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Will iSpoofer update in 2024?


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

iSpoofer has been one of the most in-demand applications for changing your location while playing Pokemon Go. For all the right reasons, people wanted to stick to it to make sure that they catch the splendid Pokemon no matter where they are stationed. But the problems started when iSpoofer stopped working and there was no way anyone could continue to use or initiate iSpoofer update. When you open the application, you’d either see an error message, a subtle hint at an apology, or a pop-up that says that the app is under maintenance.

ispoofer shut down pic

All of them are the alternative ways of saying - ‘We are not available anymore’. But will iSpoofer be back in the year 2021? Can we expect to revive our Pokemon catching abilities with the iSpoofer update? Even if it comes back, will it be available for Android and iPhone users? If not - then do we have any other application that we can use for this purpose? To get answers to all these questions, you have to continue to read this space.

Part 1: Why Can’t I update iSpoofer?

ispoofer not able to log in pic

To put it very simple and upfront - The reason why you are unable to update iSpoofer is that it has been shut down. You can no longer use the existing application on the phone or download it from their website. Initially, when the app was down, people thought it could have been a Pogo update that is causing the error. So, they uninstalled the app and tried to download it again from the official website of the iSpoofer app. To their disappointment, the error message showed up even then. It took a while for everyone to accept that the application was no longer available and their desperate attempts to get it to work went in vain.

Ispoofer error message pic

Undoubtedly, iSpoofer was a ‘game’ changer in the literal sense. You didn’t have to move from your place, you can catch some rare Pokemon and you get additional points for being the active wanderer. It’s of course a ‘cheat route’ to play the game and it has finally come to the notice of Niantic that a third-party app is being used to play the game.

Now that didn’t go down well with the makers. The whole essence of Pokemon Go is to ‘Go Out’ from the house to explore the presence of Pokemons in the surroundings. So, having a third-party application is going to change a lot of things. Pokemon blacklisted the app.

Ispoofer account suspension pic

The main target users for iSpoofer were the Pokemon Go players. With them gone, the revenue and usage of the app have reduced to a great extent and the creators have decided to pull the app out. And that is why you will no longer find a new version of iSpoofer that will be compatible with the game. The older version has anyway been blacklisted and won’t be of any use for the players and no iSpoofer update information so far

Even in 2021, there is no guarantee that the app will be back so it’s better to not keep the hopes up. The major business for the app could have been in 2020 when the world stayed home. However, if everyone was unable to download and update the app in the year 2020, there are very bleak chances of having it back in 2021.

Part 2: Is there a good alternative for iSpoofer?

There are quite a few ways to spoof your location in the Pokemon Go Game but then they narrow down to even smaller numbers when we start searching for the ‘reliable’ options. So, here are a few ways you can find a good alternative for iSpoofer.

VPNs - There are certain VPNs that offer in-built location spoofing features that might come in handy for playing games like Pokemon Go. They change your location on the rest of the internet so it might be a little tricky for the makers to catch the foul play.


Google Play Store Apps - There are certain applications you will find on Google Play Store or even the App store that offer ‘Fake GPS’ changes. You simply have to search for ‘Fake GPS Location Changers’ and you get some options. Find the one with the best rating and this can work for a while. However, there is no guarantee of when they’ll abandon you.


The most reliable option that you can go for is using - Dr. Fone. It is Wondershare’s master app that changes your location on the world map, the very same will reflect on all your devices, social media accounts, and internet searches. It’s very hard to detect that you’ve used a spoofer. This is how to use it -

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 1 - You can use the Dr.Fone LocationSpoofer for both Android and iPhones. So, starting off, you need to connect your device (the phone) to your system - be it a laptop or a computer. You will be prompted to accept the ‘Terms and Conditions and then click on ‘Get Started’.


Step 2 - Once you are in, then the page will display a map and your location will be clearly mentioned. You need to go to the Teleport Mode you will find on the top right corner of the page. Enter your new location on the map.


Step 3 - You can use the coordinates to get to the location or once the map displays, you can zoom in and move the pointer from one place to another and then click on ‘Move Here’ so that the location will be shifted from the previous one to new.


Step 4 - Now it’s easier to launch Pokemon Go but give it a few minutes before your changed location is completely registered and keep the new location realistic.

As in, you can’t jump from Russia to America in 2 hours, can you?


It’s quite easy to spoof your location for games like Pokemon Go using Dr. Fone and it will even stay undetected if you do it the right way. Also, the whole process to change the location hardly takes a few minutes, so you don’t have to spend time understanding how it all works. While you wait for the iSpoofer update (which may or may not come) you can use this in the meantime.


Alice MJ

staff Editor

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