Your First Choice: The Best 3 File Sharing Apps on iPhone

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Apple did not skimp out on providing its users with incredible features and usability. Using file-sharing apps for iPhones from one iOS device to another is quick and only takes a few steps. However, apart from the file transfer service provided by Apple, there are also other exccelent options available.

In this article, you’ll learn how to transfer using cloud-based services and a dedicated program to migrate all your files from one device to another. If you’re curious about how to start, here are three iOS file-sharing apps available in 2023 that support file sharing quickly and comfortably.

Part 1: The Best iPhone-to-iPhone File-Sharing App

Developed in 2011 by Apple, iCloud is essentially the ultimate file-sharing app for iPhone,available today. The cloud service enables users to store, access, and sync data across iOS devices, so your data is always up to date. iCloud is the predecessor of MobileMe, a discontinued subscription-based software offered by Apple.

Today, this iOS file-sharing app is used by millions of iPhone users worldwide to keep personal information safe, up-to-date, and available wherever you are.

icloud file sharing app

Key Features

Here are some of iCloud’s key features.

  • File Storage and Device Backups

iCloud’s free version allows you to have up to 5GB of storage for your data. You can automatically keep important information here, such as photos, files, backups, etc. If 5GB is too small, you can upgrade to iCloud+ to increase it to 2 TB at any time. You can restore your data if you lose your device or get a new one anytime via iCloud backup.

  • iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive allows you to store non-app-related files in the cloud, similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can upload, delete, or transfer files or folders within iCloud Drive, and it will automatically sync across all your other iCloud Drive-enabled devices.

  • iCloud+

Introduced with iOS 15, iCloud+ is an optional subscription plan with many additional features not present on iCloud. These features include Private Relay, Hide My Email, Custom Email Domain, and HomeKit Secure Video.

  • iCloud Family Sharing

Lastly, iCloud Family Sharing gives all of your family members the benefits of iCloud+, including sharing the pool of iCloud storage. This feature allows you to share all of your App Store and iTunes purchases and Apple’s subscription services, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Fitness. Compatible third-party apps can be shared across iCloud Family Sharing members as well.

iCloud Pros and Cons

Here are iCloud’s pros and cons if it’s set as your primary file-sharing app for iPhone.


  • iCloud provides you the easiest time to access all your storage from iPhone, MacBook, or every other Apple device during file recovery.
  • iCloud storage gets automatically synced across all your devices while being secured through layers of encryption for security.
  • iCloud+ has unique features you can’t get on other iOS file-sharing apps.


  • Your iCloud storage requires persistent internet connectivity to be accessible.
  • Large files usually take a long while to recover as this file transfer app for iPhoneis highly dependent on an internet connection.

Part 2: First-Choice App for iPhone to Android File Transfer

If you’re migrating to Android meanwhile, then SHAREit is the go-to file-sharing app for iPhone to Android to check out. SHAREit is a peer-to-peer file-sharing app developed by Lenovo before its ownership was transferred to Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd.

The app lets you clean your phone to free up storage and even acts as an iOS file-sharing app if needed. It’s easy to use, works on almost all major smartphones, and is entirely free.

shareit file sharing app

Key Features

Here are some key features of SHAREit you can immediately take advantage of when using it as a file-sharing app for iPhone.

  • Cross-Platform Transferring

SHAREit can transfer all types of files from iPhone to Android and Windows PC without any size limitations across all your devices. You can transfer apps, games, photos, movies, videos, and other types of files in just a few taps.

  • File Manager

SHAREit is equipped with an intuitive File Manager to let you manage your storage by transferring files or deleting unnecessary ones. The file explorer and manager give you a birds-eye view of all your files and apps on your phone at a glance.

  • Phone Cleaner

SHAREit is fitted with a built-in file cleaner and speed booster to clean the cache and free up space from your device.

  • Transfer Game Apps

SHAREit’s one-click transmission feature allows you to easily jump in on the action as it lets you transfer large game apps without downloading the game cache file.

SHAREit Pros and Cons

Here are SHAREit’s pros and cons as your file transfer app for iPhone.


  • It has a completely free version that can transfer your data wirelessly between different smartphones.
  • You can access other entertainment features to watch movies or listen to music without needing another app.
  • There’s no data limit when transferring files; transferring is generally faster than Bluetooth.


  • The free version has a lot of unwanted ads and pop-ups.
  • The process of connecting both devices can be complicated when compared to other iOS file-sharing apps.

Part 3: The Best File Transfer App for iPhone to PC

Lastly, if you’re looking for the best file transfer app for iPhone to PC, look no further, as Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager is the best tool for the job. Dr.Fone - Phone Manager is one of the top iOS and Android solutions for file sharing on Windows PC and Mac platforms without performing any complicated steps.

Aside from being one of the most recommended iOS file-sharing apps, it can also solve all kinds of scenarios. Dr.Fone - Phone Manager can fix system breakdowns, data loss, screen unlocks, data recovery, and more.

dr.fone phone manager file sharing app

Key Features

Here’s an in-depth look at Dr.Fone - Phone Manager’s key features.

  • Phone Transfer

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager can quickly transfer phone data from one device to another. You can transfer from iOS to Android or vice versa in just a couple of clicks in a few minutes.

  • Data Recovery

Suppose you suddenly lose your data due to accidental deletion, system crash, water damage, or other issues. In that case, you can use the Data Recovery feature of the phone manager to recover it.

  • Bypass iTunes

You can still transfer data between your iPhone, computer, and other iOS devices without iTunes access.

  • Supports the latest iOS

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager fully supports iOS 16 and all iOS devices, giving you no limitations on sharing data.

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager Pros and Cons

Here are Dr.Fone - Phone Manager’s pros and cons if you choose it as your primary file transfer app for iPhone to PC.


  • The user interface looks very clean and professionally made. It’s straightforward to use as well, even for beginners.
  • It has a comprehensive list of toolkits depending on your need making it an all-in-one solution for all your smartphone needs.
  • Backing up data on the app is quick and easy to do. You can seamlessly manage all your data for iOS and Android devices for transferring files.


  • The many toolkits can be overwhelming for first-time users as there are simply a lot of options you can do with the app.
  • Data recovery can be a hit-and-miss and will sometimes require multiple retries.
safe Downloadsafe & secure

Final words

Regarding iOS file-sharing apps, iCloud is the cherry on top, as nothing beats Apple’s built-in cloud service for securing your iPhone’s data. On the other hand, SHAREit is used worldwide for iPhone to Android file transfers simply because of its convenience and ease of use. Each app has its pros and cons, but the good generally outweighs the bad, which is why they’re still the apps many people rely on.

Meanwhile, if you’re serious about keeping your information secure, you should consider Dr.Fone - Phone Manager.

The tool allows you to back up files on iOS and Android so you can quickly transfer them on any platform. If backing up is too late, Dr.Fone, fortunately, has a data recovery tool that allows you to recover lost data even if you accidentally deleted it. The function makes Dr.Fone - Phone Manager one of the best apps to keep your smartphone and information safe today.

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