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Is it Possible to Use Miracast with iPhone? All You Want to Know!

James Davis

Mar 09, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

The widely renowned application, AirPlay developed by Apple, provides plenty of unique features. This stunning invention pulled in many individuals across the globe. But the prerequisite of using AirPlay is to have an Apple gadget, which is not remotely favored by people using different mobile phones or other kinds of gadgets.

Other than the Apple iOS framework, one of the leading and largest operating systems in the world is Android. When Apple invented AirPlay, the unique application to mirror the mobile content to a larger screen, Android users were left out only to be teased by the Apple clients. This turned into an outrage leading to the advanced development of other options, which could meet the same function of AirPlay. This led to the inception of Miracast, which could perform the same action as AirPlay. This stunning feature was welcomed all over the world and became a hit in no time! Now, if you are using an Apple device, the question of using it with Miracast might confuse you. Let’s solve it in this article.

Part 1: Use AirPlay with iPhone instead of Miracast

All the Android fanboys love Miracast because of is compatible with their devices. Nevertheless, even if it is compatible with the latest Android variants, Miracast iPhone has always been like a dream. Many Apple clients, who wanted to experience this cutting-edge phenomenon, are still waiting for the iPhone Miracast to come into play. So, the Apple users will have to stick with their private application - AirPlay to experience the mirroring of mobile display.

Apple clients use AirPlay to remotely mirror their mobile screen on the Apple TV. This is possible only when the device whose display is to be mirrored and the device on which the mirroring will take place are connected to the same network. The circle could be made as broad as you can by adding more and more AirPlay supported gadgets. Screen mirroring is not the only feature offered here - it can also stream audio, video, and images from the web as well as from your phone memory. If Miracast for iPhone takes a stand, Apple users would want it to work just like AirPlay.


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Part 2: How to use AirPlay to Mirror iPhone to Apple TV

Till the time the Miracast iPhone is introduced, AirPlay remains a unique feature constraint to Apple devices directory only. You can mirror your device using AirPlay without a hitch on to the Apple Television. Go through the steps below to know-how:

1. Connect your device and Apple TV to the same network.

2. Now, take your iPhone or iPad and wipe up from the base and access the control center.

mirror iphone on apple tv

3. Tap the AirPlay symbol to open the rundown and then select your TV from the list.

mirror iphone on apple tv

4. Additionally, you might be prompted to provide an Airplay password. Now, you can just adjust your TV's aspect ratio and zoom settings to cover the entire space.

mirror iphone on apple tv

By following this simple process, you can mirror your device’s screen on your Apple TV without facing any trouble.

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Part 3: How to Mirror iPhone to other Smart TVs

A TV from Apple is the first appliance that comes to our mind when we think of the device we could mirror an iPhone on. What if there is a tiny possibility of not having one? It is a valid question to ask. Miracast for iPhone is still impractical, and you don’t have the required TV. Under these circumstances, the best option is to look for a different approach to reflect your Apple device on some other TV.

Yes! You still have that road to explore. There are a few options, which you can take to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on a Smart TV. Below, we have given a couple of handpicked options, which are your best choices when it comes to mirroring your iPhone any other Smart TV.

1. AirServer

Out of so many ways to go, AirServer is one of the most efficient ones. This simple application can display your Apple device on a larger screen without much difficulty. Take the steps below to find out how:

1. Start by downloading AirServer. You can do it by visiting here. You need to install it on your Smart TV.

2. Swipe up from the base to access the control center and look for the AirPlay icon.

airserver to mirror iphone to tv

3. Tap the AirPlay icon and select the smart TV in which the AirServer has already been installed. 

airserver to mirror iphone to tv

4. Now your screen will start appearing on the TV. You can mirror it on any other device as well, like your laptop or Mac.

airserver to mirror iphone to tv

2. AirBeam TV

Using AirServer is a piece of cake. But in case you are searching for other similar options too, then AirBeam TV is what you are looking for. It connects your Apple device to the Samsung Smart TV in a second. Though, it can only work with the Samsung TVs manufactured after 2012 and some other variants as well. Nevertheless, it is quite an efficient choice. No complicated connections are required, and you can mirror your content on the large screen remotely.

The application is priced at $9.99, and a free version is also available, which can let you test the product. Get the app here and just pursue the steps below:

1. Connect your Samsung TV to the same network as your handheld device.

2. Start by clicking the menu bar icon and wait for a few other options to appear.

3. Your TV icon will appear in the DEVICES group. Tap on it to connect 

airbeam tv

This will let you establish a stable wireless connection, and you would be able to mirror your screen without any trouble.


Miracast iPhone could have been a big relief for iPhone users who don’t own an Apple TV. They still hold hope that the iPhone Miracast will soon take a stand, which would be a mind-blowing innovation if it happened. A couple of options described above and the steps specified to use them are well researched and can help you meet your everyday needs.

The similarities between AirPlay and Miracast have brought been a topic of discussion among Apple and Android users. Usually, Apple keeps its favorite applications quite personal, while Android allows its users to explore every possibility of it. Even though Apple has kept itself very secure and limited to its users, clients still wait for the inception of the iPhone Miracast. Miracast for iPhone would be a revolutionary step in its way. Until it comes true, take the assistance of the above-mentioned products and enjoy mirroring your screen without any hassle.

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