Dr.Fone User Guide for Dr.Fone Basic

Learn how to use Dr.Fone to manage, backup, and mirror your mobile devices on the computer. Download the latest version of Dr.Fone and get started now.

How To Install and Activate Dr.Fone?

Wondershare Dr.Fone is an intuitive and powerful tool designed to efficiently manage both iOS and Android devices. With its user-friendly interface, users can conveniently manage, backup, and mirror their mobile devices on their computer. This software also offers versatile solutions for transferring data between devices, unlocking locked screens, resolving common phone-related issues, recovering deleted or lost data, and more.

The software is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to manage their mobile data. Overall, Wondershare Dr.Fone is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to ensure the safety and security of their mobile data.

The download and installation of Dr.Fone for Windows and Mac are simple and easy. Get the simple steps here.

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Part 1: How to Install and Activate Dr.Fone on Windows PC?

Follow the instructions below to Install Dr.Fone on a Windows Computer:

Step 1Download Dr.Fone for Windows

On your browser, open Dr.Fone official site and click Download Now or Try for Free to download Dr.Fone. OR click the button below to download it.

System requirement: Requires Windows 7 or newer.
Step 2Install the Dr.Fone Downloaded File

Once it's downloaded, you can find the downloaded file among in the Downloads list on your browser. Just click on the downloaded file.

download drfone

Then, on the prompt window, click the Install button to start installing Dr.Fone on your computer. On this window, you can check the Privacy Policy and End-user License Agreement. Besides that, you can also click Customize Install to customize the program language and installation path.

start installing Dr.Fone

Then the installing process starts. Depending on your network condition, it will take a few seconds or minutes.

Dr.Fone installing process

Once it's finished, click Start Now to open Dr.Fone.

open Dr.Fone

Step 3Register Wondershare Dr.Fone Account

On Dr.Fone home screen, click the Login button in the top-right corner. A Login window will pop up, and you can log in with your Wondershare ID account to activate it.

Dr.Fone sign in or register

Part 2. How to Install and Activate Dr.Fone on Mac?

Step 1Download Dr.Fone for Mac

On your browser, visit https://drfone.wondershare.com/ to download the newest Dr.Fone Version. OR click the button below to download it.

System requirement: Requires Mac OS X 10.8 & higher.
Step 2Install the Dr.Fone Downloaded File

After you've downloaded Dr.Fone on your browser, click on the downloaded file to open it.

install Dr.Fone on mac

Once it's installed, it will have another window asking you if you want to open Dr.Fone. Click Open.

install Dr.Fone on mac

Next, proceed to install Dr.Fone on your Mac computer by clicking the Install button on the prompt window. Take a moment to review the Privacy Policy and End-user License Agreement on this window.

start installing Dr.Fone

The installation process commences, and the duration will vary based on your network status, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes.

Dr.Fone installing process

Step 3Register Wondershare Dr.Fone Account

Open Dr.Fone, and click the Login button in the top-right corner. On the pop-up window, enter your licensed email or the registration code you received to activate Dr.Fone full version.

register Dr.Fone on mac


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