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The Ultimate Guide: How to Safely Flash a Dead Android Phone

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


A phone is considered to be dead when it becomes completely unresponsive and refuses to switch on. Similarly, an Android phone is said to be dead when it does not boot up. You may try to switch it on several times by pressing the power button but in vain. You will see no sign of the phone’s logo or anything like a welcome screen. The Android phone’s screen remains black and does not illuminate when you try to turn it on. Interestingly, even when you charge this dead device, it does not show that it is getting charged.

Many people regard this as a battery issue, and many think of it as a temporary software crash. Some users also seem to believe that this is because of a virus attack. However, if you are looking for ways that tell how to fix a dead Android phone, you must understand that a dead phone or device can be cured by flashing custom firmware safely. If you are keen to know how to flash a dead Android phone or how to flash dead Android phones using PC, here are ways to help you.

Given below are eight techniques to flash your Android phone safely, depending upon which phone you are using. It may seem time-consuming and tedious, but we can assure you that it works. So, move ahead and read on to learn about flashing new firmware, your Samsung Galaxy, MTK Android, and Nokia phones safely.

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Part 1: Can a Dead Phone Be Flashed?

Flashing a dead Android phone might be skeptical for many users who have been in such a situation. Although it is possible to flash a dead Android phone, it is essential to be aware of the reasons that lead you into such a situation. Before a remedy, diagnosing the problem is a necessity for retaining the device.

From battery issues to physical damage to the device, there can be many reasons your Android phone died. The reasons for a dead Android phone are not restricted to these points. There can be software-related issues or firmware issues that might cause such havoc on your Android.

Part 2: How to flash Samsung Galaxy in one click?

While you are worried about how to flash Samsung Galaxy instantly with a single click, Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) swiftly makes its way with a galore of options for you. This amazing tool from Wondershare can fix a plethora of Android system issues such as crashing of apps, black screen of death, failed system update, etc. Moreover, it can also get your device out of boot loop, unresponsive bricked Android mobiles as well as stuck at the Samsung logo.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

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Step-by-step Tutorial

We are going to explain how to flash a dead Android phone using a PC using Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

Note: Before you understand how to flash Dead Android phone, take a backup of your data and then proceed to avoid any data loss.

Phase 1: Prepare your Android device

Step 1: Once you have downloaded and installed Dr.Fone, launch it. From the main menu, tap on ‘System Repair’ and get your Android device connected to it.

how to flash Dead Android phone

Step 2: Click ‘Android Repair’ from the available options, and then press the ‘Start’ button to fix the Dead Android phone by flashing it.

android repair to flash dead phone

Step 3: On the device information screen, pick the appropriate device brand, name, model, and other details followed by tapping the ‘Next’ button.

choose brand info

Phase 2: Put the Android device in Download mode to start repair.

Step 1: It is essential to boot your Android device in Download mode before repairing.

  • If the device has a ‘Home’ button: Turn it off and then hold down the ‘Volume Down’, ‘Home’, and ‘Power’ buttons altogether for 5-10 seconds. Un-hold all of them and hit the ‘Volume Up’ button for entering ‘Download’ mode.
flash android with home key
  • In the absence of a ‘Home’ button: Switch off the Android device and hold the ‘Volume Down’, ‘Bixby’, and ‘Power’ buttons for 5 to 10 seconds, then release them. Hit the ‘Volume Up’ button for entering the ‘Download’ mode.
flash android with no home key

Step 2: Press the ‘Next’ button for initiating firmware download.

flashing samsung galaxy

Step 3: Once the firmware gets downloaded and verified Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) starts to flash your Dead Android phone. All the Android system issues will be fixed soon after.

dead android flashed
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Part 3: How to flash Samsung Galaxy dead phone with Odin?

In this segment, we will learn how to fix the dead Android phone, i.e., Samsung Galaxy phones using Odin software. Odin is software used internally by Samsung to generally unblock devices and perform a more utility-based job, namely, flashing new firmware in place of the old one. There are different variants available, so choose the one which is supported by your Galaxy phone. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to flash dead Android phone (Samsung Galaxy) using Odin software.

Step 1: Install the driver software on the computer. You can find the best driver software for your device and PC on the official Samsung website. You may also download Samsung Kies on your PC. Once you have downloaded and installed the driver software, restart the PC.

Step 2: Now download suitable firmware for your device in the form of a zip folder that you can open and store on your desktop.

download suitable firmware

Make sure the file is .bin, .tar, or .tar.md5 only as these are the only file types recognized by Odin.

firmware zip file

firmware md5 file

Step 3: In this step, download the latest version of Odin on your PC and move it to the desktop, and then right-click on the downloaded Odin file to select “Run as Administrator”.

download odin

run as administrator

Step 4: Now, boot your dead device to Download Mode by pressing the power, volume down, and home button together. When the phone vibrates, release the power button only.

boot in download mode

Step 5: Gently press the volume up button, and you will see the Download Mode Screen.

android download mode

Step 6: Now, you may use a USB to connect your device to the PC. Odin will recognize your device, and in the Odin window, you will see a message saying “Added”.

connect android device

Step 7: In this step, find the tar.md5 file you downloaded by clicking on “PDA” or “AP” on the Odin window and then click “Start”.

open md5 file

Finally, once the flashing process is complete, your Samsung Galaxy phone will reboot and start normally, and you may see a “Pass” or “Reset” message on the Odin window on the PC.

