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Top 8 Free Digital Scale Apps for Android

James Davis

May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

In a world where our smartphones seem to be able to do it all, the advent of digital scale apps for Android comes as no surprise. From the kitchen to the workshop, the ability to measure weight with just your phone can be incredibly handy. But, with a seemingly endless array of apps on the market, which ones should you trust? For Android users looking to explore this pocket-sized innovation, the right digital scale app can make all the difference. To save you the legwork, we've curated a list of the 8 best free digital scale apps for Android.

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Part 1: List of the Best Digital Scale Apps for Android

In the below table, we draw a comparative analysis of the 8 featured free digital scale apps for Android to facilitate a more informed decision-making process.

App Name Features Pros Cons
Kitchen Scale Accurate measurements, customizable units User-friendly interface May require calibration for optimal results
Precision Digital Scale High precision, calibration options Provides precise measurements May be affected by external factors
Scales. Meter Weight Accurate weight measurement, customizable settings Easy to use interface May lack some advanced features
Digital Scale Free Accurate weight measurement, calibration options User-friendly interface May be affected by device sensors
Scale Estimator Pro Estimation of weight, real-time measurement updates User-friendly interface May lack the precision of actual scales
Weigh My Things Real-time measurement updates, intuitive interface Provides accurate measurements May require calibration for optimal accuracy
Pocket Scale Simulator Realistic graphics, interactive weighing experience Entertaining simulation Lacks actual measurement functionality
Weight Tracker Pro Progress charts, goal setting, weight history tracking User-friendly interface May lack some advanced features

1: Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale is a straightforward app designed specifically for measuring the weight of food items. It offers a simple interface with a tare function, and you can switch between different measurement units such as grams, ounces, and pounds. However, it's important to note that the accuracy of this app might vary based on the device's built-in sensors, and it may not be suitable for high-precision measurements.

kitchen scale

Features and functions:

  • This is a highly precise and high rated free digital scale app for Android lets you weight objects on it.
  • It has ability to zero the scale and works as a close substitute to a real one.
  • Mobile digital scale lite has realistic weight bounce when the object is placed and removed.

Pros of Mobile digital scale lite:

  • The best thing about it is that it weighs most things precisely and accurately.
  • Another positive about this app is that you can move to SD support through it.
  • It has ability to zero the scale and this is a plus point too.

User reviews:

  • 1. This is such a great idea, and it is a wonderful application of physics and the angle of repose for granular substances.
  • 2. This app does exactly w what it said it does. You all are idiots. Fill the white circle with the amount of product you pick and the amount (weight wise) and it shows you how large a mass you will need for the weight you are looking for.
  • 3. You put the weight in of the ingredient you want to know the weight of, then it tells you how much you need to fill the circle.

Download Kitchen Scale - Google Play >>

2: Precision digital scale

If you're in need of a no-frills digital scale app, Precision Digital Scale might be what you're looking for. It promises to provide explicit readouts and precision calibration, allowing you to weigh items ranging from 0.005 grams to 100 grams. The app also includes a calibration guide, but it does come with a learning curve.

precision digital scale

Features and functions:

  • This is a high quality free digital scale app for Android which exactly does what its name suggests.
  • This app takes advantage of the phone’s accelerometer and lets you weigh things by simply placing them on the screen.
  • This app gives you accuracy of the weight and has a good a balance.

Pros of Mobile digital scale lite:

  • The best thing about this app is that it lets you weight most objects by placing on screen.
  • It has a good balance and this works as a positive as well.
  • Another thing about this a pro of this app is that it works more precisely than many other such apps.

Cons of Mobile digital scale lite:

  • One of the things which can prove to be a drawback is that it its calibration isn’t set up.
  • Another negative of this app is that weight varies with pressure as far as object placed on screen is concerned.

