A one-stop solution for your data backup, transferring, erasing, etc.

A one-stop solution for your data backup, transferring, erasing, etc.
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The Most Advanced Phone Switching Toolkit Ever!

Complete the whole process of phone backup, transfer, restore, erase, and more in clicks.

Get it done in one place.

Dr.Fone-Guess&Win Samsung S22 Ultra Dr.Fone-Guess& Funny guess and win a samsung prize pack a tool for your phone switching

4 Essential Checks to Make Before Switching

A handy checklist and tools for new phone buyers

1. Back up and restore data from the old phone. samsung note 9 not switching on

This is the most basic thing to do when switching to Samsung. Things like photos and other important documents that are stored in your old phone should be backed up first once you have switched phone. Hence, important data and files backup on an external storage is necessary.

You may need to back up these:
Contacts, Messages, Call history, Calendar, Photos, Music, Videos, Audios

samsung smart switch for pc

Connect your iOS device with PC via a lightning cable or WiFi. Then select the "Backup" button

Select data you wish to backup

Click on "Backup" to transfer your iPhone data to PC

Wait for the backup process to complete

Tools for you

phone backup

backup iOS and Android more flexible

Android iOS
phone backup


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2. Transfer data from your old phone to a new phone. samsung smart switch from huawei

my samsung tablet wont switch on with the help of Dr.Fone

Tools for you

lg to samsung smart switch

transfer content between iOS and Android

swapping over samsung phones


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3. Migrate your social apps without data loss. iphone to android smart switch

if i switch from android to iphone will i lose my contacts

Tools for you

WhatsApp data smart switch mobile

handle WhatsApp data at a ease

print whatsapp messages with Dr.Fone


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4. Reset and erase data after switching a phone. switch data from huawei to samsung

Congrats! Comes to the last thing to check - wiping data. On most phones, resetting phone can be easily achieved by settings app. But if you can't open phone's settings app, we recommend to check for device-specific instructions or ask Dr. Fone - Data Eraser for some help.

transfer video from ios to android

Click the "Data Eraser" option in Dr.Fone

Make a connection between your iPhone or Android device to PC or Mac, and enable the USB debugging

Tab the "Erase All Data" button,and enter a specific key in the text box to confirm the wiping action

Click "Factory Data Reset" or "Erase All Data" to complete the permanent delete

Tools for you

google play store samsung smart switch

delete data permanently and protect privacy

Android iOS
worth switching from android to iphone


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android switch to iphone

Frequently Asked Questions

The remote control feature in Samsung - Find My Mobile- could help Samsung users. It's a built-in feature in most Samsung phones. And it will remove all unlock data, including PIN, pattern, password, and biometric methods so that you can reset them again. Of course, a tool, Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock, can work both on iOS and Android and remove screen passcode and Apple ID, mobile device management, and screen time password.
No. Because of the incompatible issue, you cannot directly transfer WhatsApp from Google Drive to iCloud. So, you have to:
Step 1: Transfer data from Google Drive to Android phone
Step 2: Use a third-party tool like Dr.Fone for transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.
Step 3: Complete the WhatsApp data backup on iCloud
Some reasons may cause this problem:
Reason 1: You don't have the passcode to the iPhone;
Reason 2: You don't have the iCloud password;
Reason 3: A connection problem. Whether you are connecting via the network or a USB cable, please ensure the connection is working. Otherwise, it may cause failure;
Reason 4: An error with iOS or iTunes. Made by some unexpected bugs;
There will be many unknown reasons that can lead to resetting failure.
It depends on your source and target phone. If both the phones are the same system, like Android to Android, ios to ios, it'll be easy to transfer apps to the new phone with features developed by cell phone manufacturers, like Apple's Quick Start, Samsung's Smart Switch. For different systems switching and transferring, it's more convenient to share apps via third-party software.
Step 1. First, you need to connect your iPhone to a PC and backup all the data on iTunes.
Step 2. Now download and install Smart Switch on your PC and restart your PC.
Step 3. Now connect your Samsung device to your PC and launch Smart Switch. Now click on the “Restore” button on Smart Switch.
Step 4. In this final page, click on the “Restore Now” option to transfer data to your Samsung device.
Dr.Fone-Switching to samsung

More Tools for Your Phone Solutions

Guess What You May Need for New Phone Switching

Screen Unlock - Dr.Fone

Remove different types of mobile locks with Screen Unlock.

No technical knowledge required

Android iOS


Yearly Plan


Yearly Plan

System Repair - Dr.Fone

Solve various phone system problems with System Repair.

Fix most mobile OS issues without data loss

Android iOS
Android iOS


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Yearly Plan

Phone Manager - Dr.Fone

Manage your important data within some clicks with Phone Manager.

Smart phone management and transfer solution

Android iOS


Yearly Plan


Yearly Plan

Virtual Location - Dr.Fone

Change GPS location on iPhone/Android easily with Virtual Location.

Define a route by yourself with a customized speed, cycling, walking or driving


Quarterly Plan

Wondershare - Dr.Fone

A one-stop solution for
your data backup, transferring, erasing, etc.

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