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This article will speak about the best Mirror App for iPhone or iPad that an individual can have for their iOS device. The top 6 Apps will be spoken about first and then a description of the AirPlay app will be provided.

Part 1: Reflector

Reflector is a mirror app for iPhone having the wireless mirroring feature along with a streaming receiver. It works best with AirPlay, Air Parrot, and Google Cast. The user wouldn’t need to install any further additions to their iOS device.

mirror app for iphone-reflector


1. This app can screen the contents of the iPhone to the iPad perfectly.

2. Videos can easily be shared from the iPhone device of the user to another iPhone device.

3. If the user has AirParrot 2 on their iOS device, then the Reflector app can screen contents of the device on to the home theatre on the big screen.

4. When it comes to multiple connected devices, Reflector ensures that there is easy and convenient management for all the connected devices.

5. Live Broadcasting can be done through Reflector.

6. When it comes to security options, Reflector provides codes before any active connection with an additional device takes place.


1. A user is able to record their screens up to 60 fps.

2. Once Reflector has been installed in the device, the user only needs to connect their device to Reflector to begin mirroring.

3. With the availability of security options, any unwanted connections can be easily prevented.


1. Compared to another mirroring app for iPhone, Reflector can be a bit more expensive.

Part 2: Mirroring 360

Mirroring360, a mirror app for iPhone allows the user wirelessly to share as well as record the iPhone and iPad screens without using any additional cable or hardware. The user can conveniently share their work and ideas along with any of their latest apps through Mirroring360.

mirror app for iphone-mirroring 360


  1. Presentations can easily be shared through the screen of the device on a computer or projector wirelessly through the mirroring app for iPhone, Mirroring360.
  2. For Education, content can easily be recorded and shared by teachers and students right from the seats.
  3. Live content can be easily recorded from the iOS device to the computer.
  4. Through Mirroring360, the iPhone device can be mirrored to the computer for any game recording.


  • At the time of conferences in workplaces or lectures in schools, this app is highly beneficial to share information easily with others.


  • Mirroring360 does not have similar features as the other mirror app for iPhone Reflector.

Part 3: AirServer

AirServer, the iPhone mirror app is regarded as one of the most advanced software which is used for screen mirroring. The user can receive any streams via AirPlay, Google Cast, or Miracast streams.

mirror app for iphone-airserver


  • AirServer enables the user to collaborate with different apps across a number of platforms.
  • iPhone 6 provides the user with a 1080*1920 picture resolution.
  • AirServer also provides the user with a feature for recording.
  • It also provides a benefit on live streaming of any videos to YouTube.


  •  It provides the user with the world’s first “bring your own device” for different collaborations.
  •  It also provides a highly improved picture quality.
  •  Recording done is of ultra-high quality.
  •  AirServer is also supported by the YouTube App.

Part 4: X-Mirage:

X-Mirage is considered an excellent iPhone mirror app where a user can stream or mirror any contents from their iPhone or iPad to different screens such as Mac, PC’s, or Windows.

mirror app for iphone-xmirage


  1. All different contents such as apps, pictures, presentations, different websites, videos, or games can be mirrored perfectly to different devices.
  2. The screen can be mirrored wirelessly.
  3. Multiple iOS devices can be connected together and streamed on the desired screen of the user.
  4. X-Mirage enhances and improves the quality of the screened content.


- Recording of the screen along with any additional audio device through an iOS device is possible just by one single click by the user.

- X-Mirage can receive contents from AirPlay with a full and high HD resolution of 1080p.

- Through this app, the user can have password protection for AirPlay. This will help the user from any unauthorized user who wants to use this software.


- For the user to enjoy all the benefits of the mirroring app X-Mirage, they have to purchase the software.

Part 5: Mirroring Assist

Mirroring Assist, a mirroring app for iPhone is software that can enable a user for sharing their iOS to any Android Device, Fire TV, and any tablet. This can be done via the AirPlay app. This app is beneficial for the user if they have to display any content from their iPhone or iPad as it can be done with great ease.

mirror app for iphone-mirroring assist


  • Such software can help a user in teaching, playing games, presenting presentations, watching movies, and many more things.
  • This app can be used for getting music from iTunes onto Android devices.
  • Videos can also be taken from an iPhone to an iPad.


  • This app is perfect for a user if they want to demonstrate to their friends or their family how an iOS app will work.
  • Mirroring Assist is available for other platforms such as Mac and Windows also.
  • This app can also be used by the user if they wish to showcase any iOS game on an Android device.


  • This app can only support an iOS version 6 or a higher version.
  • While using this app, the user may face problems such as crash failures or slow functioning.

Part 6: iOS Screen Recorder

iOS Screen Recorder does support to mirror your iPhone/iPad on Windows PC and you can even record your iPhone/iPad screen on a computer with it. This is quite easy to use the tool. It does not require any technical skills. You can use it for business presentations, education, game recording, etc.

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Dr.Fone - iOS Screen Recorder

Easily record the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

  • Mirror your iOS device on your computer screen wirelessly.
  • Record games, videos, and more on your PC.
  • Wireless mirroring your iPhone for any situation, such as presentations, education, business, gaming. etc.
  • Supports devices running iOS 7.1 to iOS 11.
  • Contains both Windows and iOS versions (the iOS version is unavailable for iOS 11).
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it


  • The interface is very user friendly and it's very easy to use.
  • It is a convenient way for the user to mirror the screen of their iOS device to other devices.
  • There is an option of recording with voice over.


  • As there are similar apps available having such a feature the cost and the benefits will differ from one another.

Part 7: MirrorGo - The Best Mirror App for iPhone/iPad

Latency is a major concern with most apps when trying to mirror the iPhone or iPad. It is due to the security protocols placed by Apple on iOS devices and the internal issues of mirroring platforms. Despite all of that, Wondershare MirrorGooffers a latency-free mirroring function to project contents of iPhone or iPad on the PC. The app’s user-friendly interface enables the process to be fast without any hassle. You can also MirrorGo to control or mirror Android devices on a PC.

Download Now | Win

Few features of MirrorGo are mentioned in the following list:

1. MirrorGo allows you to take screenshots on your iPhone/iPad and save them to your PC.

2. You can deal with iPhone messages or notifications on the computer with the app.

3. The app offers to control the iPhone with a mouse after enabling the AssisiveTouch function from the phone.

Step 1: Open the MirrorGo App on the PC

Download/install MirrorGo on the Windows PC before launching it on the computer. Make sure both the phone and iOS device are connected to the same internet network.

open mirrorgo software

Step 2: Turn On Screen Mirroring

iOS devices offer a built-in mirroring function that automatically detects apps that offer to cast the contents to the PC.

Slide down the phone screen and locate the Screen Mirroring tab before tapping on it. From the new pop-up window, select MirrorGo.

connect iPhone via airplay

Step 3. Enable Screen Mirroring on iPhone/iPad with MirrorGo

Lastly, open MirrorGo’s window from the PC, and it will display the phone’s screen on the interface. After that, you can perform any activity that is available with the mirroring facility.

mirror iPhone to pc

So, here are the top 7 Mirror Apps which are best suited for iPhone and iPad

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