User reviews:

  • 1. FINALLY :)It works yes it sure does love it...thank u.
  • 2. Very good free app Good app is the only one who served to weigh jewelry I downloaded several, but none served like this, many thanks!
  • 3. Pretty cool!It’s funny to see people’s awful reaction to this app! Guess if you idiots read the description you would have caught the part about this app being a "Prank" app!!

Download Precision digital scale - Google Play >>

3: Scales. Meter weight

This app is a perfect fit for those looking for a tool to measure small weights with precision. It claims to provide accurate readings using your Android device's built-in sensors and can convert measurements between different units. However, its precision is limited to the capabilities of the device, and it may not suffice for professional or extensive use.

scales meter weight

Features and functions:

  • This is yet another useful free digital scale app for Android which helps you weight objects
  • It can weight anything up to a weight of 500 grams without damaging the screen.
  • It app can be used for random weighing and even as a prank app for others.

Pros of Mobile digital scale lite:

  • One of the positives of this app is that it roughly determines the weight of powdery ingredients like baking powder, salt and others.
  • It provides instructions so that users can completely understand how to use it.
  • This positive point of this app is that this app can be used to prank friends and others as well.

Cons of Mobile digital scale lite:

  • One drawback of this app is that it may prove to have a lot of bugs.
  • It tends to crash often and this is one of its drawbacks as well.
  • It may provide only random weights and not accurate readings and this works as a negative too.

User reviews:

  • 1. Scale 4 gramsDefinitely a funny prank cuz it don’t work except tell you you've got an eighth on the screen when it hasn't even really waited 7.5 I guess if you want to rip somebody off no pun intended.
  • 2. Dose to work even after calibrating the screen not impressed.
  • 3. Terrible have never seen so many ads in an app before… every 5 seconds a full screen advertisement would show up...
  • 4. Doesn't work on G4 also way to much advertising.

Download Scales. Meter weight - Google Play >

4: Digital Scale Free

Digital Scale Free is a versatile app that supports various devices and promises high accuracy. It features a calibration option and the ability to weigh items up to 150 grams. The inclusion of a tare function allows for easy measurement of net weight and could be beneficial for culinary enthusiasts and light laboratory use.

digital scale free

Features and functions:

  • Accurate weight measurement.
  • Calibration options for fine-tuning accuracy.
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation.

Pros of Digital Scale Free:

  • Provides accurate measurements comparable to traditional scales.
  • Offers a portable solution for on-the-go weighing.
  • Features a simple and intuitive design.

Cons of Digital Scale Free:

  • May be affected by external factors such as device sensors.
  • Occasional calibration may be necessary for optimal accuracy.
  • Limited weight capacity compared to dedicated scales.

User reviews:

  • 1. Digital Scale Free has been a lifesaver for me! I use it to weigh ingredients for my recipes, and it's always spot on.
  • 2. Great app for measuring small items accurately. Easy to use and reliable!

Download Digital Scale Free >>

5: Scale Estimator Pro

Designed for on-the-go weighing needs, Scale Estimator Pro aims to provide an easy-to-use interface and quick results. It supports calibration and the tare function, and it's particularly useful for creating estimations on product weights for shipping, crafting, or cooking. Like other free apps, the actual accuracy can be subjective to the limitations of the device.

Features and functions:

  • Estimation of weight using object dimensions.
  • Real-time measurement updates.
  • Customizable settings for enhanced usability.

Pros of Scale Estimator Pro:

  • Helpful for estimating weights when a traditional scale is unavailable.
  • Provides real-time updates for instant feedback.
  • Features an intuitive interface for easy navigation.

Cons of Scale Estimator Pro:

  • May lack the precision of actual scales.
  • Accuracy may vary depending on object shape and size.
  • Not suitable for tasks requiring precise weight measurements.

User reviews:

  • 1. Scale Estimator Pro is handy when I need a quick estimate of an object's weight. It's not always 100% accurate, but it gets the job done!
  • 2. Great app for estimating package weights before shipping. Saves me time and hassle!

