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Fix Cannot Connect to iTunes Store on Your iPhone/iPad

James Davis

Sep 01, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

Apple is famous for making the perfect apps and software. But, sometimes even Apple fail to keep the same standard. This same issue happened with the recent “Cannot connect to iTunes store” error. Many Apple users all the around the globe faced this issue. So, in this article, we decided to discuss the possible reasons behind this issue and suggest the ten best ways fix can't connect to iTunes store. In this article, we have also discussed “we could not complete your iTunes store request” error.

Part 1: Main Reasons Behind cannot connect to iTunes store issue on iOS devices

Whenever you face the can't connect to iTunes store error, it is mainly due to your internet connection issues (at most times due to a slow network). It can also happen if you try accessing the app store when it is getting updated. But, other than these two prime issues, there are a few other reasons too for this error. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to fix this iTunes.

1. Disable/Enable the Parental Controls on your Apple Device

This is one of the perfect methods for any iOS user. As the “we could not complete your iTunes store request” error is usually caused due to this error. Follow the steps given below:

You have to launch iTunes and go to the Preferences menu that will be located on the Top menu.

itunes preference

Then, find the “Parental Control” option. Disable the “user access” to “iTunes Store”. Now you should allow the access to iTunesU.

itunes parental control

Now, quit iTunes and relaunch it. Following this method, if you can access the iTunesU without any issues, then you should go back to Parental control menu. From there you should enable the access to iTunes store.

allow access to itunes u

Now, exit from the iTunes and re-launch it. You can now access your desired iTunes store.

2. Fix your internet connection

As we already mentioned, this issue can occur due to your data connection too. So, you have to ensure that your network is configured correctly. Follow the steps given below

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection then ensure that your Wi-Fi is within your range

Ensure that your Wi-Fi allows connection with the Net.

Try by Reset your Wi-Fi. You can do this by simply restarting the device all over again.

3. Restart your Network

The most common issues faced by any iOS user is usually related to their mobile data. So, if you too use your mobile data to access the internet, then you should give this method a try. Follow the steps given below:

Turn your mobile data off and then turn it on all over again

Ensure that your data plan is active

Try opening some other application/website just to ensure that it isn’t a problem related to your data carrier.

wifi connection

4. Switch from Mobile Network to Wi-Fi

You can term this method to be primitive and may be childish. But, you must remember that anything is acceptable, as long as it works. So, try to switch from your mobile data to your Wi-Fi, and vice versa (if you are using Wi-Fi, in the first place). To check whether this method works for you or not, follow the steps given below:

Change your internet connection source (Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa)

Quit the iTunes app (you have to close it in recent app menu)

Now you have to relaunch the iTunes store app on your Apple device.

Most probably, this should fix cannot connect to iTunes store error.

use wifi only

5. Modify the Date & Time of your Device

This method has been popular for a long time now. Many people thought that it used to work in the past, but according to the recent reports, this even works now. Follow the steps given below

You should choose Settings, select the General option and then choose the “Date & Time”

Now you have to turn “Set Automatically” to ON.

Now try to relaunch the iTunes Application

set automatically

6. Software Update

An outdated operating system can be one of the prime reasons behind this issue. Go to the settings and select “Software Update” to check your iOS edition. You also have to ensure that:

Your Mac has the latest OS installed too.

Make sure that your Safari is updated.

ios update

7. Troubleshoot your Firewall

The firewall on your PC may be the reason behind can t connect to iTunes store issue. Follow the steps given below:

Fix Firewall issue on Windows PC

You have to go to the Accessibility settings and allow iTunes access to your Internet.

You can disable the proxies if you consider them to be the real issue.

If it is not solved, you can contact your internet provider. They should enable the “ports and proxies”.

Fix Firewall issue on Mac

If you have the firewall on your Mac, it might be preventing your computer to connect to the network. So, you have to configure it accordingly.

Sometimes, your connection may be affected due to Keychain issues. Resetting it might help you to a great extent.

8. Reboot Your Device

Now let’s get to the easiest method, yet the most useful (at times). You can try rebooting your device to fix cannot connect to iTunes store issue. This will reset your connection, app store, and all other settings and might help to resolve the error. Alternatively, try to perform a simple Hard-Reset. For this:

You have to press and hold the lock button along with the home button, you have to hold them until your device screen turned blank.

Now, keep pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears. This must solve the issue.

iphone apple logo

9. Update the App Store App

An outdated iTunes Store might be the main reason for this error. So, you have to ensure that your Store app is up to date. You have to update it if necessary. Now, try to restart the iTunes store application and this will fix “we could not complete your iTunes store request” error.

app store

10. Remove and reinsert your SIM

Last but not the least, you can try to remove your SIM card and try to replace it inside your Apple Device. Although, this process will be helpful only if you use your mobile data to connect to the internet. Follow the steps given below:

Switch off your iPhone/iPad and remove the SIM card with the ejector tool that came with your iPhone.

Now replace it with the device and power your iPhone/iPad.

Turn your data connection and try to relaunch the iTunes Store.

remove iphone sim card

In this article, we discussed the top 10 methods to fix cannot connect to iTunes store issue. I hope that anyone of this method will surely help you to iTunes cant connect to iTunes store error. All the fixes have been explained in the simplest manner possible, to allow anyone understand it. Lastly, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article.

James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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