Wireless Methods to Mirror iPhone & iPad to Fire Stick With Ease

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iPhones and iPads are the premium tools offered by Apple, which also include the ability to connect and mirror their screens to different devices. The service that accommodates this procedure, known as AirPlay, presents the smoothest procedures of mirroring iPhone and iPad onto supported screens.

The major limitation of AirPlay is its restricted compatibility, which prevents the iPhone and iPad from connecting to devices such as Amazon Fire Stick directly. To cater to this requirement, it is necessary to use other third-party services that can help to cast iPhone to Fire Stick. For this article, we will be providing effective guidance on how to mirror iPhone to Fire Stick by effective means.

amazon fire stick

Part 1: What Exactly Does the Amazon Fire Stick Do?

Before we lead into the details of how iPhones are mirrored to the Amazon Fire Stick, it is important to become aware of the device that is being used in the process.

Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming device developed by Amazon, acting as an alternative to general TV services. Shaped as a USB device, the Fire Stick can be plugged into a TV through an HDMI port. This converts the TV into a smart device, providing access to more channels that are generally unavailable on simple TV services.

amazon fire stick purpose

Fire Stick allows you to stream many renowned services, which include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Such accessibility gives you a premium experience watching your favorite movies on TV. While it also adds up thousands of other channels, it enhances TV services and makes their access better with improved resolutions.

The Fire Stick also comes with remote control, which includes many other features for enhancing the "Smartness" associated with the service. While you seek the services of how to mirror iPhone to Fire Stick through the proper technique, you will find more about the Fire Stick and the suitability it offers.

Part 2: How to Mirror iPhone or iPad Screen to Amazon Fire TV Stick?

We will now discuss some prominent methods that can be used to cast iPhone to Fire Stick properly. These services are majorly involved in mirroring iPhone or iPad screens to Amazon Fire TV Stick without complicating the process:

1. Dr.Fone Air (No App Installed on TV)

Wondershare Dr.Fone Air is a renowned online, free screen mirroring solution that does not require the user to install anything on the TV. While this depicts such an easy-going procedure, Dr.Fone Air ensures high-quality resolution, which makes it primal for the user to screen their iPhone to the Fire Stick. Along with that, Dr.Fone Air features diverse compatibility, which caters to the need of a wide range of audiences.

Another prominent feature of Dr.Fone Air is its secure online file transfer facility guarded by perfect protocol. You can consider transferring your dedicated files between devices without wired connections. Amongst these prominent characteristics, there are several other highlighting features of this tool, which are presented as follows:

  • There are no ads or other hindrances present while using the application for mirroring your devices.
  • You are not required to mirror your screen using Bluetooth and NFC services.
  • It provides flexible options to adjust the screen, which includes zooming in and out and rotating the screen.

How to Cast your iPhone Screen to Fire TV Stick Using Wondershare Dr.Fone Air

With an overview of the tool, we will now explain how to cast iPhone to Fire Stick with the help of Wondershare Dr.Fone Air:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone Air on Fire Stick

You will have to access the official website of Dr.Fone Air on the browser of your Fire TV Stick. For proper connection, you need to activate AirPlay on the Fire Stick. Also, make sure that the Wi-Fi connection of the iPhone and Fire Stick is the same.

access the drfone air tool

Step 2: Add or Scan Code for Mirroring

Following this, you are bound to download Dr.Fone Link on your iPhone. The Fire TV Stick will display the QR Code and cast code on the screen. You can use any of them to initiate mirroring of your iPhone or iPad.

use qr or screencast code

Step 3: Mirror iPhone to Fire Stick Successfully

With the successful connection, you can now see your iPhone screen on the Fire Stick.

mirror iphone to fire stick

2. AirBeamTV

If you are looking for another tool that features a simple and effective procedure of mirroring iPhone to Fire Stick TV, AirBeamTV gives a great option to users for avoiding cable cluttering.

With the option of connecting to the Fire Stick directly through a QR code, it is a dedicated tool designed for connecting iPhone and iPad to the respective device. The application functions for iOS devices running on iOS 13 and above.

To know more about how to mirror your iPhone to Fire Stick with AirBeamTV, look ahead in the steps. Ensure that the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network:

Step 1: Download the "Fire TV Stick Screen Mirroring" tool on your iOS device presented by AirBeamTV. As it is installed successfully, launch the application and accept all accessibility permissions.

install the airbeamtv fire stick app

Step 2: On the app's homepage, click the "Screen Mirror" option on the panel and let the app search for the TV. As it is discovered, select the TV and proceed.

select the screen mirror option

Step 3: You must click the "Start Mirroring" option to initiate mirroring on the Fire TV.

