Dr.Fone User Guide for Dr.Fone Basic

Learn how to use Dr.Fone to manage, backup, and mirror your mobile devices on the computer. Download the latest version of Dr.Fone and get started now.

How To Use Phone Companion in Dr.Fone?

It is considered optimal to have a system that connects your computer to your phone. Where file transfer is considered strenuous with other methods, Dr.Fone Basic makes it easy with its Phone Companion functionality. This guide provides an overview of how these features can be adapted for efficient computer and mobile compatibility.

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Note: To utilize the Phone Companion feature on Dr.Fone, it is important to have Dr.Fone Link installed on the mobile device.
mobile clean app for ios
mobile clean app qrcode for ios
qrcode for android
drfone app qrcode for android

Part 1. Phone Companion on iOS

Phone Companion by Dr.Fone makes the interaction between computer and mobile easier. While you can send essential files between devices through it, it saves you from long drills. To know how it can be used for your iPhone, follow the steps shown below:

Step 1 Open Dr.Fone and Phone Companion for iOS

Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and proceed to the Phone Companion section from the left panel of the window. Considering you have previously connected your iPhone with Dr.Fone, it will be displayed in the list. For starters, you have to download Dr.Fone Link on your iPhone. Use the QR Code displayed on the screen to lead to installing Dr.Fone Link.

install dr.fone link app

mobile clean app for ios
mobile clean app qrcode for ios
Step 2 Open Dr.Fone Link on iPhone

Once it is installed, open Dr.Fone Link on your iPhone. The computer will show a prompt of unsuccessful connection until the user does not connect their iPhone with the computer using a cabled connection.

establish the connection

Step 3 Provide Permissions on iDevice

Ensure that all appropriate permissions have been given to Dr.Fone Link for operating within the iPhone. Once done, click Next to proceed further.

press the next button

Step 4 Continue to Successful Connection

The following window will display the Phone Companion feature that appears after the successful connection of the iPhone with the computer.

 phone companion feature displayed

Step 5 Access Phone Companion on iDevice

As you tap and proceed to the next screen on your iPhone, this resembles a chatting platform where you can type a message and attach files.

access the phone companion feature

Step 6 Open Phone Companion on Computer

Once the connection is established, the Phone Companion feature on the computer also gets active. You can send messages and attach files through the computer as well.

use phone companion on desktop

Step 7 Communicate from Computer

Send messages and share photos, documents, and videos through the Phone Companion channel. Click the Pin button in the message box and select the appropriate file type you wish to send. Continue to browse the file and attach it to the message. Click the Send icon to send the message.

send the files as attachment

Step 8 Communicate from iDevice

Similarly, on your iPhone, select the Pin icon on the message box at the bottom and attach any video, document, or photo, as appropriate. Tap the Send icon to share it within the chat box.

send files through iphone

Part 2. Phone Companion on Android

Like in iPhone devices, you can also utilize the Phone Companion feature for your Android devices. To know how it can be executed efficiently, look through the provided steps below:

Step 1 Launch Phone Companion for Android and Download Dr.Fone Link

As you launch Dr.Fone and proceed to the Phone Companion section in the left panel, you will have to connect your Android to the computer through Dr.Fone Link. Before that, you have to install it on your Android, which can be done by scanning the QR code on the screen. As the app downloads, a prompt will appear on your computer's screen, asking you to complete the authorization.

complete the dr.fone link authorization

qrcode for android
drfone app qrcode for android
Step 2 Provide Permission Access

Provide access to Dr.Fone Link on your Android device by allowing the permissions.

give access to dr.fone link

Step 3 Feature Permission for Accessing Smartphone Files

For Files Permission, when you tap Allow, it leads to another window where you have to turn on the toggle against Dr.Fone Link.

enable the dr.fone link option

Step 4 Launch Phone Companion on Android

The device successfully connects with the computer through Dr.Fone Link. You can select Phone Companion on your Android to lead to a chat-like interface.

proceed with phone companion feature

Step 5 Observe Phone Companion on Computer

The interface on your computer also clears out, and you can now interact with the Android through the chat box. You can also set up notifications by selecting the Set up on your phone button. You can send or receive SMS from your computer or tablet. Messages will stay in sync with your Android phone's SMS box.

 choose set up on your phone

Step 6 Contact Through Computer

Communicate on your computer with the phone by sending messages and files. Click the Pin button to send documents, photos, and videos across the chat box.

 send the file through computer

Step 7 Contact Through Smartphone

You can also send documents, photos, and videos from your Android within the Phone Companion system. Select the Pin button to send the files easily.

send files through android


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Solution center on YouTube

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