How to Fix iPhone Reception Problems

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Part 1: Have you ever faced any reception problem when using your iPhone?

It can happen to have problems with signal reception when you use the iPhone and receive messages on display like "No Service", "Searching for Service", "No SIM", "Insert sim card". Also, there could be issues with Wifi signal or unrecognized internet networks even you know and you receive them to other devices. The reception issues could be caused by your iPhone device or by your service provider. If it is a brand new iPhone, you should go to the store where you bought it and change it. Yes, I know it is uncomfortable because you want to enjoy immediately by your iPhone. But, trust me, you avoid upcoming issues. Another case could be that you have signal everywhere else, but not at your home. In this case you should contact your service provider. More than likely, in this case there would be problems generated by the iPhone.

Even if it is recommended to upgrade your iPhone with the latest suitable iOS, may arise reception problem. Before making any upgrade, first you should backup all your data from your iPhone. Just to be prepared if any issues occur.

Antenna issues may arise if the iPhone is gripped in a way that covers both sides of the metal band from the lower left corner. It is depending the place where the antenna is in device. One idea is to buy an external case in order to avoid this kind of issues. In our times, there are so many nice-looking external cases, so you certainly find an awesome case for your iPhone.

Part 2: Fix iPhone reception problems by yourself

Here you can find several ideas to solve reception issues by yourself, before to go at your service provider.

1. You can reset the network settings from your iPhone, by going to Settings > General > Reset and select Reset Network Settings. This action could make the proper changes and could solve the network issues.

fix iPhone reception problems

2. Talking about resetting only of some features, you can also reset the all data.  You should search the Settings on your iPhone, and choose General, then Reset and the final step is to select Reset All Settings. This action will not delete your data. But if you feel more comfortable, you can make a backup for your iPhone before to go through the settings.

fix iPhone reception problems

3. Restore your iPhone like a new iPhone it is another option, but you should save all your data from your iPhone before the make this drastic action. During using the iPhone, you have gathered a lot of data. Of course, you want to keep these informations even if sometimes the troubleshooting is necessary and your device must to be restored.

fix iPhone reception problems

4. Protect your iPhone with an external case, especially if you had before troubles with the reception of signal and somehow you had solved this issue. In order to avoid the upcoming problems, related to reception caused by antenna of your device, keep your iPhone with an external case.

fix iPhone reception problems

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