Effective Guide to Cast iPhone to MacBook without Hindrance

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In a room full of people, you won't be able to show an impressive video to everyone simultaneously. While you must put this on a big screen, general methods and techniques are never helpful. You will have to consider something better as they take too much time.

Lately, casting devices on bigger screens has become quite common. Such can be the case while casting an iPhone as a better option. For this article, we will work on two unique methods to cast iPhone to MacBook. With the help of these options, you can easily manage your iPhone screen on a bigger screen and show the respective content to everyone at the same time.

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Part 1: Cast Your iPhone to Mac via AirPlay [Best Choice]

AirPlay is the dedicated technique available to cast the iPhone onto a Mac. While this is the direct option Apple provides for its devices, it is pretty simple to cover. You need to process a few basic steps to cast to MacBook with the help of this functionality. However, there are multiple drawbacks to using AirPlay in casting devices, which shall be discussed later.

Before that, let's look into how you can cast your iPhone to Mac using AirPlay:

Step 1: To start with the process, you will have to connect the iPhone and the Mac to the same Wi-Fi network. Afterward, access the "Control Center" of your iPhone. For iPhone X and later models, you have to swipe from the top-right corner, while for iPhone 8 or earlier models, the Control Center can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Select "Screen Mirroring" from the available options and hold the particular button.

access the screen mirroring feature

Step 3: You will be led to a new screen where you must discover your Mac device and select it. For a successful connection, you might need to add the AirPlay code provided on the screen of your Mac.

choose your macbook

Supported Devices: iPhone with iOS 12.3 or later; Mac with macOS Mojave or later.


  • The process of casting devices through AirPlay is quite simple.
  • You are not required to download any application for this method.


  • You are not allowed to control your device on the Mac.

Part 2: Why Can't I AirPlay My iPhone to My MacBook?

There is a major problem with using AirPlay to connect the iPhone to the MacBook. If you cannot cast your iPhone to Mac using AirPlay, there can be multiple problems leading to this. To know more about these problems, let's look ahead to figure out which one of the issues might be causing issues for you while casting from iPhone to MacBook:

  • It is possible that the devices in use for screencasting are not compatible. For that, you must check the devices to figure out if they are compatible and supports AirPlay.
  • As the connection is established through a Wi-Fi network, you must check whether the devices are connected to the same network. In other cases, it is also possible that the Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough.
  • Your iPhone or Mac can cause issues with connectivity through AirPlay if they are not updated to the latest version.
  • It is possible that the AirPlay connectivity is hindered between iPhone and Mac due to Firewall Settings. Therefore, you will have to disable and allow some settings for that purpose.

Part 3: Cast Your iPhone to Mac with QuickTime Player

Another quick option to consider for casting your iPhone to the Mac is through QuickTime Player. This effective built-in video player offered by Apple provides multiple functionalities. Although this particular tool features various options to work with, it gives in high-quality results in the display. QuickTime Player stands to be much better than many video players in the market.

For screencasting, the tool provides a basic procedure, which will be reviewed below:

Step 1: You must connect your iPhone to the Mac through a lightning cable and proceed to launch QuickTime Player on it. Following this, select the "File" tab from the top and continue to click the "New Movie Recording" option.

create a new movie recording

Step 2: As you are led to a new screen, you must click on the "Arrow" icon adjacent to the red button for recording.

Step 3: With the options in the drop-down menu, select your iPhone to cast your device's screen onto the Mac.

select your iphone

Supported Devices: All iPhone models.


  • Casting an iPhone to a MacBook is a straightforward cover for any user.
  • You can connect any iPhone model that does not hold compatibility with a process like AirPlay.


  • To cast your iPhone to Mac, you can only execute this through a wired connection.

Part 4: Bonus: Mirror Your iPhone to Mac Using Dr.Fone Air

What if you are not satisfied with the quality and results of the above methods? In such a case, you will require something better and more intuitive that can be used to mirror your iPhone to Mac.

Wondershare Dr.Fone Air provides one of the most influential and proactive platforms to cast to MacBook. This tool features a simple interface that enables you to mirror the device in no time. Its online functionality does not hinder it from giving the best results.

Prominent Features Offered by Dr.Fone Air

Dr. Fone Air offers multiple features that make it a special one in the market. To know some of its highlighting features, look into the following:

  • You do not need Bluetooth or NFC services to connect devices for mirroring.
  • There is diverse compatibility and support offered against this platform.
  • It is entirely free, with no associated ads against the tool.

Guide on How to Mirror iPhone to Mac with Dr.Fone Air

With an introduction to this tool, we will now proceed to learn more about how you can mirror your iPhone to Mac easily with Dr.Fone Air:

Step 1: Connect Both Devices with the Same Wi-Fi Network

You must launch Dr.Fone Air on your web browser of the Mac. As you access it, you must also ensure that the iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

open drfone air online tool

Step 2: Establish the Connection

Before you successfully mirror devices, you have to first download Dr.Fone Link on your iPhone. Then, launch the tool and scan the QR code displayed on your Mac screen. You can also use the cast code to mirror devices.

use qr or screencast code

Step 3: Start Mirroring your iPhone to your Mac

On scanning the code, you will have to allow connectivity between both devices. To continue, select "Start Broadcasting" and mirror your iPhone to your Mac.

iphone screen mirrored successfully


This article has provided a complete guide to cast iPhone to MacBook using practical means. Although there are multiple direct methods available for this purpose, you can always go for more. For that, Wondershare Dr.Fone Air provides the smoothest experience of casting iPhone to Mac with ease. Its quick, convenient, and effective results are significant to observe.

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