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How to Play Ragnarok Mobile on PC?

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“How to Play Ragnarok Mobile on PC? I am an avid player of the game for a few years now, but I want to play the game on a larger screen. There are a few emulators available that maintain the same level of quality and offer the users to play Ragnarok on PC. What are the better Ragnarok Mobile emulators?”

In recent memory, smartphone games for iOS and Android have gained so much popularity that most PC games only dream of achieving. Accessibility is the primary reason behind the expected rise in smartphone gaming. Not only that, but the quality of the games has also increased. The supreme gameplay experience enabled the developers to create room to play mobile games on PC with a third-party emulator.

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If you wish to know the best emulators available on the market that provide the platform to play Ragnarok Mobile, read this guide. We will be discussing the name of the emulators and how to use them to play Ragnarok Mobile on PC.

Part 1. Which Emulator is the Best for Ragnarok Mobile

An emulator is a type of software that helps create an environment for the user to access numerous Android apps and games, including Ragnarok Mobile

With the help of such platforms, you will enjoy the luxury of a bigger PC screen to play your favorite Android game. However, not everything is suitable for using this method to play games. The majority of the emulators are a hub for malware that infects your computer upon installing them. Moreover, the design of specific emulators makes the gameplay choppy and a lot less fun.

It is why the need for picking the best emulator to play Ragnarok Mobile is essential. We will discuss the names and workings of the best emulators in the latter part of this article.

Part 2. Play Ragnarok Mobile on PC with Mumu Emulator

MuMu emulator is an emulator software that provides its platform for you to play Ragnarok Mobile on your Windows PC. The downloading process is quick, and you wouldn’t be required to wait long to start playing games on the program.

The interface of the emulator is light and intuitive. Moreover, you will enjoy smooth gameplay throughout. You can also adjust the brightness, resolution, and FPS settings from the emulator to ensure the best gameplay experience.

For the emulator to work properly on your PC, you need to enable the CPU virtualization settings from the system’s BIOS. It allows a single CPU to be divided into multiple virtual CPUs

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The method to use Ragnarok Mobile with Mumu emulator is as follows:

Step 1. Download and install the emulator on your Windows PC;

Step 2. Download Ragnarok Mobile by clicking on the Play Store’s icon;

Step 3. Install Ragnarok Mobile;

Step 4. Once the downloading process is complete, open Ragnarok Mobile to start playing the game on PC.

Part 3. Play Ragnarok Mobile on PC with NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is one of the most familiar emulators available on the internet that offers the users access to Ragnarok Mobile on PC with high-efficiency. The smooth and intuitive interface of the NoxPlayer provides the superior performance that ensures stability and enables a latency-free gaming experience.

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The NoxPlayer isn’t limited to Ragnarok Mobile. It allows running numerous other Android apps and games on an average PC. The features of the fast emulator include keyboard mapping, screen recording, and a file assistant to transfer files from Android to Windows.

Follow the steps below to start playing Ragnarok Mobile with NoxPlayer on PC today:

Step 1. Download the NoxPlayer on your PC and install it;

Step 2. Click on Start to launch the emulator;

Step 3. Log in with your Google ID on the NoxPlayer and download Ragnarok Mobile;

Step 4. Launch the game, and start playing!

Part 4. Play Ragnarok Mobile on PC with Memu

Memu is a safe and secure emulator to play games such as Ragnarok Mobile on Windows PC. The software is consistent and supports virtually every app compatible with the Android platform.

With the Memu emulator, you will enjoy an excellent Android experience on your computer. It offers flexible customization, including root mode, adjusting the resolution, and mapping the keyboard, according to your preference.

Other than allowing a smooth platform to play Ragnarok Mobile, the emulator offers the means to share media files between the Windows PC and Android

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Here is the step-by-step guide to playing Ragnarok Mobile on PC with Memu:

Step 1. Download and install the Memu Android emulator on your computer;

Step 2. Run the application and enter your Google account details. Download Ragnarok Mobile from Google Play;

Step 3. If Google Play isn’t accessible from the Memu emulator, then it is better to download the apk version of Ragnarok Mobile from third-party app stores;

Step 4. After installing Ragnarok Mobile, you will see the game’s icon on the emulator’s screen;

Step 5. Click on the icon and run the game;

Step 6. That’s it! You will able to play Ragnarok Mobile on your computer with ease.

Additionally, Memu allows you to adjust the gameplay settings, such as customizing resolution, gaming controls, etc.


In this article, we have discussed the best options that will enable you to play Ragnarok Mobile. These emulators ensure a smooth and optimal gaming experience, mainly because of their intuitive interface. You will also be able to change the in-game settings at any time, according to your liking.

If you have a friend or colleague who is looking for emulators to play games such as Ragnarok Mobile on their computer, then share this tutorial with them.

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