A Comprehensive Guide on the HEIC File Format

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You might have seen one more change in the new iOS versions - the new photo and video format, i.e., the HEIC file format. Unfortunately, this transition to a new format implies that you will experience a few issues moving pictures to your Windows PC. The most significant problem is that your PC doesn't support the HEIC file type.

A short form for "High-Efficiency-Image-Coding," a HEIC file is something beyond a format. It is a holder for either a solitary image or a list of images from Apple. Therefore, this article will answer all your queries regarding the HEIC image format and its uses.

heic applie

Part 1: What is the HEIC File?

HEIC is otherwise called High-Efficiency File Format. However, a file format is used to store photos in minimal sizes, with higher quality than the famous JPEG formats.

This file format was presented by Apple in 2017 with iOS 11 to lessen the volume of images taken on iOS phones and tablets. It was created by MPEG, a company that cooperates with Apple for various file formats. Furthermore, from that point forward, Macintosh has made HEIC the default image format for all iPhones and iPads.


HEIC Application Scenarios

HEIC is becoming increasingly popular for all generations and all kinds of work or amusement situations. Let's check some basic cases when HEIC images play an important role.

Photoshoots, action capture, animation creation, and live photos are all possible thanks to the HEIC file format. Moreover, Photoshop and GIMP can also open a HEIC file, giving you plenty of choices if you are a photographer.

HEIC Extensions

All HEIC files utilize the .heic, .heics, and .heif file extensions.

They mainly contain packed information and image metadata. Yet, the main disadvantage appended to the HEIC file is that it could be more supportive with different phones and tablets aside from Apple.


  • Features like live photos on iPhone are just conceivable due to the HEIC format.
  • It is helpful for software that requires a non-destructive image format.
  • It possesses smaller storage as compared with JPG and delivers high-quality images.

HEIC Cons:

  • It does not support all devices.
  • It is not supportive of well-known internet browsers and virtual entertainment platforms. Only a handful of web browsers support the HEIC file format.

Part 2: How Does the HEIC Compression work?


HEIC utilizes a compression algorithm that was first produced for the video. High-efficiency video coding compresses each video from 4×4 pixels to 32×32 pixels. This compression highly affects the visual fidelity of the image, giving more detail where it is generally required.

heic compression


HEVC utilizes variable pixel block sizes for more efficiency. When used to compress video, HEVC likewise utilizes other techniques not to bring much change into the frames. This permits video to be smaller in size than a photo. However, HEVC is exceptionally good at loading pictures and is more productive than most image formats.


Storage Saving of HEIC

HEIC is two times as effective as JPEG. That implies it holds comparable visual fidelity at different quality levels compared to JPEG while requiring half as much space. For example, an image saved as a 4-megabyte HEIC file will require 8 megabytes to look as great while utilizing JPEG.

storage saving

While 4 megabytes is unimportant, it can pile up to gigabytes in a library of thousands of photos. In addition, files will move quickly with HEIC format.

Part 3: How to Convert HEIC Format to JPG?

Dr.Fone-Phone Manager

You can see HEIC files in Microsft Photos Application with the assistance of HEIF extensions. Yet, if you have Windows 7 or older variants, there is no solution for you to see HEIC images. You should convert HEIC files to other generally used formats like JPG first.

Dr.Fone-Phone Manager is one of the most dependable apparatuses to convert HEIC to JPG. It permits clients to convert HEIC to JPG in groups without compromising quality.

Furthermore, it allows you to move converted photos from a PC straightforwardly to any cell phone in only a couple of snaps. Just download the software from their website and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Launch Dr.Fone-Phone Manager (iOS) on your system. Then, whenever you wish to convert HEIC to JPG, select the "Phone Manager" at the main interface.

drfone phone manager

Step 2. You need a connection between your phone and PC so Dr.Fone can detect the data.

Step 3. The application will review the phone for other functions quickly. Please go for the "Photos" part.

click photos tab

Step 4. We created a place to visualize the photos directly.

Step 5. To convert HEIC images, choose them now.

Step 6. At this step, it's time to export them.

export to system

Step 7. Finally, when you decide where to put these photos. Dr.Fone will help you to convert HEIC photos to JPG fast. And you don't have to manipulate your device or software. It's an automatic process.

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HEIC Online Converter

There are many options accessible online for converting one file type to another. Some even permit you to change it before saving it in another format. However, we recommend Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter for the best results.

It is an online converter to develop JPEG formats from the HEIC file types. It has a very straightforward and quick method, supporting the batch conversion of images. Additionally, it is safe because of its high-quality protective features.

heic online converter

You should transfer the HEIC image and pick JPG as the favored conversion format. Then, when the change is finished, you can download the file(s).

Part 4: FAQs

  1. What are the differences between HEIC, JPEG, and PNG?

The HEIC image format is newer than JPEG and PNG. Also, it is more refined and smaller than the typical image formats. Therefore, this section will discuss the visible differences between these formats.

Full Name High-Efficiency Image Container Joint Photographic Expert Group Portable Network Graphics
Image Quality Best quality among its peers. Depends upon its percentage. The higher it is, the better the quality of that picture will be. Has lossless compression
Supported Operation System Apple iOS and newer All phone models and versions of internet browsers. Nearly every built-in app, browser, and operating system can support PNG.
File Size Smaller than JPEG and PNG for the same images. Can have a maximum size of 65535x65535 pixels. An image with 260 colors will be around 250 bytes.
File Extension .heic/.heif .jpg/.jpeg/.jfif .png
  1. How can I take JPG photos with iPhone?

Fortunately, if managing HEIC images turn out to be an over-the-top issue, you can have your iPhone camera quit taking them in HEIC format. You can do so by altering some settings on your iDevice. Once done, the setting will apply to your newly taken images. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open Settings from the main menu.
  • Click on the Camera option and find the Formats menu here.
  • Select the most compatible option to turn off the High-Efficiency mode. You are good to go when done, and all your new images will be taken in JPEG format.

save as jpeg

  1. How to send JPG photos from iPhone?

Another choice you have is to continue sharing your pictures as JPGs. This will let you save photos as HEIC images on your iPhone and will save you a ton of data. Here is how you can convert HEIC to JPG when you share it from your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app and click on the "Photos" tab.
  • Look down to the Transfer to Macintosh or PC area.
  • Pick Automatic.

send as jpeg

The Bottom Line

HEIC files have been around for a long time and became too famous when Apple made HEIC format the default for each iPhone. While having an Apple phone, HEIC file types can be used without stress.

However, if you wish to upload these pictures to a browser or transfer it to another device, you may face an issue. Therefore, an expert conversion tool like Dr.Fone-Phone Manager can come in handy. So, download it immediately to convert your HEIC images to JPEG.

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