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Four Tips for iPhone Calendar Syncing and Not Syncing

James Davis

Jan 11, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

Syncing iPhone calendar to different email services is a basic function of iPhone. It keeps users up to date. We can solve the problem easily when it comes to iPhone calendar not syncing. To sync calendar to iPhone, the user needs no external installation. Even if the calendar doesn't sync with iPhone, users can fix the issue in seconds. If the users is wondering how to sync iPhone calendar, this article is recommended. How to sync calendar with iPhone can be implemented easily. There are different exchanges for calendar sync and the choice depends upon the user. If users come up with "iPhone Calendar Not Syncing" problem, the following tips will be helpful.

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Part 1. How to Sync Calendar to iPhone

As explained in the beginning, users can sync with different exchange services, so which one is the best? The mostly used exchange is that of the Apple’s own. It allows the users to get rid of the general issues with other exchanges. The best thing is that the user can sync iPhone calendar without any extra effort. All the process is carried out in the background. Apple support also helps users when they meet with the iPhone not syncing calendar problem. How to sync calendar to iPhone will be explained step by step in the following tutorial so that the users can make it clear in every detail.

Step 1. To sync calendar to iPhone, users first of all need to access to iCloud app. Tap Settings > iCloud to start.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID to sign in.

Step 3. Users need to toggle Calendars on. Most of iCloud services keep Calendars turning on by default. It will ensure that the calendars sync with iPhone.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Tap Settings Sync iPhone Calendar - Enter iCloud Sync iPhone Calendar - Turn on Calendars in iCloud

Part 2. How to Sync iPhone Calendar with iPad

Most people use more than one iOS device. For these users, it's important to sync same calendars on their devices. it doesn't only make the devices synchronized but also help users to update the information in the first time. To sync iPhone calendar with iPad the users only need to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Access to iCloud app on both iPhone and iPad.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Go to iCloud on iPhone and iPad

Step 2. Choose Calendars and turn it on both devices.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Turn on Calendars

Step 3. Launch iCal on both devices.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Turn on iCal on both devices

Step 4. Under the edit menu the user can sync iPhone calendars with iPad, and the calendar events will be synced automatically.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Finish syncing iPhone calendars with iPad

Part 3. Sync Hotmail Calendar with iPhone

Hotmail is an exchange service being used all over the world. Users can configure it easily on iPhone. Syncing iPhone calendars with Hotmail is quite easy. The guide below shows users how to sync iPhone calendars with Hotmail.

Step 1. The user needs to set up the email service on iPhone. Select Microsoft Exchange to start.

Step 2. Enter the information when the window pops up.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Set up Hotmail on iPhone Sync iPhone Calendar - Enter Hotmail Information

Step 3. In the server column users need to enter m.hotmail.com to sync the account. The email address will be verified once again:

Step 4. iPhone will ask the user which kind of data they want to sync. Turn on Calendars and tap Save button to finish syncing iPhone calednars with Hotmail.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Enter Hotmail server Sync iPhone Calendar - Finish syncing iPhone calendars with Hotmail

Part 4. Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone

Most of the iPhone users often face with this problem - They are not able to sync the calendar app. Many situations could lead to this issue, and users can search for solutions on the Internet. Users can follow the steps below when their Calendars app is not syncing with iPhone. Gmail is used as an example in the following guide.

Step 1. Tap Settings > Mail, Calendars, Contacts > Gmail, and check whether the button beside Calendars is turned on.

Step 2. Tap Fetch New Data.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Check Gmail Calendar in Settings Sync iPhone Calendar - Fetch New Data

Step 3. Tap Gmail.

Step 4. Tap Fetch to finish syncing Gmail Calendars with iPhone.

Sync iPhone Calendar - Tap Gmail in Fetch New Data Sync iPhone Calendar - Tap Fetch

Note: It is to be noted that the user can set intervals to fetch data from the server. iPhone will then fetch data for the users based on the intervals.

The methods mentioned above are all easy to be done but vey helpful. Moreover, users have no exernal installation to finish syncing iPhone calendars. The user can use the built-in technologies of iPhone to solve the "iPhone Calendar Not Syncing" problem.

If this guide helps, don't forget to share it with your friends.

James Davis

staff Editor

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