'Passcode Requirement' Pops on iPhone and How to Fix It

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Apple is considered as one of the most trusted smartphone manufacturer brands. It makes passcode requirement for iPhones mandatory to keep the data stored on the iPhone safe and secure. However, if you are among the many iPhone users who have seen a strange pop-up appear on the iPhone screen to change the Passcode in a certain specified period, then this article tells you all about why it occurs and what you can do to never see it again.

The Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up reads as follows“‘Passcode Requirement’ You must change your iPhone unlock Passcode within 60 minutes’” and leaves the users with the following options, namely, “Later” and “Continue” as shown in the screenshot below.

passcode requirement

The Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up appears randomly, as shown in the image above. It is not subject to you unlocking your iPhone. The pop-up can suddenly appear even while you are using your iPhone.

An interesting thing to note is that if you tap on “Later”, you can continue to use your phone smoothly until the pop-up appears again with a countdown timer indicating the time left for you to change the unlock Passcode as shown in the screenshot below.

Since Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up has been witnessed by many iPhone users, it is only fair to understand the causes for its occurrence. Read on to find out why exactly does this pop-up appear and ways to deal with it.


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Part 1: Why “Passcode Requirement iPhone” Pops?

The pop-up might worry iPhone users as many regards this as a bug or a virus. People also consider the possibility of a malware attack causing this Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up. But these are only rumours as the iOS software is completely protected against all such attacks.

There are no concrete reasons for the “Passcode Requirement” pop-up to appear but there are a few speculations which seem like probable causes behind it. These reasons are not many. They are also not very technical to understand. Some of them are listed as under:

Simple Passcodes

A simple Passcode is usually a four-digit Passcode. It is considered simple for its brevity. Simple Passcode can be easily hacked and maybe that is why the pop-up appears to enhance iPhone security.

Common Passcode

Common Passcode is those which are easily known to others like common numeric combinations, for example, 0101 or series of numbers, example 1234, etc. These also, like Simple Passcode, can be easily hacked and thus the pop-up to change them. Also, Phone’s iOs can detect such simple ad common Passcode and send such pop-ups.


MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. If your iPhone is given to you but the company you work in then the chances of it being an MDM enrolled device are very high. This management system can also detect if the Passcode is not too strong and can automatically send a message to the user to change it to maintain the confidentiality of the information transmitted through such an iPhone.

Configuration Profile

A configuration profile might be installed in your device. You can find out by going to “Settings”, then “General” and then to “Profiles and Device Management”. This will only appear if you have one such profile configured. These profiles can also, sometimes, cause such random pop-ups to appear.

Other Apps

Apps like Facebook, Instagram or even a Microsoft Exchange account configured on the iPhone can cause these pop-ups as they require longer passwords.

Searches and browsing on Safari

This is one of the most obvious and common reasons for the Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up to appear. The pages that are visited on the internet and searches made through the Safari browser are stored as cache and cookies on the iPhone. This causes a lot of random pop-ups to appear including the “Passcode Requirement” pop-up.

Now that the reasons behind the strange pop-up are listed before you, isis quite clear that the pop-up is not because of any virus or malware attack. The pop-up could be triggered because of simple and day to day usage of the iPhone. Having said that, this pop-up problem is nothing that cannot be dealt with.

Let's find out various ways to get rid of Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up by making just a few changes in your iPhone.

Part 2: How to fix “Passcode Requirement” appearing on iPhone

As strange as the Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up sounds, the ways to fix it are also very unusual.

Solution 1. Change iPhone lock screen passcode

Firstly, change your iPhone Passcode. There are two ways of doing it. You can either go to “Setting”, then “Touch ID & Passcode” and change your Passcode from a simple, common one to a 6-digit Passcode, or follow the steps given below:

When the pop-up appears, tap on “Continue” to see a new message as shown in the screenshot below. Punch in your current Passcode and tap on “Continue” again.

Change iPhone lock screen passcode

Now another pop-up appears asking you give a new Passcode. After doing so, tap on “Continue”.

give a new Passcode

Your new Passcode is now set. if you wish to change it to a better combination or a stronger Passcode with letters, then go to settings and customize your Passcode.

NOTE: Interestingly, while changing the Passcode, if you type in the old Passcode as your new one, iOS accepts it.

Solution 2. Clear Safari browsing history

Secondly, clear your browsing history on Safari browser. This has helped a lot of users to get rid of the pop-up. Follow the steps given below to delete your browsing and search history:

Go to “Settings”, then to “Safari”.

Now tap on “Clear History and Website Data” as shown in the screenshot below.

Clear Safari browsing history

This clears and all cookies and stored cache on your iPhone and makes your browser as good as new.

Thirdly, go to “Settings”, then “General” and see if “Profiles and Device Management” is visible. If yes, tap on it and temporarily delete any such configured profiles to prevent the reoccurrence of the pop-up. Some of these profiles, if given access, can jailbreak your device and cause other damage to your software too.

Finally, you can either ignore the Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up or follow the steps listed above.

The Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up has been witnessed by many Apple mobile device owners. The remedies listed above are tried, tested and recommended by iPhone users facing the same pop-up problem. So go ahead and make your iPhone “Passcode Requirement” pop-up free.

Well, many people get scared and immediately change their Passcode, while others wait for the one hour period to get over. Surprisingly, when the sixty minutes get over, you do not get any message or pop-up, your iPhone does not get locked and you continue to use it until the pop-up shows up again, which can be in a few minutes, days or weeks. A lot of people who faced a similar problem contacted Apple Customer Support but the company has no explanation to give in this regard.

We hope this article was helpful to you to get some answers as to why this Passcode requirement iPhone pop-up appears so frequently. Do share with us any more inputs, you may have.

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