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How to Fix iTunes Won't Update/Install Due to Windows Installer Package Problem?

If you relate to this problem then you have certainly reached the right place as in this Article we will give you the insight of how this issue can be solved easily. This fault mostly arises while installing iTunes 12.3. Also, we can’t get much information through this fault description as it is a pretty short description. However, there nothing to stress, as this Article will guide you through the complete process involving the causes and the possible solutions to overcome this error so that you can easily install or update your iTunes and start using its features.

Many people mentioned about a program which was needed for this install to avoid this issue. Each time you initiate an installation course you see a message that displays “there is a problem with this windows installer package iTunes “. A program required for this install to execute could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”

Windows installer package problem

Now, to avoid this message from keep coming up on your screen you need to try a few techniques to see if this gets fixed which we hope it will as these solutions are tested and are extremely reliable.

Part 1: Why iTunes Windows installer package problem happens?

We guess you would like to know what is it that is causing this fault if you aren’t doing anything different or wrong on your part. Normally, we can install the latest iTunes upgrade conveniently by downloading and using the installer to your PC, finding the iTunes64Setup.exe installer. However, with this latest upgrade to Windows i.e. Windows 10, many people are complaining about this particular iTunes failure. This “iTunes there is a problem with this windows installer package error” is quite annoying when you try to download and install new iTunes upgrade but continuously fail to do so.

itunes error message

This normally happens when a DLL required to execute this installation could not run due to some issue. It looks like that being a part of this installation procedure the platform is displaying faults indicating there is a problem with this package. Also, another very common reason which results in this failure is that you might be using an out-of-date copy of Apple software upgrade for windows.

Another possible reason is that you PC dos not fulfill the least requirements for Pix4Dmapper.

Its ok, If you are not familiar with some of the terms mentioned above. To simply resolve this issue just follow the below given techniques and you are good to go.

Part 2: Check Apple Software Update for Windows

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to check if your Apple software update is up-to-date as this is the basic requirement if you wish to install or upgrade your iTunes on your Windows computer.

To do this, you need to follow few steps. Firstly, navigate to your start menu and from there tap on “All Programs” and then tap Apple Software Update. Now here you can see that there is any newer edition offered to you by Apple, if Yes, it must be listed down in the available upgrades then simply choose the Apple Software Update and reject all the other options. In the case, if this Apple Upgrade option is not there under the All programs then you might need to amend the already installed Apple Software. To do this, you need to resume your PC and then navigate to “Add or Remove Programs” in the control panel, Now, by picking the Apple Software Upgrade you can right-click and then pick the option Repair to resolve this.

If this procedure executes properly you can try another iTunes for Windows upgrade. Please refer to the illustration below to have a visual representation of the procedure.

uninstall apple software update

Part 3: Reinstall iTunes

To troubleshoot this problematic situation simply track the objects below order wise, and after each step make sure to resume the PC and try the installation again. Also, prior to starting this procedure be informed that your windows are up to date. Now, Modify the contents to gain whole access to:

C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows or C:UsersAppDataLocalTemp

In this,

1) Confirm that the hidden files and folders are displayed in the Windows

2) Click and Open Windows Explorer and find the above-stated file

3) Now, the Local Properties pop-up window can be seen on the screen by right clicking the file

4) Here, choose the option Security.

5) Tap Edit and you will see that the contents of the Local pop-up window will be shown

6) Further, just choose the desired user from the list of usernames

7) Make sure that the checkbox to allow to gain overall access is initiated, else initiate it.

8) Click Ok on the contents of the Local pop-up window

Part 4: Utilise Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Utility to install iTunes

Last but not the least, this technique is extremely favorable in order to install iTunes on your PC. But prior to initiating the procedure kindly make sure that you have the upgraded Windows and patches installed. In Windows, the patches and solutions are offered through Windows Upgrade. It is recommended that you make sure if your PC has installed the newest released patches but Navigating to the Settings and then Updates & security.

To understand how the procedure flows, just keep reading:

1) To start, from the official website of Microsoft simply Download Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Utility and then install it. When this finish, click the icon twice to start this program.

check for updates

2) Tap “Next” to progress.

troubleshoot with microsoft program utility

3) Now by choosing“Uninstalling”, make a choice of the program you wish to uninstall and click “Next”. Here you will pick iTunes.

uninstall itunes

4) tick Yes and try uninstalling.

5) Then pause for the troubleshooting to execute

resolving problem

6) If the fault is resolved, you will be able to witness the notification as follow:

problem found

7)However, If the issue still persists then, in this case, we suggest contacting Apple Support for more assistance.

We believe these methods would have given some kind of help to get rid of this fault. Kindly let us know through your feedback if you were able to solve this iTunes issue with windows installer package. Also, we will keep you up to date with any more resolutions for this failure if any exist.

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