Part 4: How to flash MTK Android dead phone with SP Flash tool?

SP Flash tool, also known as SmartPhone Flash tool is a popular freeware tool used to flash custom ROM or firmware in MTK Android phones. It is a very successful tool and is extremely easy to use.

Let us look at the steps given below to learn how to flash dead Android phones using PC with the help of the SP Flash tool.

Step 1: To start with, download and install the MTK driver on your PC and then download the ROM/firmware you wish to use for flashing purposes.

Step 2: Once done, you should download the SP Flash tool and extract it on your PC and move on to launch the Flash_tool.exe file to open the SP Flash tool window.

download sp flash tool

Step 3: Now, on the SP Flash tool window, click on “Download” and select “Scatter-loading”.

scatter loading

Step 4: The last step would be to locate the file downloaded by you and click “Open” and then finally, select “Download” on the SP Flash tool window.

load the downloaded file

After completing the above steps, connect your dead device to the PC with a USB cable and wait for it to get recognized. The flashing process will take a few minutes to finish and then you will see a green circle indicating “OK Download”.

That's it! Now simply disconnect your phone and wait for it to reboot.

Part 5: How to flash Nokia dead phone with the Phoenix tool?

Phoenix tool, better known as PhoenixSuit, is a tool similar to the SP False tool and Odin. It works very well with Nokia phones and is the best answer to “How to fix dead Android phone?”, “How to flash dead Android phone using PC?”, etc.

Let's look at the steps of flashing the Nokia dead phone with the Phoenix tool.

First, download and install the Nokia PC Suite driver on your PC. Then you will need to download the PhoenixSuit tool and then launch it.

nokia pc suite

Now, on the toolbar, click “Tools” and select “Data Package Download” from the drop-down list.

data package download

Then move to download the firmware for your dead Nokia phone and save it in a new Folder. Once done, go back to the Phoenix tool window and click on “File” and select “Open Product”.

open product

Simply, feed in the details and then click “OK”.

check the details

After this, click on “Flashing” and select “Firmware update” and then browse to select the appropriate product code and then click “OK” again.

Then move on to select “Dead Phone USB Flashing” from the Firmware Update Box.

dead phone usb flashing

Lastly, just click on “Refurbish” and connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable.

That was it, the flashing process may take up to a few minutes after which your dead Nokia phone will restart automatically.

Part 6: How to flash a dead phone that won’t turn on via factory reset?

Using tools for flashing Android devices can be a solution; however, it is heavily restricted to the device models. For a generalized solution, there can be other options that you can go with. Factory resetting an Android device by putting it in Recovery Mode is one way. To know how to flash a dead Android phone using factory reset, go through the steps featured below:

Step 1: To initiate the process, you will have to put your Android device in Recovery Mode. Generally, Android phones are put in Recovery Mode by holding the "Power" and "Volume Up" keys for a few seconds after turning them off. The key combinations can vary according to your Android device.

Step 2: As the Android boot menu opens on your screen, use the “Volume Down” and “Volume Up” keys to scroll up and down the menu. On accessing the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option, use the “Power” key to select the particular option.

choose wipe data factory reset option

Step 3: Continue to select the “Yes” option for confirming the factory reset of the Android device. The phone will automatically reboot after successfully factory resetting.

Part 7: How to flash a dead Android phone by checking screen faulty?

The screen of your Android device may be faulty, due to which it is not launching. While seeking the right way of how to fix a dead Android phone, you can force restart your phone using the Volume buttons according to your device model.

If the Android vibrates on restarting and the screen does not lighten up, the problem can be directed to a hardware fault. The screen is broken and needs physical assistance to resolve the issue.

check and fix the screen

Part 8: How to fix a dead Android phone by changing the battery

Another solution that can help you fix the dead Android phone is changing its battery. The battery of an Android device can last up to 3 years. When its capacity drops to a bare minimum, it is best to change the battery of your Android. Upon trying to restart your Android device, if it does not, you might need to replace your battery. All Android phone batteries are removable, which should be regulated with proper supervision.

replace the android battery

Part 9: How to repair dead Android phone by contacting official support

If you are unable to discover any proper solution for how to flash dead Android phones, you might have to consult the respective customer support of the Android phone manufacturers. Consult customer support to discover why the phone is dead and how it can be flashed. The respective personnel will assist you in resolving the issue, which might require monetary input from your side.


A dead Android phone might be the cause of worry, but the techniques given above to flash your dead Android device safely are very helpful. These methods have been tried and tested by users all over the world and thus, we recommend them to you. If your phone is dead or has become unresponsive, do not panic. Depending on your phone’s brand, here are ways to guide you on how to fix the dead Android phone and how to flash dead Android phone using PC.

It has been observed that Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android) assists in the best way. Resolve all your concerns involving your dead Android phone and flash it to make it operable again.

Carefully follow the instructions given, and you will be able to reboot your dead Android phone successfully.

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