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How To Use Screen Mirror on Android With Dr.Fone?

The need of screen mirroring has become a major necessity for all types of professions. From students to people in the office, there come multiple instances when you have to show something important. Instead of hovering over your phone, the best solution exists in mirroring the screen. Find out how Dr.Fone helps you to mirror Android to PC wireless & cable.

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Part 1: Connect Android Device with Wi-Fi

Step 1 Install Dr.Fone Link

Before you get started with the process, install Dr.Fone Link to ensure your connection.

qrcode for android
drfone app qrcode for android
Step 2 Access Screen Mirror Function on Dr.Fone

Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone and continue to the My Device > Wireless navigation. Make sure to connect your Android device to Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code, which will either install Dr.Fone Link on your Android or establish a connection.

Once done, navigate the Screen Mirror section on the left panel. Here, you are advised to scan the QR code for mirroring the Android to the computer. Keep both devices connected to the same network for a successful mirroring connection.

mirror device successfully

* Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of Dr.Fone function. We will update it as soon as possible.

Step 3 Mirror Android to PC Successfully

As the device is mirrored to the platform, you can always disconnect the entire process by navigating to the End Mirroring button on Dr.Fone’s platform.

mirror device successfully

Step 4 Scan the QR Code on the Phone to Establish a Wireless Connection

Similarly, when you are trying to establish a screen mirroring connection on Android, you will be present on a screen where you have to tap on the Scan QR code button on the top right. Redirect to scan the QR code and establish a successful connection.

scan qr code for mirroring

Step 5 Receive Prompt on Android for Connection

Once the device is mirrored successfully, a dedicated wireless mirroring service associated with Dr.Fone, a button showing Screen Mirroring is in progress will be present on your Android screen.

device mirrored successfully

Step 6 Use the Mirrored Android Screen on Dr.Fone

Conversely, on your computer’s screen, find the mirrored screen of your Android. Here, you can turn on the Speaker, change orientation with the Rotate button, take a snapshot of the screen with the Screenshot button, and end the entire process with the Disconnect button. Make the perfect use of your Android screen by mirroring it through such services.

use mirrored android on pc

Part 2: Connect with USB Cable

Step 1 Install Dr.Fone Link

Before you get started with the process, install Dr.Fone Link to ensure your connection.

Note: If you have not installed Dr.Fone Link, a checklist will appear on your phone once you connect your device with the cable, simply tick the Dr.Fone Link choice, and this app will be installed automatically.

qrcode for android
drfone app qrcode for android
Step 2 Connect Android with Cable and Start Mirroring

Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer after successfully downloading the platform. As you launch it, continue to connect your Android to the computer through a USB cable. On a successful recognition of your Android device, continue to Screen Mirror in the left panel to open a new screen.

You will have to select your Android in the arrowhead present in line with Mirror your Device to computer. Once you have selected your Android, click Screen Mirror to continue with the process.

start cabled mirroring

Step 3 Successfully Mirror Android to PC

A progress bar comes on display, showing the establishment of the connection. Once the device is mirrored to the PC, you can continue with the other process. However, to end it, look for the End Mirroring button on the platform and click on it.

mirror android device with the cable

Step 4Operations of Dr.Fone Link on Android

On your Android, you will be automatically led to the Dr.Fone Link screen showing the successful collaboration with your PC.

dr.fone link on android

Step 5View Mirrored Screen on the PC

The screen of your Android automatically appears on the computer, with a complete system of controlling, recording, and managing it.

use android mirrored screen

Record Android on PC

To record your Android device on a PC, look for the Recording button on the mirrored screen. As you click the button, it starts to Record Android on your PC. Click the button again to conclude the recording and save it successfully on your computer.

record mirrored android screen

Take a Screenshot on a PC

If you wish to take a screenshot on your PC, navigate to the Screenshot button on the right panel of the mirrored Android screen. It will take a screenshot on a PC of your Android device and save it directly to the computer.

take a screenshot of mirrored screen

Control Android on PC

Dr.Fone allows you to control the entire screen of your Android on the PC with its effective screen mirroring service. To control Android on a PC, you can perform the process with your keyboard and mouse. To navigate through screens, you can utilize your mouse. Type in messages and other important things with the help of your keyboard on your PC.

control android on pc


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Solution center on YouTube

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