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Tips to turn on Android without the Power Button

Daisy Raines

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Do you have problems with the power or the volume button of your phone? This is usually a big problem because you cannot turn on your mobile phone. If you have this problem, there are multiple methods to turn on Android without the power button.

Part 1: Methods to turn on Android without the power button

First method: Connect your phone to PC

If you know how to turn on phone without power button, you will know that one of such methods is to connect your phone to your PC. This method works especially in a scenario where your phone has gone off or has been discharged completely. All you need to do in this case is to get your USB cable and connect your phone. This will help bring the screen back on, whereby you can then control the phone with the on-screen features. If you have a completely discharged phone, you will need to wait for some time to allow the phone to charge for a while. As soon as the battery has been charged enough to power the device, it would come on by itself.

Second Method: Restarting your device with the ADB command

The second method of starting your phone if you can no longer use the power button is to use the ADB command. For you to use this option, you will need to get a PC or a laptop. For people who do not have either a PC or a laptop, they can get a different android phone for this:

You will need to download the Android SDK platform-tools using another device (a phone, PC, laptop) to use this method. If you do not feel like installing the app, you could just use the Web ADB in the Chrome commands.

  • Get two different devices and connect them with the help of a USB cable.
  • Next, get your phone and activate the USB debugging function.
  • Next, you can launch the window for the command by using your mac/laptop/computer.
  • You can input the command and then press the "Enter" key.
  • If you are looking to power off your phone, you should use this simple command - ADB shell reboot -p

Third Method: Activating the screen of your phone without using the power button

If you have a situation where your phone's power button is not responding and your phone's screen is completely black, you can activate the phone with a simple method. This means that without using your power button, you can easily unlock the phone. This method can be used to turn on Android phones without power button. All you need do is to use the physical fingerprint scanning feature of the phone. To achieve this, you will have to enable this feature on your phone. In case you don't have the fingerprint scanner in your phone, you should use the following steps outlined below:

  • Double-tap the display on your phone.
  • As soon as your phone screen becomes activated, you can then proceed to make use of the phone. By that, we mean that you can easily access the phone by using your phone's pattern unlock, password, and PIN.

Fourth method: Turning your android phone without the power button by using 3rd-party apps.

If you do not know how to turn on Android without a power button, using 3rd-party apps is one way of doing this. Numerous third-party android applications can be used to turn on your android phones without using the power button. Whereas you have the freedom to choose from multiple app options, you need to get permission to use the app. As soon as you do this, you can turn on your Android without the power button. All you need do is to choose from this list of apps:

Buttons Remapper: This is one of the most common apps for this purpose. This app cones with the best features that allow you to remap your volume buttons to your phone's screen. You will then have to turn off/on the lock screen if your phone by pressing the volume button and holding on to it. This can be done in the following steps:

  • Go to the official mobile app store and download the app - Buttons Remapper.
  • Open the application and select the "toggle" that is displayed in the "service enabled" function.
  • Allow the app to proceed by granting the necessary permissions to the app.
  • Next, you will need to select the plus symbol. Then choose the option, "Short and Long Press," which is located under the option - "Action."

The Phone lock app: If you want you to know how to turn on your phone without power button and volume button, this app offers the right option. Phone lock is an app is primarily used to lock out your phone simple by tapping it just once. Just tap on the symbol of the app, then it will immediately go to work. Next, you are now able to easily use the power menu or the phone's volume buttons. To do this, you can just tap the icon and hold it. This means that you can restart or power off your android phone without ever using the volume or the power buttons.

Bixby app: People who have Samsung phones can simply use the Bixby app to turn on their phones without using the power button. They can do this systematically by simply using the command helps which the Bixby app offers. This can be done easily by activating the Bixby app.
After which, you will then get the "Lock my phone" option to lock up your phone. To put it on the phone, you can double-tap on the screen and proceed to unlock the device using the biometric verification, passcode, or PIN.

Fifth Method: Use the settings of your android phone to schedule the Power off timer

The last method to help you easily turn on your android mobile device without using the power/volume buttons is another easy method. You can use the power off timer feature of your phone. To use this method, you can go to the "Settings" tab of your phone. When there, you can now tap on the "Search" icon. Once the search dialog box is activated, you are now able to input your command. Just type in words, "Schedule the power off/on." With this feature, you can choose the right time to bring your phone to go off. This can be done automatically without any interruption from the user of the device.

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Part 2: Why power button doesn't work?

If your phone's power button stops working, it is either a software or hardware problem. We can't list an exact problem why the Power button isn't working, but here are some potential reasons that can trigger the issue:

  • Overuse and misuse of the Power button
  • Dust, debris, lint, or moisture in the button can make it unresponsive
  • Physical damage like the accidental dropping of the phone can also be the reason why your Power button stopped working
  • Or there must be some hardware issue that a tech person can only fix.

Part 3: FAQs related to this type of topic

  • How do I lock my phone without using the power button?

There are a couple of ways to lock your mobile device without using the power button. One of the most common methods is to turn on auto-lock mode. To do this, go to "Settings" > "Lock screen" > "Sleep" > select the time interval after which the device gets automatically locked.

  • How to repair a damaged power button?

The most convenient way to repair the damaged Power button is to head to the official mobile store or service center and hand over the device to the experienced and concerned person there. A broken power button means that you will not be able to turn on the phone conventionally. This means that you will need to try any of the five methods listed up above.

  • How do I restart my android device without needing to touch the screen?

To do this, you can try this quick trick. You could disable your phone's accidental touch protection. You can do this by simultaneously holding down the volume and the power buttons for over 7 seconds. Then afterward, you can try to reboot the phone softly.


All the methods highlighted above will help android users turn on their phones without using the volume or the power button. All the options discussed above can be used to unlock or restart the phone. These essential hacks should be noted as they are proven methods used to turn on phones without the power buttons. However, it is very important to get your damaged power button fixed, as this is the only durable solution for this problem.

Daisy Raines

Daisy Raines

staff Editor

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