app from Android which you can use to run your apps on pc. But this software is mostly for developers who engage in creating apps or testing them.

The link for downloading is: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

16. Wondershare MobileGo

free download android software for pc

It is one of the most powerful android files manager fro your pc. You can download, install. import and export files using one click. You can create backups and restore your device too.

17. ShowBox for pc

free download android software for pc

Showbox is an android app for watching, downloading and streaming movies and TV series.

The free android app now can be installed on your pc by going to https://showboxa.com/showbox-apk/. You need to have an android emulator installed to run this.

18. Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

Vibosoft gives you unlimited control of the data and apps of your home. It can organize your apps, contacts and messages and export them to your Pc.

The link is: http://www.vibosoft.com/android-mobile-manager.html

19. Manymo

free download android software for pc

Quick to start, this lightweight Android emulator is used for developing, testing and automation.

It can be tried for free: https://www.manymo.com/

20. Syncios iOS & Android Manager

free download android software for pc

Apart from having all the features of an emulator, it also offers audio and video converter and ringtone maker.

It is totally free: http://www.sync-droid.com/


free download android software for pc

It gives access to files, data and can be used to manage and synchronize the Android device with Mac, Linux as well as Windows PC.

The download link is: https://qtadb.wordpress.com/download/

22. 91 PC Suite

free download android software for pc

You can access all the settings of your smartphone including backup and import, installing and uninstalling of apps, etc.

Get it here: http://91-pc-suite-android.en.lo4d.com/

23. MOBILedit

free download android software for pc

It is a central toolbox which provides quick access and easy modification of your phone's content. It also creates auto backup of your data while you are browsing it.

You can try it at: http://www.mobiledit.com/mobiledit

24. Android SDK

free download android software for pc

This emulator created by Android itself lets you explore all the software and hardware features of the phone. It cannot be used to make calls.

Link: http://developer.android.com/tools/devices/emulator.html

25. YouWave

free download android software for pc

Youwave plays out your games and apps on the pc. You can check out how an app performs on your pc before installing it on your phone.

Link: http://youwave.en.softonic.com/

26. AndRock

free download android software for pc

Androck is an computer software that runs all your messaging services like whatsapp, Snapchat and Tango on your pc.

Link: http://www.androck.co/

27. Nox App Player

free download android software for pc

It gives the best performance and maximun compatibility to play your android games on the pc.

Download: http://en.bignox.com/#p1

28. Androcontroller

free download android software for pc

You can control your phone with ease via your pc using free android app.

Get it at: https://androcontroller.jaleco.com/

29. Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

free download android software for pc

The best pc software for recovering lost data of your phone such as contact,audio, video, sms, documents. Try for free: https://drfone.wondershare.com/android-transfer.html

Safe downloadsafe & secure

30. Kingo Android Root

free download android software for pc

Root your phone and get access to admin level permission with Kingo.

Link: https://www.kingoapp.com/android-root.htm

31. Apowersoft Phone Manager

free download android software for pc

One step phone management software for viewing, transferring, backing up and restoring of your pone data.

Download: http://www.apowersoft.com/phone-manager

32. SnapPea

free download android software for pc

Simple and easy to use, SnapPea allows you easy management of pone data through a pc.

The link is: http://snappea.en.softonic.com/

33. APK Installer and Launcher

free download android software for pc

View, install and launch APK files using this free software.

Link: http://download.cnet.com/APK-Installer-and-Launcher/3000-20432_4-75915554.html

34. Pushbullet

free download android software for pc

It connects your Android or iOS with pc and enables you to chat, send links and texts, receive notifications.

Download: https://www.pushbullet.com/apps

35. MyPhoneExplorer

free download android software for pc

You can pair your phone and pc using WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth and access and edit phone content.

Try for free: http://www.fjsoft.at/en/downloads.php

36. Pushline

free download android software for pc

A nice pc app for managing notifications, calls and messages via your pc.

It is free: http://www.getpushline.com/

37. SRS-Root

free download android software for pc

An one click rooting solution for your phone to get rid of tethering problems.

Download: http://download.cnet.com/SRS-Root/3000-20432_4-75862706.html

38. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

free download android software for pc

Phone data recovery with the most professional and powerful tool available at: http://www.tenorshare.com/products/android-data-recovery.html

39. Mobikin Doctor for Android

free download android software for pc

A powerful program to recover lost data like contacts, sms and pics from your phone.

