12 Most Popular and Reliable File Sharing Websites for Different File Types

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12 Most Popular and Reliable File Sharing Websites for Different File Types

File-sharing has proved essential in the current digital model, featuring a system that saves business time and cost. Rather than going to other locations to discuss the dynamics of a document, it can now be shared with the necessary personnel. Finding a reliable file-sharing system is a necessity today. For this purpose, we will provide file-sharing sites of the highest order.

This article addresses the best file-sharing websites available to help you manage multiple file types. Instead of giving away your essential files, look through the list to discover the most secure option in the market.

Part 1: Top 12 File-Sharing Sites That You Should Know

Our discussion will cover 12 file-sharing sites that provide an impressive security model. Understanding these sites is vital to help you find the best option that fulfills your needs:

1. AirDroid Web

For the first platform, AirDroid Web stands as a good web-browsing file-sharing system. As it is available on the internet with no prevalent downloads on the desktop, it simplifies things. AirDroid Web provides a simple and unique interface, similar to a desktop. All the file types that can be saved across the platform are displayed on the front of the interface.

airdroid web interface

Key Features

  • By connecting your mobile device with the service through appropriate means, you can have your data shared on the platform.
  • Add multiple folders within the cloud-based file-sharing service, according to your consent.
  • Get a dedicated interface with a system of alerts and notifications to keep updated with the flow of work.

Transfer Speed: 8.4/10

Security Rate: 4.2/5

2. Internxt

Privacy is an essential trait of a file-sharing site. A good website needs to ensure the highest order of security for its users. The suite of services offered by this platform is exceptional for sending files anywhere. Along with the "Send" feature, there is a dedicated option for "Drive" and "Photos" for the users. People who seek a file-sharing service can also contain their important data without any difficulty.

internxt file sharing platform

Key Features

  • All the files that are shared through the particular channel are fragmented. They are encrypted to avoid unauthorized access.
  • There is a complete system for users to access the service through different devices, making it compatible.
  • Internxt does not sell the data of its users and is not based on ads.

Transfer Speed: 7/10

Security Rate: 3.5/5

3. Dr.Fone Air – File Transfer

Do you seek a simple method to transfer your data from the mobile to the computer? Dr.Fone Air – File Transfer features the simplest of techniques. This file-sharing site features the perfect file transfer system that majorly operates by scanning QR codes. Following the scanning, you are only required to perform a few taps, and the whole process concludes in no time.

dr.fone air file transfer tool

Key Features

  • Along with file transfer, you can screen mirror your device for a larger view display.
  • There are no limitations against the files to be shared with Dr.Fone Air.
  • You can use the complete service without paying for any service, which makes it a cost-effective and quick solution.

Transfer Speed: 9.6/10

Security Rate: 4.8/5

4. TransferNow

If you seek another exquisite and basic solution to file transfer, TransferNow is a great option. This French service provides a secure data-sharing system that can be performed through emails and links. Another impressive feature provided by TransferNow involves tracking the sent files, which helps professionals keep a check on the complete data that is being shared.

transfernow file sharing tool

Key Features

  • This file-share site allows users to share up to 200GB of data in a single transfer.
  • You can also integrate the widget offered by TransferNow within your website for easy file transfer.
  • TransferNow allows its users to customize their accounts with a complete customization system.

Transfer Speed: 9.7/10

Security Rate: 4.9/5

5. Google Drive

Known among the best cloud drives on the market, Google Drive features an impressive file-sharing system for its users. This iteration from Google comes with all the essential requirements for dealing with the file-sharing model. You can find a 15GB free drive space in this impressive cloud service, making it a great personal and professional platform.

google drive file sharing platform

Key Features

  • For data protection, Google Drive has built-in anti-malware, anti-spam, and anti-ransomware models.
  • You can easily integrate the file-sharing site with the tools for easy management and collaboration.
  • It provides a dedicated search facility that perfectly helps you search for all the files.

Transfer Speed: 9.2/10

Security Rate: 4.8/5

6. Sync

For safer file transfers, you can always look for better options. Sync provides a secure space for easy file sharing among individuals and companies. Since companies look towards systems that can protect their data at all costs, such options can validate all the needs. This file storage and data collaboration platform keeps everyone better in a different way, which helps companies connect with internal and external models.

sync share files

Key Features

  • Sync provides a dedicated system for all devices, including computers and mobile phones.
  • The data shared within Sync is backed up in real-time, allowing users to restore their data.
  • The diversity of storage options provided in Sync is exceptional in cost-effective rates.

Transfer Speed: 8.8/10

Security Rate: 4.4/5


Are you fond of using a service mostly available in dark mode? The model taken forth by MEGA services, along with its dark mode interface, makes it a great option in the market. Furthermore, the entire interface is user-friendly, and multiple integrations are available within the system. Users who seek a collaborative file-sharing website can find MEGA quite intimidating.

mega secure cloud storage

Key Features

  • There are multiple bonuses packed against certain "Achievements" that the user can achieve.
  • MEGA also includes a referral program that helps users earn revenue by referring to the service.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with interactive buttons, making it a great platform.

Transfer Speed: 8.4/10

Security Rate: 4.2/5

8. Dropbox

Dropbox stands among the veterans of file-sharing sites. Its impressive interface and cohesive features have helped the platform gain millions of users. With a huge user base, Dropbox ensures the highest form of security. There are no data accessibility procedures involved in the protocols of Dropbox. Furthermore, you can easily share your required files under exceptional functionality.

dropbox file sharing platform

Key Features

  • With options of connecting Dropbox with platforms like Zoom and Slack, user integration gets to another level.
  • Along with sharing complete files, you can also send links to the particular files to respective users.
  • Synchronize your work to the Dropbox cloud storage for securing and saving your data and space.

