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How To Transfer Files to Your Device Quickly With Dr.Fone?

Do you have some files that you want to instantly transfer to your device? Instead of going through places and finding and moving the files to your phone, you can do it in no time with Dr.Fone. The platform provides some great functionalities, including the ability to transfer files to the phone quickly. Find out how it is done with Dr.Fone's intuitive interface below.

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Note: The process supports transferring files such as photos, videos, audio, documents, and other generic file formats. Furthermore, you can have the process executed on Windows or Mac without any hindrance.

How To Perform Quick Transfer From Computer to iOS?

Step 1 Start Quick Transfer After Connecting iOS

Open Wondershare Dr.Fone and connect your iOS device to the computer. As it is detected by the platform, proceed to select the Quick Transfer button at the bottom of the home screen.

connect ios to transfer

* Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of Dr.Fone function. We will update it as soon as possible.

Step 2 Import Files To Transfer

A new window opens where you can click the Select Files button to import the files that are to be transferred to the phone. You can also drag and drop the files to perform quick operations.

select files to transfer ios

Step 3 Select Target App

Once done, Dr.Fone might show the option of selecting a target application where you want to store the specific data type. Select to proceed toward the execution of the process.

Note: IOS users can drag files to Photos, Contacts, Music, Videos, Podcasts, Books, Ringtones, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, Adobe Acrobat, Documents, VLC, and Dr.Fone Link.

select the transfer app to execute

Step 4 View the Progress of Transferred Data

The next window shows the completion of the process with a progress bar. Click the Cancel button to close down the process if needed.

view ios transfer progress

Step 5 Complete the Transfer and View the Location

Once done, the screen prompts over the completion of the process with a small indication. To check out where the data is stored, navigate to the “i" icon to open a pop-up showing the location of the transferred data.

conclude ios transfer

Part 2. How To Perform Quick Transfer From Computer to Android?

Step 1 Connect Android and Start Quick Transfer

You will have to connect your Android device with a USB cable to the computer. Proceed to select the Quick Transfer button after the successful detection of the device.

connect android to transfer

Step 2 Import Data To Transfer

Proceed to drag and drop the files that you want to transfer. You can also click the Select Files button to import them into the platform.

import android data to transfer

Step 3 Select Dr.Fone Link

With it done, select Dr.Fone Link, where the files will be stored on your device.

Note: Android users can only drag files to Dr.Fone Link.

add to Dr.Fone link

Step 4 Successfully Transfer Data to Android

The platform automatically transfers all selected data to the Android using Dr.Fone Link. Once it is done, you can navigate to the “i" icon to find out the location of the transferred data in the Android.

transfer data to android


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