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How to Play Pokemon on PC?

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Why would you want to buy a Nintendo game console to play Pokémon when you can play the fun-filled game on your computer? Here’s the promise: You will learn how to install it on your computer after reading this tutorial. You see, Pokémon are creatures of various shapes and sizes. Numbering over 700, Pokémon is a short name for pocket monsters. It comes as trading cards, video games, TV shows, etc. However, the version that you get to enjoy on your PC is the game.

play pokemon on pc 1

If you are a gamer like most millennials out there, you should go through this guide to learn how to play pokemon on the computer. Perhaps you visited a friend who has a Nintendo game console and fell in love with the game. Now, you are saving up to get your game console in the future. Guess what: You don’t have to do that. All you need to do is follow the steps below to download the game on your PC and start having fun. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Is there a Pokémon Game for PC?

Sure, there is! You will learn how to install many versions in a flash. To play the game, you need a good grasp of the DS and Gameboy first. Also, there are two ways you can do that: You can go by the emulator software to mimic the game OS or use the emulator. By and large, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Emulator: You can use VBA-M because users always update it, and it is open-source code. The next step is to extract the .Zip file. Ensure that you do this in a location that you can easily remember. Later, you have to run the Visualboyadvance-m.exe. At this point, the emulator is ready to play the game.

Step 2: Connect to the Internet: Why are you going online? The reason is that you need to get the right ROM online. Please do not confuse it: a ROM describes the virtual version of the game you have to load onto the emulator.

Step 3: Make a pick: You have to make a pick from a long list of games.

play pokemon on pc 2

Once decided, you should save it. At this point, there is an automatic download of ROM onto your .Zip file. You do not have to save it, though. Go back to the Visualboyadvance-m.exe and click on File > Open. To save it, you have to click on File > Save State. However, you will need to load it from the files File > Load State subsequently.

Part 2: Visual Boy Advance (Gen 1 – 3)

If you are looking to start playing Visual Boy Advance on your computer, this guide is for you. As you already know, it is the most popular Game Boy Advance emulator. Ensure that you download it onto your Documents, Downloads, or a newly created folder.

Step 1: Set up the keyboard: You have to set up the game on your gamepad or keyboard following the simple command: Click on Options > Input > Set > Config 1, as shown in the image below.

play pokemon on pc 3

It will take you to a configuration step. Do well to reconfigure the button, and click on OK afterward.

Step 2: Loading Game: Much as you can place the game anywhere, your best bet is to place it in the same folder as the Visual Boy Advance. To do that, you have to open GBA > Open GBC > Open GB. Now, you will notice that the “Select ROM” pops up at once.

Step 3: Tweak the game: You can use the filters, GBA Color Correction, and the Save States to improve the game to suit your gaming needs. Well, it does not end there. You can also use the Fast Forward option to make it faster and cheat the game using your favorite Gameshark or Codebreaker. It is up to you!

Part 3: DeSmuMe (Gen 4-5)

Many people encounter the common challenge of the inability to play DeSmuMe on their computers. So, the real challenge starts when they want to load the emulator. Do you fall into that category? If so, you have nothing to worry about, as this tutorial is your knight in shining armor! Whether you have the 32-bit or 64-bit version, you should follow the steps:

Step 1: Extract DeSmuMe from file: Go ahead and extract it from the .zip file. Once done, ensure you save it in the Downloads, Document, or any other newly created folder. Saving it elsewhere is likely to make it a read-only file. You don’t want that!

Step 2: Set up the gamepad: The file is currently compatible with Nintendo. Therefore, you need to reconfigure it by clicking on it. Go on and click on the Config > Control Config. You will notice a green highlight (as shown in the diagram below). Afterward, you have to press the gamepad button. Put simply, the version offers no auto-configuration, meaning that you have to manually do it yourself.

play pokemon on pc 4

Step 3: Load the game: You found those steps pretty simple, right? Great. You are one step away from enjoying your game. Don’t jump the gun yet though, as you will notice that by default, it comes as a file known as Roms. You can load it in ZIP, 7Z, RAR, or GZ. Yes, you call the shots. To load it, you click on File > Open ROM or press Ctrl+0. Afterward, an Open window will pop up, click on play, and you can then enjoy your game.

Part 4: Citra (New Games)

Are you a fan of Citra? If yes, you will learn how to get started with it in these clear-cut instructions.

Step 1: Download 3DS Emulator: Download the 3ds emulator and choose the operating system of your choice. Afterward, you will have to open the zip file. Furthermore, open the CitraSetup app by clicking the .exe.

Step 2: Extract the file content: Extract the folder on your computer. Moving on, open the DLL files and open the zip files too. Go to the Citra folder and add the .dll files to it. Again, open the Citra folder and then the Citra-qt.

Step 3: Tweak the settings: Configure the controls, maintain your online privacy using a VPN (a virtual private network), etc. You would have found out by now that the instructions are pretty straightforward.

Part 5: Play Pokemon on PC using professional Tool

When you want to play Pokemon on the PC, the best way that we recommend is MirrorGo. MirrorGo, as the name is hinting, helps you mirror your device, be it iOS or Android. Don’t panic if you don’t know much about technology, this tool is purely easy and safe to use. You can download it for free from its official website. Whether you want gaming on-screen or love to enjoy a movie on a big screen, the tool does it all for you. Just connect your phone and PC with the Wi-Fi and leave the rest on MirrorGo. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to work with Wondershare MirrorGo.

Wondershare MirrorGo

Mirror your android device to your computer!

  • Play mobile games on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Store screenshots taken from the phone to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

Step 1: You need to first visit the official website of MirrorGo. Download the tool and install it on your PC. Then, launch the tool and connect your device with your PC. Make sure to use only an authentic USB cable and opt for the “Transfer Files” option on your device.

connect android phone to pc 02

Step 2: Next, activate the Developer option by navigating to the “Build Number” which is available under the “About” section in the “Settings” of your device. Now, hit on it 7 times and go back to “Settings”. To enable the USB debugging feature, locate the “Developer options” and hit on it. Then, scroll down to “USB debugging” followed by turning it on.

connect android phone to pc 03

Step 3: Once the connection between the device and the computer is established successfully, the screen of your device will be a mirror over your PC. You can then make use of a keyboard and mouse to play pokemon on the PC.


In conclusion, you have seen that to play pokemon games on PC involves an easy step. However, you have to download it first to get started. With all the steps outlined in this tutorial, you wouldn’t need anyone to assist you because they are crystal clear. Now, you no longer have any dull moments because you can always enjoy yourself when you game on your computer. More importantly, you don’t need to buy a Nintendo game console anymore before enjoying some Pokémon in the comfort of your home. Why wait? Try it now!

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