4 Ways to SIM Unlock HTC One Phones

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Is your phone SIM locked? If yes, here you go. You are reading the right article which will help you find the best possible solutions to unlock SIM locked phone. SIM locked phones are a pain as the phones have technical restrictions riveted to a single predefined network and you cannot transfer to your suitable network. At a time when smart phones have served us with ceaseless smart features helping us in majority of the activity we do, isn’t SIM lock a constraint? It’s a definite yes. While it is little difficult and cumbersome when it comes to unlocking SIM locked phone, it is not impossible though. If you have an HTC One phone which is SIM locked, you definitely are at the right place because this article will serve you with 4 best ways to SIM or network unlock HTC One phones with ease.

Part 1: SIM Unlock HTC One with Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service

Dr. Fone SIM Unlock service works in a simple way. This provides an easy, safe and 100% legal way of unlocking SIM locked HTC One phone and the phone will work absolutely normal. Using this tool, you just need to select the phone brand, follow some step by step instructions and the device will be network unlocked in a moment. Here are the steps to follow to unlock SIM locked HTC One:

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DoctorSIM Unlock Service

Unlock your phone in 3 simple steps!

  • Fast, safe and permanent.
  • 1000+ phones supported, 100+ network providers supported.
  • 60+ countries supported.

a. Click on “Select Your Phone”

To unlock using DoctorSIM Unlock Service, the first thing that is important is to select the brand of phone. To select the phone, click on the button as mentioned in the picture below.

b. Look for the brand and model i.e. HTC One

After clicking on the button “Select Your Phone”, as you go down, click on the brand’s logo to select the phone to be unlocked, out of multiple brand logos mentioned. Click on HTC here.

c. Fill in the details

 After having selected the phone brand i.e. HTC, select the model and fill in the other details like network provider, country, etc using the drop down options.

d. After filling in all the details asked for and selecting the phone model which is to be unlocked, move down and choose “Standard Service”. The details of this service are clearly mentioned beside it.

Fill up all the information pertaining to mobile IMEI number and email id asked for, after selecting the “Standard Service”. To check the IMEI number of the phone, type *#06# into the phone’s keypad.

e. Add to cart

Click on “Add to cart” and move to the next page, after filling up the required information to get the unlock code delivered.

Part 2: SIM Unlock HTC One by Carrier Provider

One of the ways to unlock the SIM locked HTC One is getting in touch with the carrier provider. After checking if HTC One is carrier locked and it is also required to know whether you are eligible to unlock the phone. However, there are certain policies and criteria to be met to get the unlock code. If certain criteria are met, the locked device can easily be unlocked by the carrier provider and that does not call for a third party unlocking service.

There are certain US service provider US unlock policies and they are:

AT&T – if the account is in good standing for at least 60 days and has been active, phone is paid off or service commitment has been fulfilled.

T-Mobile – Phone has been paid off.

Sprint – Account has been active and is in good standing for at least 90 days.

These are the criteria required by the service provider to be met. Once you have met the criteria, there are certain steps to follow and they are as follows:

a. It is first important to know the IMEI number of the phone and to have a microSIM card ready from another service provider.

To locate the IMEI number of the handset, go to Settings>About Phone>Phone Identity>IMEI

b. Note down the IMEI number

c. Call the carrier provider and ask for SIM unlock code for HTC One :

Note: For AT&T: 1-800-331-0500, For T-Mobile: 1-800-866-2453, For Sprint: 1-888-211-4727

d. Give the details pertaining to IMEI number of the phone and the customer service will fill out a request form and once request form for HTC One is processed, the code will be emailed within 3 days.

After having received the unlock code:

a. Turn off the HTC One device

b. Remove the micro SIM card from the phone

c. Insert the micro SIM card from the different service provider and turn the phone on

d. This will ask for the unlock code provided by the service provider. So, enter the unlock code when prompted and it’s done. You can now use the device with any GSM carrier.

Part 3: SIM Unlock HTC One by Cellunlocker.net

Cellunlocker.net is one of the services that can be used to unlock HTC One. Go to the site, select the brand and model using the drop down options present and look for code. This is a safe, easy and legal way of unlocking SIM locked phones.


a. Select the brand of phone which here is HTC.


b. After selecting the brand, move down and choose the model of the phone and give details regarding the network the phone is locked to and the IMEI number of the phone.


Once the order for unlock code for HTC One is placed, the code request process will start. You will receive detailed instructions through e-mail.

Part 4: SIM Unlock HTC One by sim-unlock.net

sim-unlock.net provides an easy process of unlocking HTC One with some easy and simple steps. This process just requires the IMEI number of the phone for the unlock code. This is a safe and easy way and does not affect the warranty and normal system operations of the device. Moreover, it takes 1 to 8 working days to get the unlock code for the network locked HTC One device. Here are some steps on how to unlock HTC phone using sim-unlock.net.

1. Go to sim-unlock.net choose the brand and model of the phone which is network locked, which in this case is HTC one.

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Enter the IMEI number of the phone after selecting the brand and model of the phone after ordering for the unlocking code.

Note: Dial *#06# in the phone’s keypad to know the IMEI number of the phone which is a 15 digit number.

2. Sim-unlock.net provides 1 to 4 unlock codes which depends on the network. Insert the SIM card which is not accepted by the phone which is of a different network.

3. When switching the HTC One device on, try entering the first code received from sim-unlock.net and see if the phone unlocks. If the phone does not, try doing the same thing with the rest 3 codes. One of the codes will work and the HTC One will be unlocked.

So, these are 4 ways on how to unlock HTC One. You can choose one of the above mentioned methods to unlock your locked HTC One device. There are few factors which are required to be kept an eye on with one of the imperatives being the customer support.

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