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How To Transfer Files From PC To Mobile?

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Transferring files from your PC to your mobile device is easy and convenient, allowing you to access important documents, photos, videos, and other media on the go. With the right tools, you can wirelessly send files to your smartphone or tablet without requiring any cables.

using mobile phone and pc

In this simple guide, we’ll walk through the major ways to send files from your laptop or desktop to your mobile phone or tablet. We’ll cover wireless transfer tools for sharing over the same WiFi network, direct mobile-to-PC connections over Bluetooth, using productivity suites like Google Drive for cloud transfers, installing third party apps like Dr.Fone, and even attaching files to email for quick sending.

By the end, you’ll understand the primary options for fast file sharing so you can access what you need through different apps, cloud platforms, wireless tools, and more. Whether you want to sync photos, videos, documents or other standard file types from PC to mobile or vice versa, let’s look at some of the best methods available.

Part I: How To Transfer Files From PC To Mobile With USB Cable?

Moving photos, videos, music, or documents from your PC to your mobile device is handy when you want access to those files on the go.

The most reliable way is to use a USB cable.

Method 1: Using Windows Computer

If you have a Windows computer, follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, unlock your phone or tablet and plug one end of a USB cable into your computer. Plug the other end into your mobile device.

Step 2: You'll see a notification pop up on your phone about USB charging. Tap that.

Step 3: Then tap "File transfer" to allow access to your files.

Step 4: A file transfer window will pop up on your computer. Just drag and drop files from your computer into that window to transfer them. Super easy!

Step 5: When you're done, eject the device on your computer before unplugging the cable.

Method 2: Using Macbook

If you have an Apple computer, the process is similar:

Step 1: You'll need to download the Android File Transfer app first. This allows you to access Android files on a Mac.

device connected to pc via usb cable

Step 2: After installing it, open the app and plug your device into your computer.

Step 3: The rest of the steps are the same: Allow file transfer access on your phone, then drag files back and forth.

Method 3: Using Chromebook

Step 1: Simply plug your phone or tablet into your Chromebook with a USB cable.

Step 2: Allow access to transfer files when prompted.

Step 3: The Files app will open on your Chromebook, allowing you to move files over.

Part II: How To Transfer Files From PC To Mobile With Google Account?

transferring files from pc to mobile mockup

To transfer some files from your PC To Mobile, your Google account makes it pretty easy since everything is backed up online. There are two methods you can follow.

Method 1: Using Google Drive

Here's how to upload files to Drive on your PC:

Step 1: Go to drive.google.com and login.

using google drive to transfer files

Step 2: Click "New" then "File Upload" or "Folder Upload"

using google drive to transfer files

Step 3:  Select the files or folders you want to transfer from your computer.

using google drive to transfer files

Step 4: Once uploaded to Drive, the files are available instantly from the Drive app on your phone or tablet.

using google drive to transfer files

Method 2: Using Email

Another way is to email files to yourself. Almost everyone has Gmail these days.

Step 1: You can attach files up to 25MB to a Gmail message from your computer. Then just open it on your phone and download them.

Step 2: If you need to send bigger files up to 2GB in size, use WeTransfer. It lets you send large files by email without the limits.

Step 3: Just put in your email, attach the files, and hit send. It will email you a Image name to download the files to your phone or computer.

Part III: Recommended - How To Transfer Files From PC To Mobile With Dr.Fone

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Moving files from your computer to your phone or tablet doesn't have to be a chore. The software Dr.Fone makes it super easy to instantly get photos, videos, documents and more onto your device in no time flat.

Let’s walk through how seamless file transfers from PC to mobile can be.

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For iPhone

Step 1: On your computer, open the Dr.Fone program you installed and plug in your iPhone or iPad with a USB cable.

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Step 2: Click "Quick Transfer" at bottom. Then import files you want to move over from your computer by dragging & dropping, no app required.

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Step 3: Select which app you want to upload the files into on your iOS device like Photos, iMovie, VLC media player etc. Super handy!

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Step 4: Dr.Fone will then transfer everything wirelessly in under a minute with progress displayed. Too easy!

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

For Android

Now let's look at how smooth it is for Android phones & tablets:

Step 1: First, take your Android phone and use a USB cable to physically connect it to your computer. You should see a notification on your phone that it is connected. On your computer, launch the Dr.Fone Quick Transfer program. The program will automatically recognize that your Android phone is connected. Click the "Quick Transfer" button that appears.

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Step 2: Now you can see your Android phone's folders and files in the Quick Transfer program. Browse through and click to select the specific photos, videos, documents or other files you want to move from your computer onto your Android phone. You can drag and drop files directly, or use the "Select Files" button to browse your computer and import files to transfer. Select all the files you want to transfer.

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Step 3: A "Dr.Fone Image name" section will appear in the Quick Transfer program. This is essentially a storage location that will be accessible from your Android phone. Click on "Dr.Fone Image name" to designate it as the location to store the imported files. For Android, dragging files directly to this Image name is the only option.

Step 4: Double check that all the files you wanted to move onto your Android phone are now listed under the Dr.Fone Image name section. Then click the "Transfer" button. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%. Once complete, a notification will indicate a successful transfer. On your Android phone, tap the "Files" or "My Files" app, then browse to the Dr.Fone Image name folder. Verify all your selected files are now saved here, available on your Android anytime.

using Dr.fone to transfer files from pc to mobile

Dr.Fone makes accessing your important documents, photos, videos, music collection and more on an Android or iOS device an absolute no brainer. No stressing about tough transfers again thanks to simplified steps that just work in seconds flat!

Now you can stop worrying about the headache of moving stuff between devices. Dr.Fone upgrades you to smooth sailing file transfers on the fly!


Transferring files from your desktop or laptop computer to your mobile devices is simple with the right tools. Whether you use a Windows PC or Apple Mac, there are efficient methods to get photos, documents, videos and other media seamlessly onto your iPhone, Android phone, tablet and more.

With the use of USB cables for direct transfers, wireless sharing apps to access files across Image nameed devices, cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or iCloud for online transfers, and dedicated file management apps, you have flexibility. Move things from PC to mobile or vice versa to best suit your connectivity needs.

The ability to access important computer files while you're on the go can be extremely valuable. Many methods allow near instant file sharing thanks to wireless connections, cloud syncing, device Image nameing programs like Dr.Fone Quick Transfer, and more. Review which options work across your computer, phone and tablet lineup.

So the next time you need to move a critical work presentation, your ever-growing image library, homemade video projects, music collection and other data between your desktop and mobile gadgets, use this guide. Transferring files is quick and easy thanks to the tools outlined here. You'll save time while gaining mobile access to those indispensable documents and media items in minutes.

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Alice MJ

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