Try for free: http://www.mobikin.com/download.html

40. Mobisynapse

free download android software for pc

An Android pc manager and Outlook Sync which supports USB or WiFi connection.

Download: http://mobisynapse.software.informer.com/2.2/

41. Droid Explorer

free download android software for pc

With simplicity of windows interface, Droid Explorer lets you install/uninstall and explore apps from the pc.

Link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Mobile-Phone-Tools/Droid-Explorer.shtml#download

42. Mobikin Assistant for Android

free download android software for pc

One of the earliest data retrieving programs for backup of phone data.

Get it here: http://www.mobikin.com/download.html

43. One Click Root

free download android software for pc

A fast, simple and safe one click rooting solution for your smartphone.

Link: https://www.oneclickroot.com/download/

44. Mobikin Transfer for Mobile

free download android software for pc

One of the widely used transfer software for Android and iOS devices.

Try for free: http://www.mobikin.com/download.html

45. Android Multi-Install Tool

free download android software for pc

Lets you install multiple APK files on your Android device using the debugging mode via pc.

Download: http://www.freewarefiles.com/Android-Multi-Install-Tool_program_98937.html

46. Android Manager WiFi

free download android software for pc

It is a free software that syncs phone and pc and enables edit and backup of phone data.

It can be found at: http://download.cnet.com/Android-Manager-WiFi/3000-10440_4-75322116.html

47. Odin3

free download android software for pc

You can update your phone OS, firmware and overwrite system files using this pc app.

It is free: http://odin3.en.lo4d.com/

48. Android Commander

free download android software for pc

Featuring a dual panel interface, this is a fast and small size Android phone manager.

Link: http://android-commander.en.lo4d.com/

49. Bluetooth Phone Transfer Software

free download android software for pc

A Bluetooth file transferring program for Android and iOS devices and pc.

Download for free: http://bluetooth-phone-transfer-software.en.lo4d.com/

50. CyanogenMod Installer

free download android software for pc

This lets you install the best Android OS Cyanogen in your phone through your pc.

Get it here: http://cyanogenmod-installer.en.softonic.com/

With one of these emulators, you can bring the experience of your Android smartphone to your PC, customized to your needs, whether you're an app developer in the making or a gamer looking to dominate the leaderboards.

FAQs about Android Mobile Software for PC

1. I Don’t Game on My Android – Do I Still Need an Android PC Software?

Absolutely. While many Android emulators focus on gaming, they also provide comprehensive Android phone management features. This includes the ability to back up and restore data, install apps, and manage files. They can be invaluable tools for your day-to-day organizational needs and offer a more comfortable environment for those who find typing on a keyboard preferable to a touchscreen.

2. Are These Android PC Softwares Easy to Use?

With a consumer-focused approach, the emulators we've listed pride themselves on intuitive user interfaces and are relatively straightforward to set up and use. The real challenge may be navigating advanced features if you're new to Android emulation. However, plenty of online resources and community support can help you overcome any learning curve.

3. How Do I Ensure These Softwares Are Safe?

It's always best to download from the official websites of the products listed to ensure you're getting a legitimate and safe version of the software. Avoid third-party sites, as they may bundle the software with unwanted extras. Additionally, regularly update your chosen Android PC software to benefit from the latest security measures and bug fixes.

4. Will Using an Android PC Software on My Computer Slow it Down?

The performance impact will ultimately depend on your PC's specifications and the resource management of the software you're running. Generally, modern systems will handle most Android emulators quite well, but you might experience slower performance with older machines or when running more demanding apps or games.


The fusion of Android smartphones with PC capabilities is transforming productivity and efficiency. Install the right Android software on your PC to unlock endless possibilities. From organizing apps to enhancing mobile gaming, emulators offer vast customization and control.

To select the best one, assess your needs and technical ability. With our guide and recommended software, including Wondershare Dr.Fone, syncing devices is straightforward. Dr.Fone simplifies the process: download 50 free Android apps to your computer, then install the APKs on your Android devices via Dr.Fone. Begin today to explore features and maximize your Android's potential on your PC.

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