3. AirScreen

For those who seek a platform with more functionality and compatibility, AirScreen provides a wireless system for casting iPhone and iPad to Fire TV Stick. Along with that, this tool also provides a dedicated option for sharing different files between devices. Such adaptability gives a better feature set to work with. Along with Apple device support, it also provides dedicated support to Android devices, making it a diverse option.

For those who are interested in understanding the process of mirroring iPhone or iPad to Fire Stick with AirScreen, they should observe the following steps:

Step 1: To start the process, you must first download the AirScreen app on your Fire TV. For that, go into the "Find" section and select "Search" to type in the app's name for downloading. As you discover the application, proceed and click on the "Download" button using the remote control.

install the airscreen app

Step 2: As it downloads successfully, opens the app on your Fire TV and confirms whether your TV and iOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once ensured, tap on "Confirm" to proceed.

hit the confirm button

Step 3: Following this, you must swipe down the "Control Center" of your iPhone from the top-right section of the screen. Tap and hold the "Screen Mirroring" button to proceed to the next screen. Find the respective name of Fire TV as displayed on the TV's screen and tap on it to initiate mirroring.

choose your fire stick tv

4. Video & TV Cast for Fire TV

Video & TV Cast for Fire TV can also serve as an excellent option for screencasting and mirroring iPhone or iPad to the Fire Stick. If you seek to figure out how to cast iPhone to Fire Stick, this platform can be a great option. Although it is not available online, users can access this application on Play Store, Amazon App Store, and App Store.

Along with the support for Fire Stick, this application also supports other streaming players. To know how you can utilize this application for mirroring your iOS device to the Fire Stick with ease, look into the following steps:

Step 1: You must download and install the "TV Cast Pro for Fire TV" app on your iOS device that is to be screened. Also, open your Amazon Fire TV and proceed to "Find" to look for the respective app. Download the application on your Fire TV and lead next.

download tv cast for the fire tv app

Step 2: As you open the application on your iOS device, it will automatically connect with your Amazon Fire TV. Keep a note that the application should be active on your Fire TV too. Once connected, you can open any video on your iOS device after providing the appropriate permissions, which will then be streamed to the Fire TV.

launch the tv cast app

Comparison of the Screen Mirroring Solutions for Fire Stick

We have also highlighted some prominent comparative points that distinguish the provided applications and platforms from each other. This will help you select the best one in the market with ease:

Tools Rating Price Easy to Use iOS and iPadOS Compatibility
Dr.Fone Air 4.8/5 Free Very Simple and Quick All iOS and iPadOS Versions
AirBeamTV 4.6/5 Monthly Plan - $4.99
Annual Plan - $14.99
Pay Only Once - $33.99
Annual Plan - $14.99
Requires App Understanding iPhone: Requires iOS 13.0 and later
iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.0 and later
AirScreen 3.5/5 Free (Only for iOS devices) Simple iPhone: Requires iOS 8-14
iPadOS: Requires iPadOS 13-14
Video & TV Cast for Fire TV 3.7/5 $6.99 Requires Multiple Installations iPhone: Requires iOS 9.0 and later
iPad: Requires iPadOS 9.0 and later

Part 3: FAQs about Amazon Fire TV Stick

In this section, get to know more about the Amazon Fire TV Stick and how it is used in the market with the help of the questions provided below:

1.How Much is an Amazon Fire Stick?

If you are looking forward to buying Amazon Fire Stick for your home, it is available in four different variants. The Fire TV Stick Lite is available for $19.99, while the Fire TV Stick can be bought for $24.99. If you want more features and functions, you can buy Fire TV Stick 4K for $26.99 or Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $34.99.

2.How Does an Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?

As stated, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device in the form of a USB stick. You have to connect it to the TV's HDMI port where you want to view your favorite channels. After connecting, you can operate it with the help of the remote control that comes along with it.

3.How to Install a Web Browser on Fire Stick?

To download a web browser on the Fire Stick, you can access it from the device instead of going across any side procedure. Installing one is quite simple; you have to select the "Find" feature from the top of the home screen.

Look for the "Search" option to proceed and type in the name of the browser that is to be installed. As you look for the results and redirect to the next screen to install one, select the "Get/Download" button to install the browser on your Fire Stick successfully.


The article has been quite conclusive in guiding users on how to mirror iPhone to Fire Stick with the proper techniques. While you understand the usability of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the article has presented a list of solutions that helps you in casting your iPhone to the Fire Stick perfectly.

With the overview of the tools, it can be seen that Wondershare Dr.Fone Air features as one of the best available options for mirroring iPhone to Fire Stick.

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