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Top 11 FaceTime Issues and Troubleshooting Them

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1. FaceTime not working

This problem is caused by not having the latest update on your devices. FaceTime devices faced some issues in the past owing to expired certificates which were fixed in an update.


Check and make sure that all of your FaceTime devices are up-to-date on the software end. If not, update them.

2. Updated FaceTime still not working

Sometimes, the reasons for software not working are not as complicated as we think. So, take a deep breath and analyze what might be wrong with your device's settings or permissions that may be causing this error. The most common cause of the problem is that FaceTime was never enables on the device in the first time hence resulting in its inability to work.


Go to Settings -> FaceTime and enable FaceTime app.

3. FaceTime call failed

There are several different reasons which can lead to failure in making a call. These include, the unavailability of FaceTime in your country, a weak internet connection or having disabled FaceTime on your device. Other reasons may include having restricted camera or FaceTime in your iPhone accidently or otherwise.


1. Go to Settings -> FaceTime and check if FaceTime is enabled. If not, enable it; if however, it was already enabled, try disabling it first and then enabling it again.

2. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and check if camera and FaceTime have been restricted.

3. If the problem persists, switch off your iPhone and then switch it back on again.

4. iMessage waiting for activation

This is a common problem that results from incorrectly set up time and date settings or an invalid cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Users who are facing this problem, get a message saying "iMessage waiting for activation" only to get "iMessage activation failed" shortly afterwards.


1. Make sure that your Wi-Fi and cellular connection is valid and active. Moreover, verify your Apple ID to see if it is valid and check your date and time settings.

2. Go to Settings -> Messages and toggle iMessages on and off.

3. If the problem persists, switch off your iPhone and then switch it back on again.

5. FaceTime sign in error

Getting an error while trying to activate FaceTime saying "Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again"? This dangerous looking problem is caused by some very basic issues like an Apple Id that does not follow the standard format of an email address. Weak internet connection can also be a cause of the FaceTime sign in error.


1. If your Apple Id is not in the standard email format, convert it into one or get a new Apple Id. Try signing in with the new Id, it will easily get you signed in to FaceTime.

2. Change your DNS setting to Google's Public DNS i.e. or and try signing in to FaceTime again.

6. Can't connect to a person on FaceTime

The most probable cause of not being able to connect to another person on FaceTime is accidently adding them to your blocked list.


Go to Settings -> FaceTime -> Blocked and check if the desired contact appears in the blocked list. If so, unblock them by tapping the red icon right next to their name.

7. Not being able to receive iMessages on iPhone 6

Everything seems okay but you're still unable to receive iMessages on your iPhone 6? Well, this may have been caused due to a faulty network setting which can easily be dealt with using the method explained ahead.


Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Setting and let the iPhone do its thing. Once it restarts and you connect to a network, you'll be able to receive iMessages normally.

8. FaceTime not working on iPhone 6

If you're still having issues with FaceTime on your iPhone 6, it is about time you did an in depth examination of the problem.


1. Turn off FaceTime and switch to Airplane Mode.

2. Now turn on the Wi-Fi and turn on FaceTime as well.

3. Disable Airplane mode now, if prompted for Apple Id, provide it and shortly FaceTime will begin working on your iPhone 6.

9. Ported Carrier FaceTime issues

Switching carriers on an iPhone can also sometimes result in problems with FaceTime working. If such a case occurs, contact your carrier and inform them of the problem. In most of the cases, changing the sim card solves the problem very easily.

10. FaceTime does not work in my country

Some countries like Saudi Arabia do not have FaceTime for iPhone users. If you are in any such country, you might need to look for some alternatives as in most of the cases, the iPhones supplied to such regions also do not have the FaceTime app installed in them.

11. Missing FaceTime app

FaceTime is not available all across the globe therefore, the FaceTime app does not come preinstalled in all iOS devices. Therefore, if FaceTime is not available in your country, you will not have a preinstalled FaceTime app. Unfortunately, there are no work around to this problem and all that users can do is check their device's origin of purchase to see if they'll be having the FaceTime app or not.

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