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[Solved] 3 Ways to Mirror iPhone to Laptop via USB or Wi-Fi

Apr 27, 2022 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

Screen mirroring is a popular phenomenon to use when you want to showcase something from your iPhone to a bunch of people without handing over your device to each person.

The application ranges from avoiding these kinds of inconveniences to utilizing the technology for greater causes, such as meetings, presentations, and lectures.

But how is it done? Can you mirror iPhone to Laptop via USB and/or Wi-Fi? Of course, you can.

The technique might seem very technical, but it is simpler than you think. Before you study the ways to screen mirroring, there is a need to have an understanding of the technology in some detail.

So let's get started

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What is Screen Mirroring?

To understand what screen mirroring is, it is important to know what it is not. So, screen mirroring is neither sharing software nor media streaming nor does it involve the use of physical connectors such as HDMI or various other cables.

It is a wireless mirroring of data from a screen-sending device to a screen-receiving device. Users who have screens mirrored can access files, control mobile notifications, manage applications, take screenshots, stream movies, and more while controlling their iPhones. Some methods of screen mirroring can also enable reverse control.

Screen mirroring can work with the presence of a local Wi-Fi network, or without one – but a USB in that case is essential. Ideally, either device should be in the same room. The terminology of screen mirroring cannot be explained in simpler words. Therefore, we will next look at how screen mirroring works.

How does Screen Mirroring Work?

As mentioned earlier, there needs to be a receiver and a sender for screen mirroring to work. Besides, there are also a few screens mirroring protocols to follow, such as the presence of hardware or software receivers on the receiving devices.

An example of a hardware receiver is an Apple TV, Chromecast, and many others. A software receiver is a device that uses a software application like "Reflector" to turn an existing device into a screen-receiver – as applicable on Mac or Windows computers.

There are several ways to establish connections for screen mirroring. Devices that are not compatible with the mirroring wirelessly can create technological barriers for bigger settings. Fortunately, there are third-party solutions that can bridge the gap and enable compatible devices to mirror screens.

How can I stream my iPhone to Laptop?

Casting your iPhone to a laptop or streaming your iPhone to a Laptop is easy. If you have the smarter devices such as iPhones, iPods, Mac, Chromebooks, Android phones, or tablets that you want to mirror to a bigger screen of a PC or computer, all you need is mirroring360.

Mirroring360 is an application that allows an iPhone screen to mirror to a PC. The AirPlay technology made by Apple supports the mirroring from the screen-sending device, whereas the mirroring360 application achieves compatibility in the screen-receiver device, which is a PC or a laptop.

A few tidbits to be mindful of when installing mirroring360 are:

  • Mirroring Android requires installing of mirroring360 sender on a compatible Android device.
  • Mirroring Windows requires installing of mirroring360 sender to the PC
  • Mirroring a Chromebook requires installing Chrome browser extensions.

The next time you want to watch a video clip with your friends, use the screen mirroring feature to search for them in your smartphone and cast it to a TV or PC.

Below we share short and simple solutions for mirroring your iPhones to a Windows 10, Mac, or Chromebook for screen mirroring.

Solution # 1: Using Mirroring360 to mirror iPhone screens over Wi-Fi

Before getting onto mirroring the screens, make sure the mirroring device is compatible to support the feature. For that purpose, a mirroring360 application is necessary.

Once you have that installed for Windows or Mac, you can start mirroring an iPhone or iPad by:

  1. Making sure either devices are connected on the same local network or Wi-Fi
  2. Opening the Control system on iPhone/iPad
  3. Tapping on the "Screen mirroring" or "AirPlay" option (if you are unable to find the AirPlay button, download "Mirroring Assist" from PlayStore and follow the instructions)
  4. Selecting your compatible computer such as Windows, Macs, or Chromebooks to mirror
  5. For android users, you must have Mirroring360 sender downloaded. By launching the app, it will automatically detect a receiver to which you can connect.
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That's about it for the sending-screen device. In order to make the other device receive the screen mirroring, you must:

  1. Install Mirroring360 sender on your Windows PC (Macs have AirPlay while Chromebooks have Chrome extensions)
  2. Open the application. It will detect a receiver and automatically connect your device to it on the same local network or Wi-Fi.

Solution # 2: Using MirrorGo to mirror iPhone to Laptop & Reverse Control (with Wi-Fi)

Wondershare MirrorGo is an advanced tool specially designed for iOS users to seamlessly access and control data from an iPhone to a computer screen. Users can take screenshots and save them on PC while also managing and controlling mobile notifications and data of their smartphones from a laptop.

Below is a step-by-step guide to using the MirrorGo application for screen mirroring and reverse control, all enabled on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Install MirrorGo

To use the application, you have to install it on your computer/laptop. However, make sure your iOS device is 7.0 or higher to support this application for screen mirroring.

mirrorgo ios home

Step 2: Start mirroring

Select the MirrorGo option under 'screen mirroring' on your iOS device. Your shared screen will connect to your laptop, and you can now control all the apps from your PC.

However, enabling AssisiveTouch is essential before taking control.

Step 3: Enable AssisiveTouch on iPhone

On your iPhone, navigate to the option "Accessibility," tap on it to select the option "Touch," and enable the "AssisiveTouch" by turning it green. Next, pair the Bluetooth with the PC and start controlling your iPhone with the mouse!

control iphone from pc

In addition to taking screenshots, managing mobile notifications, and casting presentations from iPhone to PC, you can also connect an Android phone to a bigger screen using this application. MirrorGo allows taking direct and reverses control easily and seamlessly.

Solution # 3: Using LonelyScreen to Mirror iPhone to PC via USB

If you do not have access to Wi-Fi readily available, you can still stream the content on your iPhone to a bigger screen for everyone to view. This requires the use of a USB and an open-source tool, LonelyScreen.

LonelyScreen is a free tool to act as an AirPlay receiver for Windows and Macs. It is one of the easiest and smoothest ways to mirror your iPhone to a laptop without requiring any third-party applications downloaded to support the media mirroring on your laptop screen.

With LonelyScreen, you can make your bigger screens AirPlay friendly and easily reflect your iPhone on it.

If you plan to initiate screen mirroring over USB, you need to do a few additional steps to set up a network connection.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable to the iPhone and the laptop

Step 2: On your iPhone, tap on "Settings" to select "Personal Hotspot" and turn it green

Step 3: On your PC, install and run the LonelyScreen application (allow access to firewall)

Step 4: On your iPhone, swipe up to go to the Control center and select "AirPlay"

Step 5: A rundown of the list of devices will show up. Select LonelyScreen to enable mirroring

Step 6: Stream movies, lectures, and every other app using LonelyScreen on your PC, which is mirroring your iPhone screen.

LonelyScreen is that easy – no glitches, free to use, and seamless service. Give it a try at least once.

Final Words

Tech-savvy or not, you can now use MirrorGo, LonelyScreen, and Mirroring360 applications, to name a few, to bring a seamless transferring and accessibility of data. By mirroring an iPhone to a laptop, you can stream and watch movies, cast your presentations, lectures, and notes, play your favorite games, and easily bridge the gap between a mobile and a PC.

As you read, these applications aren't very difficult to use, and even a non-technical person can take advantage of it.

So which one was your favorite? Let us know

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