6: Weigh My Things

Weigh My Things caters to users who need to weigh a variety of items such as parcels, jewelry, or food. It offers the standard features like calibration and tare function, and it's boasted to be easy to use. However, it still operates within the constraints of the built-in sensors, so the precision can vary widely.

Features and functions:

  • Real-time measurement updates.
  • Intuitive interface for effortless operation.
  • Compatibility with different Android devices.

Pros of Weigh My Things:

  • Provides accurate measurements for a wide range of objects.
  • Easy-to-use interface for seamless navigation.
  • Offers reliable and consistent results.

Cons of Weigh My Things:

  • May require occasional calibration for optimal accuracy.
  • Limited weight capacity compared to dedicated scales.
  • Not suitable for measuring larger items or heavy objects.

User reviews:

  • 1. Weigh My Things is my go-to app for all my weighing needs. It's accurate, reliable, and easy to use!
  • 2. Great app for measuring items around the house. Helps me keep track of weights for various tasks!

7: Pocket Scale Simulator

Pocket Scale Simulator is more than just an average weight measurement app; it's a detailed simulator. In addition to displaying weight readings, it offers visual and audio simulations. While it's fun to use and great for learning, it's important to remember that it doesn't substitute a real digital scale when precise weights are essential.

pocket scale simulator

Features and functions:

  • Realistic graphics.
  • Interactive weighing experience.
  • Compatibility with different Android devices.

Pros of Pocket Scale Simulator:

  • Provides entertainment value with realistic graphics and interactive features.
  • Offers a fun way to pass the time.
  • Suitable for pranks and jokes.

Cons of Pocket Scale Simulator:

  • Lacks actual measurement functionality.
  • Not suitable for tasks requiring precise weight measurements.
  • May not appeal to users seeking practical weighing solutions.

User reviews:

  • 1. Pocket Scale Simulator is a fun app to play around with. The graphics are impressive, and it's a great way to entertain friends!
  • 2. Entertaining app for pranks, but not useful for actual measurements. Still, it's fun to use!

Download Pocket Scale Simulator >>

8: Weight Tracker Pro

Weight Tracker Pro takes a different approach, focusing on progressive weight loss or gain tracking. It enables users to input weight readings over time and visualize their progress with charts. It's not a traditional scale app but can be a helpful tool for fitness enthusiasts keeping track of their health journeys.

weight tracker pro

Features and functions:

  • Progress charts.
  • Goal setting.
  • Weight history tracking.

Pros of Pocket Scale Simulator:

  • Helps users stay motivated by tracking progress over time.
  • Offers valuable insights into weight trends and patterns.
  • Features a user-friendly interface for easy tracking.

Cons of Pocket Scale Simulator:

  • May lack some advanced features found in dedicated fitness tracking apps.
  • Occasional calibration may be necessary for optimal accuracy.
  • Limited customization options for advanced users.

User reviews:

  • 1. Weight Tracker Pro has been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals. It's easy to use and provides valuable insights into my progress!
  • 2. Great app for tracking weight loss journey. Helps me stay focused and motivated!

Download Pocket Scale Simulator >>

FAQs about Digital Scale Apps

1. Are these digital scale apps really accurate?

The accuracy of these apps depends on the device they are installed on, as they rely on the precision of the built-in sensors. They are generally less accurate than dedicated kitchen or laboratory scales but can provide sufficient precision for casual use.

2. Can I calibrate these digital scale apps?

Most of these apps allow for calibration, which is crucial to improve accuracy. It's recommended to use a known weight for calibration to get the best results possible.


Choosing the right digital scale app for your needs can greatly enhance your daily tasks and activities. Whether you're in the kitchen, at the gym, or simply need to weigh small objects, there's a free digital scale app for Android that's perfect for you. By considering factors such as accuracy, usability, and intended use case, you can find the app that best suits your requirements and make everyday tasks a breeze. Explore the featured apps, read user reviews, and make an informed decision to unlock the convenience of having a digital scale in your pocket.

James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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