TinyUmbrella Fix Recovery: How to Exit Recovery mode on iPhone and iPad

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Most people will definitely search desperately to find ways to fix their iPhone or iPad when it cannot exit the Recovery Mode loop. It is not a major problem but it is an annoying one. Thankfully, this problem can be rectified easily without too much fuss thanks to the many recovery tools we have available in the market!

Part 1: What is Fix Recovery in TinyUmbrella?

TinyUmbrella is a hybrid of two solution tools developed by semaphore: Umbrella (save SHSH file of any iDevice so that users can downgrade to or restore an older firmware) and TinyTSS (a local server used to playback saved SHSH file during an iTunes restore). To install the software, you will need Java and iTunes---Windows-run computers will need the 32-bit version of Java no matter the OS architecture.

Fix recovery in TinyUmbrella is able to pull your iPhone or iPad out of recovery mode without deleting any data or settings. It works well for iPod Touch too.

Advantages of TinyUmbrella

  • It is a high quality and well-coded program.
  • It is easy to navigate that even a novice user can learn and apply all its functions when needed.
  • It works quickly and effectively without any hiccups.
  • Its graphical user interface design means that users will only need a few clicks to complete the process.
  • It can be used to find corrupted or incompatible apps within the iOS.
  • Disadvantages of TinyUmbrella

  • It will not work at times because Apple managed to close its security loopholes that allow users to downgrade their iOS using this solution.
  • Part 2: How to use Fix Recovery in TinyUmbrella

    It is easy to get iPhone exit recovery mode with TinyUmbrella. Here is how:

    Download and install TinyUmbrella on your Mac or Windows PC.

    tinyumbrella fix recovery

    Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your computer while it is in recovery mode.

    tinyumbrella fix recovery

    Open the program and wait for it to detect your iPhone. Once it does, the program will enable the Exit Recovery button.

    Click the Exit Recovery button that will instantly get your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode loop.

    tinyumbrella fix recovery

    Part 3: Better Alternative: Fix Recovery with Dr.Fone

    An alternative to TinyUmbrella is Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) ---a dynamic iOS and Android recovery software. It is able to do so many things from fixing software-related issues to retrieving lost data directly from your iPhone or an iTunes backup file. Considering the suite of solutions it provides and the amount you need to pay for a full version, it is a real steal!

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    Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS)

    3 steps to fix iOS issue like white screen on iPhone/iPad/iPod with no data loss!!

    • Fix with various iOS system issues like recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
    • Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
    • Works for all iOS devices. Compatible with the latest iOS 13. New icon
    Available on: Windows Mac
    3981454 people have downloaded it
    1. Run Dr.Fone application and click on System Repair.
    2. tinyumbrella fix recovery

    3. Choose "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode" to continue.
    4. tinyumbrella fix recovery

    5. You will need to download the correct firmware for your device. If you are unsure, do not worry. The software will suggest the latest firmware available for your device. Once you are happy with your selection, click the Start button. The firmware will be downloaded and installed in your device automatically. The download process may take some time.
    6. tinyumbrella fix recovery

    7. After the download is complete, click on "Fix Now" button and the software will start automatically fix your iOS to fix the recovery mode loop.
    8. tinyumbrella fix recovery

    9. Once it is done with fixing the insides of your device, it will alert you that your device will be restarted in normal mode. This should take around 10 minutes.
    10. tinyumbrella fix recovery

    Both TinyUmbrella and Wondershare Dr.Fone are high-quality software developed by two excellent developers. Both performs the necessary function effectively and without a hitch. The only difference is that what TinyUmbrella lacks in terms of the number of functions, it makes up in the simplicity of its interface. Wondershare Dr.Fone, on the other hand, has a wide range of functions that it can get a bit confusing as to which one would be the best to solve your problem. It really depends on your preferences or needs---go for TinyUmbrella if you want something minimalistic and fast, or go with Dr.Fone if you are looking for a one-stop solution for your smartphone woes.

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