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Comparision:Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. S24 Ultra

Daisy Raines

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been a big hit among phone lovers. It’s seen as one of the top dogs in the smartphone world. People love it for its excellent camera, super-fast performance, and how great it feels to use. But guess what? The Galaxy S24 Ultra is on its way. After all, 2023 is putting its flagships to rest, and it’s time for the 2024 lineup to shine.

The big question is whether it’s worth ditching your current phone for the new one. Sure, the S24 will likely have better specs, but here’s the real puzzle—will the upgrades in the S24 be worth the extra bucks you’ll shell out? This article is here to help you see the S23 Ultra vs. S24 Ultra side-by-side.

However, note that everything in this article about the Galaxy S24 Ultra is still rumored, so it’s best to wait for the announcements. Now, explore the outcomes of Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. S24 Ultra!

expected s24 ultra design

Part 1: Expected Specs of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Before starting Sumsang S23 Ultra vs. S24 Ultra, it’s great to establish what you’ve heard about the specs of the S24. Mind you, these are just rumors and leaks, so take it with a pinch of salt. However, they help people paint a picture of what they might expect.

  • Processor:The talk around town hints that the S24 Ultra could be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, a real powerhouse. This chip promises lightning-fast performance, making tasks smoother and quicker.
  • RAM:Rumors suggest the S24 Ultra might come with a whopping 16GB of RAM. That’s like having a supercomputer in your pocket, perfect for running many apps simultaneously without a hitch.
  • Front Camera:Sources whisper that the front camera might step up its game to capture better selfies. There’s talk of a higher megapixel count or improved features, but concrete details are still fuzzy.
  • Back Camera:Here’s where the buzz gets louder. Reports speculate that the S24 Ultra could continue boasting the monstrous 200MP main camera at the back. However, it’s rumored to have a new 3-10x variable folded telephoto lens.

galaxy s23 ultra on wood floor

  • OS:It’s expected that the S24 Ultra will run on the latest Android version, possibly Android 14, with Samsung’s One UI 6.1 skin on top, offering a slightly refreshed, slick, and user-friendly interface.
  • Connectivity:We anticipate that the S24 Ultra will support all the usual suspects—5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and USB Type-C. Nothing groundbreaking here, but these are all essential for a modern smartphone.
  • Other Features:There’s chatter about the S24 Ultra having some exciting add-ons. Talk of a titanium frame for durability and still the stunning 144Hz display, providing smoother visuals. It’s also expected to have 2500 nits of maximum brightness.
  • Price:Now, this is the million-dollar question (pun intended). Speculation swirls around a starting price of $1,199 or possibly lower, depending on production costs. It’s an expensive tag, but top-tier smartphones often come with a hefty price.

Among all these speculations, one consistent rumor stands out—the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, the colossal 16GB RAM, and the mind-boggling 200MP camera. While these are just whispers in the wind until the official launch, they set the stage for an intriguing showdown between the S23 Ultra and its successor, the S24 Ultra.

Part 2: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has successfully run in the smartphone market, earning its stripes as a top-tier device. As you hear all about the Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra, the question arises: How do these two compare so far? Let’s break down their speculated specifications to gauge the potential advancements and decide if the S24 Ultra might be the worthier upgrade.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra Housed the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, delivering commendable performance. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to feature the superior Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, promising a leap in processing power for seamless multitasking and enhanced performance.


Speculations indicate a remarkable upgrade to a staggering 16GB RAM for the S24 Ultra from the S23 Ultra’s 12GB. This is a potential boost in easily handling demanding applications, which would be most welcome.

Front Camera

The Galaxy S23 Ultra hosted a decent 12MP front camera, producing satisfactory selfies. The anticipated improvements in the front camera remain vague, leaving the realm of possibilities wide open for potential enhancements.

Back Camera:

Of course, you know that the Galaxy S23 Ultra flaunted a powerful quad-camera setup with a 200MP main camera, delivering exceptional photo quality and impressive zoom capabilities. Rumors on the Galaxy S24 Ultra point to a potential retention of the 200MP main camera but with an improved 3-10x variable folded telephoto lens.

galaxy s23 ultra and 24 side-by-side


The Galaxy S23 Ultraran on the latest Android 14 with Samsung’s One UI 6, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience. The S24 variant is expected to suit Android 14, but with Samsung’s One UI 6.1.


Like the S23 Ultra, the S24 Ultra is expected to support all essential modern connectivity features like 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and USB Type-C.

Other Features:

Rumors about the Galaxy S24 Ultra suggest enhancements like potential display improvements and other refinements, but specifics are still hazy. What some leakers are sure of, though, is that it will have a peak 2500-nit brightness – 500 nits more than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra launched at a starting price of $1,199, positioning itself as a premium device. The S24 counterpart is speculated to launch at a similar or slightly lower price point, considering advancements and production costs.

Part 3: S23 Ultra vs. S24 Ultra: Which Is Better for You?

Ultimately, the choice between the Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. the Galaxy S24 Ultra hinges on your priorities. If you seek a lower-priced phone packed with flagship features, the S23 Ultra will continue to stand strong in the coming years. It’s still a good purchase for 2024.

However, investing in the latest advancements offered by the S24 Ultra, including its newest specs and features, might be the right move for those craving cutting-edge technology and willing to make the investment.

Specs-wise, though, the S24 Ultra is looking to dominate the game. See the table for a summary of everything discussed here:

Specification Galaxy S23 Ultra Galaxy S24 Ultra (Expected)
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
RAM Up to 12GB Expected 16GB
Front Camera 12MP Improved, details uncertain
Back Camera 200MP main, Quad-camera setup Expected 200MP main, Quad-camera
OS Android 14, One UI 6 Android 14, One UI 6.1
Connectivity 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC Expected standard modern features
Other Features

144Hz display, titanium frame,

robust protection

Expected enhancements, specifics

unclear, 2,500-nit peak brightness, Android Gauss

Price Started at $1,199 Expected similar or slightly lower

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To sum it up, the article set the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. S24 Ultra against each other. It took into consideration different specs that users mostly care about. Remember, everything discussed here is based on leaks and rumors, so it’s crucial to wait for the official release before making any decisions.

Key highlights include potential advancements in processing power, cameras, and RAM for the S24 Ultra. Therefore, while the S23 Ultra remains a solid choice, those eyeing the latest and greatest should keep an eager eye on the S24 Ultra’s launch.

Daisy Raines

Daisy Raines

staff Editor

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