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Full Guide to Fix iTunes Keeps Freezing or Crashing Issues

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Wondering whether you will be able to get the answers here to iTunes not responding problem? Just keep reading as you are about to find all the possible solutions to get rid of iTunes not responding issues by simply following easy procedures. So get a cup of hot coffee at the comfort of your couch as you start reading this article.

If your iTunes keeps freezing while downloading a movie or listening to music using your iPhone, iPad or iPod with your computer, it indicates that there’s an issue that can possibly cause harm to the other apps as well. Therefore, in order to fix your iTunes keeps crashing, we have listed the most reliable and simple solutions to make the entire process convenient. In this article, we have proposed 6 effective techniques to get rid of these errors so that you can use your iTunes once again in a normal condition.

Part 1: What might cause iTunes keeps freezing/crashing?

So, if you are wondering why your iTunes keeps crashing, then it’s simple that there is some problem with either the app, the USB or the PC that it has been connected to. If we are not wrong, you may have experienced that whenever you try to create a connection between the iPhone and your computer the iTunes stops responding and doesn’t let you progress further.

1. It could be that your USB cable is either not compatible or is not in a condition to connect. This happens with many users when they try to make a connection through their broken or damaged USB cables. Also, in this case, we suggest you use an original high-speed cable to make a suitable connection.

2. Apart from this, if you have used any third-party plug-ins, try to disable or remove them completely in order to successfully enter your iTunes

3. Moreover, sometimes the Antivirus Software that has been installed on your PC, for instance, Norton, Avast and much more can also restrict the connection leaving it in the freezing state. So you can disable the anti-virus and try if the problem is persisting.

4. Lastly, there could also be chances that the version of iTunes that is currently on your Device, needs to be updated to the latest version in order to make the connection possible.

Part 2: 5 Solutions to fix iTunes not responding or crashing issue

Given below are some really effective methods that you can use if your iTunes keeps freezing. We have also inserted the Screenshots to enable a better understanding of these techniques.

1) Upgrade the latest version of iTunes on your computer

Ok, So First things first! Make sure you are not using an Outdated iTunes software which may not be supported by the new iOS device since iOS 11/10/9/8 Upgrade. This might result in incompatibility issues while you are trying to make a connection. Keep an eye on the updates page as Apple often comes up with updates to the iTunes software. Furthermore, adding on to the software enhancement, these updated versions also includes bug and error fixes which are extremely beneficial for the iPhone users. Overall, updating iTunes could also solve this iTunes keeps crashing issue. Please refer to the illustration below to understand how to check updates.

itunes not responding-update itunes

2) Check the USB connection or change another Apple-supplied USB cable

Another solution to get rid of this issue is to check the USB cable that you are using to make the connection.This is important as an issue with the wire which doesn’t let a proper connection to take place may also result in iTunes being frozen. As mentioned before that a loose or broken USB wire can restrict the communication between the iOS device and iTunes. Not only that, you also need to see if the USB port is working alright by inserting other drivers in order to check if the problem is in the wire or the port which as well results in iTunes not working properly. linking the phone to a low-speed port, like the one on the keyboard can result in the synchronization procedure freezing. So, to fix this make sure your USB wire and Port both are up to the mark and capable of making connections.

itunes not responding-iphone usb cable

3) Uninstall the third-party conflict plugins

In this one, the user needs to understand that with the installation of third-party plugins may result in conflicts with the iTunes. In this case, iTunes will not work normally or may crash during the process. This can be verified by clicking on the “Shift-Ctrl” and alongside opening iTunes in Safe Mode. However, if the connection is not progressing then you might have to uninstall the plugins to reinstate the functions of iTunes.

4)Use anti-virus software to ensure iTunes function normally

This one is more about keeping your device secure along with making connections with other iOS devices. There could be chances of a virus on your system that is forcing iTunes to behave in an abnormal manner which is further creating issues. Removing the virus may resolve the problem. So, we strongly recommend you to download a free version or buy an Anti-virus which will help to keep your information safe along with creating secure connections with other devices. We would recommend using Avast secure me or Lookout Mobile Security as both this software are one of the best anti-virus tools.

itunes not responding-anti-virus software

5) Close the large RAM-occupied application on computer

This is the last technique but certainly not the least one. If you are wondering why my iTunes not responding then this could be the culprit as well. This happens when any application which has been installed on your PC is using too much RAM and not leaving anything for the other apps. To solve this, you need to find out that particular app and close it before you initialize the process. For instance, if your anti-virus software scanner is running a scan, you can stop it for a while before attempting to open iTunes.

All in all, we hope this article has provided enough light on the issue and now you can solve this yourself without taking anybody’s help. Also, we would like you to provide us a feedback on this article to help us make improvements in the future.

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