Transfer Speed: 8.0/10

Security Rate: 4.0/5

9. Zippyshare

If you are looking for a quick file-sharing site option, Zippyshare can provide such results. The operations are not complicated on this platform, with a straightforward interface. Although it can be an excellent tool for individual users searching for a quick option, this is not the tool for companies. Instead of signing up for the service, Zippyshare executes the tasks with a single click.

zippyshare file sharing tool

Key Features

  • For every file that is transferred, the size is limited to 500MBs.
  • There are no download limits or storage limits within this file-sharing platform.
  • The service is entirely free, with no hidden costs included in it.

Transfer Speed: 4.0/10

Security Rate: 2.0/5

10. WeTransfer

For those unsatisfied with the file-sharing platforms provided before, WeTransfer can be a great option. This particular website features some exceptional file-sharing features. Although you can utilize its services for free, multiple services are offered at WeTransfer. With a faster sharing model, this file-sharing site has made a mark in the user base.

wetransfer file sharing platform

Key Features

  • You can protect your shared files with passwords and file encryptions to manage confidential work.
  • There are different customization options available at WeTransfer for creating a dedicated workspace.
  • WeTransfer allows you to access 200GB of data in a single transfer.

Transfer Speed: 9.6/10

Security Rate: 4.8/5

11. MediaFire

MediaFire is an exceptional website for file-sharing in multiple situations, with different options, including file-sharing with individuals and essential personnel. With 10GB of free space, you can save important data without regulations. MediaFire keeps everything protected while it is being shared, which makes it a unique option in the list. Simplicity is a common trait provided at MediaFire.

mediafire file storage platform

Key Features

  • The platform allows uploading multiple files instantly, showing its strength.
  • You can also send one-time links to your consumers to protect sensitive content from being shared.
  • There is no bandwidth limit or download limit available against the platform.

Transfer Speed: 5.2/10

Security Rate: 3.6/5

12. Onehub

For a simple and sleek user experience, one can go with Onehub as their effective file-sharing website. This platform provides all the basic operations a cloud storage system should provide. Along with options for uploading data, you can easily customize the platform that you are using. Following this, Onehub promises a secure and effective platform where data cannot be breached.

onehub file sharing platform

Key Features

  • The data is managed automatically with the help of indexing within the platform.
  • You can add document watermarks to identify the importance of a particular document.
  • Sign-in forms are embedded within the system that can help users easily guide their employees to sign in.

Transfer Speed: 9.2/10

Security Rate: 4.6/5

Part 2: Pro Tips for Choosing a Reliable File-Sharing Website

Although you have a great list of file-sharing sites with you, you might still be confused. For that, there are a set of tips that you can follow for choosing a perfect website. Look through these tips to find and select the most reliable option that you can have in a file-sharing platform:

1. File-Sharing Speed

One of the first requirements any reliable file-sharing website should fulfill is its file-sharing speed. The download and upload speed should be up to the mark, with no restrictions. The platform will be useless if a file takes hours to upload or download. Thus, you should always look out for the speed of the platforms that are promised.

2. Website Reliability

Security assurance stands as another requirement that has a significant percentage in decision-making. If the website is unreliable and does not offer suitable security protocols, it threatens the data. Thus, selecting a file-sharing platform requires looking into its security model. Data to be stored and shared must be protected at all costs.

3. Size Limitations

Check whether there are any limitations in the size of the files being shared. It is questionable if you cannot upload files greater than a limit or share a specific limit throughout the day. Any file-sharing site that offers no or negligible size limits is the preferred choice in the market.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

The cost can be an essential factor in determining a particular file-sharing platform. On observing the websites, find the one that offers the most features at the best price. This is what makes a platform the best in the market. Rather than going for free or hefty-priced platforms, finding one that offers the brightest numbers under a considerable price is best.

Part 3: Recommended Reading: What’s the Best File-Sharing Software

Do you know that you can use file-sharing software instead of a website? Where websites are believed to be insecure in many ways, file-sharing software gives much control over the process. There are multiple reasons for preferring software or websites, which are mentioned as follows:

  • Users can have a diversity of features in offline software compared to online tools in the market.
  • An internet connection is necessary at all times, which is not the case with software.
  • Websites can be breached with multiple hacking techniques, whereas software is not dealt with in such ways.

For the best file-sharing experience in software, you can try using Dr.Fone (Android/iOS). This platform is known for providing exceptional service with high-quality results. To learn more about Dr.Fone, follow the features and the user reviews provided below:

dr.fone phone manager interface

Exceptional Key Features of Dr.Fone

  • The support for the latest Android and iOS devices gives Phone Manager better device support.
  • You can transfer, manage, delete, and convert data by staying within the platform. This is not the case with other platforms in the market.
  • It also allows you to transfer data between iOS and iTunes and transfer all file types.

User Reviews

“It's really the best app for data transfer in real time between the same or different phone or iPhone. it's the only app that detects all data and very easy.” – Jean L. (Trustpilot)

jeal l phone manager review

"It is a suite with many tools for cell phone management." – Fernando G. (G2)

fernando g dr.fone review

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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This article has provided a complete overview of how users can select the perfect file-sharing site. Along with all the provided lists, you have reviewed Dr.Fone, as an excellent recommendation. For effective results, you should follow the instructions provided in this article for your best.

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