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How To Transfer Media Data From iOS/Android Device to iTunes?

iTunes has been a great source of keeping important media of iOS devices for a long time. Although it has been kept out of the front ranks in recent years, much can still be done there. This guide will discover how to transfer media data from iOS to iTunes along with Android.

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Note: The process of transferring media data from iOS to iTunes includes the transfer of multiple file formats. It includes music, playlists, podcasts, movies, TV shows, music videos, audiobooks, and home videos. For Android, it preserves the music and playlists from the device.

Part 1. Transfer Media Data From iOS to iTunes

If you seek to transfer media data from iOS to iTunes with Dr.Fone iTunes Library feature, this guide will be pretty helpful for you. Find out how Dr.Fone helps in executing this task.

Step 1 Proceed to iTunes Library Option

Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and ensure it is connected to your iPhone through a Wireless or USB connection. Proceed to open the section of your iPhone from the left panel. Select the option of iTunes Library from the available list on the homepage.

choose the itunes library tool

* Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of Dr.Fone function. We will update it as soon as possible.

Step 2 Select Appropriate Operation for iTunes

As a new window pops up, you have to select an appropriate function for iTunes Library. Select Rebuild iTunes Library as you are seeking to transfer media from iOS to iTunes.

select rebuild itunes library option

Step 3 Initiate the Process

The next window leads to the initiation of the process. Click Start to initiate copying data from the iPhone to iTunes.

press the start button

Step 4 Select File Types and Proceed

As the scanning of the iOS device concludes, the list of supported file types is displayed in the next window. Checkmark the data you wish to transfer and tap Transfer to proceed.

tap on the transfer button

Step 5 Observe Completion of Transfer

The next window starts displaying the progress bar of the process. Wait for a few moments until the selected data is transferred from the iOS device to iTunes. If you wish to cancel, choose Cancel to stop the process.

copying files to itunes

Step 6 Verify Successful Transfer of Data

The following prompt window shows the completion of the process. Click OK to conclude the entire process.

itunes library rebuild completed

Part 2. Transfer Media Data From Android to iTunes

With Dr.Fone – iTunes Library, transferring media data from Android to iTunes is possible. It covers the entire complex process in a few steps, which are explained as follows.

Step 1 Connect Android and Reach Out iTunes Library

As you open Dr.Fone on your computer, ensure that your Android device is connected to the computer. You can either connect it through a USB cable or a wireless connection. Continue to select the iTunes Library option after selecting the Android device from the left panel.

proceed with itunes library

Step 2 Select Rebuild iTunes Option

A window pops up where you have to select the option of Rebuild iTunes Library since you have to transfer data from Android to iTunes.

 tap on rebuild itunes library

Step 3 Start Transfer of Data

You will be led to another screen where you must tap Start to initiate the process.

 click on start button

Step 4 Select All File Types That Needs to Be Transferred

All the data that can be transferred through this process is displayed on the next screen. Select the checkmarks and continue to tap on Transfer.

 choose the transfer option

Step 5 Let the Transfer Complete

A new prompt window appears, showing the progress of the media data transfer.

 transferring data to itunes

Step 6 Conclude the iTunes Rebuilding Process

Once the process concludes, the prompt shows a clear message and you can click OK to end the transfer.

 itunes library rebuild process completed


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Solution center on YouTube

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