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How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod

Alice MJ

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

If you're among the fortunate few still holding onto a functioning iPod, consider yourself lucky, as Apple officially bid farewell to the iPod product line in 2022. While this iconic device may no longer be in production, its legacy lives on.

However, if your cherished iPod is showing signs of wear or experiencing issues, it becomes important to safeguard the music collection you've accumulated over the years. To address this, some of us wonder, can I transfer iPod music to Android? The answer is yes. Absolutely. We are here to show you how.

Can I Transfer iPod Music to Android?

Can you transfer music from an iPod to an Android phone? Despite the fact that the iPod is an Apple product, transferring its music to an Android device is indeed possible. Apple's ecosystem may be renowned for its exclusivity, but with the right methods, you can seamlessly bridge the gap between your iPod and an Android device.

One of the most straightforward ways to transfer music from your iPod to an Android device is by using Bluetooth. It's worth noting that Bluetooth transfer capability is present in all iPod Touch models but not in older iPod models. Bluetooth support for iPod Touch was introduced with the 2nd Generation and iOS 3.0, while iPod Nano gained support from the 7th Generation onward.

Alternatively, other methods involve employing a dedicated app and third-party software as an intermediary. Rest assured; the upcoming sections will comprehensively cover these approaches, providing you with the necessary guidance for a smooth music transfer process.

Part 1. Transfer Music from iPod to Android via Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology serves as a versatile means for wirelessly connecting devices, and in this case, it provides a convenient avenue for transferring music from your iPod to an Android device. This wireless approach simplifies the process, allowing for seamless data exchange between the two devices.

But first, you still need to check Bluetooth compatibility. Ensure that both your iPod and Android devices can do Bluetooth transfer. This method is also applicable when you wonder how to download music from an iPod to an Android phone.

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth on both Devices.

On your iPod, navigate to the Settings menu and select Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth on the Android device by accessing its settings as well. Make sure that you have set both devices to discoverable mode.

Step 2: Pair the devices.

Search for available Bluetooth devices on your Android device, and select your iPod from the list. Likewise, confirm the pairing request on your iPod.

Step 3: Initiate file transfer.

Once paired, locate the music files on your iPod that you wish to transfer. Use the sharing or send via Bluetooth option (this may vary depending on your iPod model) to send the selected music files to your Android device.

Step 4: Accept the files on Android.

Accept the incoming Bluetooth transfer request from the iPod. The music files will then be transferred wirelessly from your iPod to the Android device.

Step 5: Verify transfer success.

Confirm the successful transfer by checking the music library on your Android device. The transferred songs should now be available and ready to play.

Transfer music from iPod to Android via Bluetooth.

Part 2. How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod with Move to iOS App

For those looking to transfer music from an Android device to an iPod, the Move to iOS app provides a user-friendly solution.

While this app is designed for iOS devices, this approach is limited to iPod touch models and may not be compatible with all iPod devices. Users with older iPod models may need to explore alternative methods for transferring music between devices, which we will introduce in the next section.

Before starting the transfer, you need to download and install the Move to iOS app on the Google Play Store. Now, how to transfer music from Android to iPod:

Step 1: Set Up Your iPod:

As you set up your iPod for the first time, reach the "Apps & Data" screen and choose "Move Data from Android."

Step 2: Agree to Terms and Conditions

Open Move to iOS on your Android phone. Review the terms and conditions and press "Agree" to proceed.

Step 3: Enter the Code

On your iPod, a six to ten-digit code will be displayed. Enter this code when prompted on your Android device.

Step 4: Select Content to Transfer

In the Move to iOS app, choose "Music" to transfer your music files specifically. Then, tap "Continue" to initiate the transfer process. Remember to keep your devices close to each other and connected to power until the transfer process is completed for quicker transfer.

Step 5: Transfer complete.

Allow the app to complete the transfer process. Once the transfer is complete, you will be prompted to finish setting up your iPod. Follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Android to iPod transfer via Move to iOS.

Part 3. How To Transfer Music From iPod to Android/Android to iPod With Easy Software

Now, for a more comprehensive and versatile solution, using software like Wondershare Dr.Fone provides a streamlined process to transfer music not only from Android to iPod but also from iPod to Android.

Dr.Fone offers a Phone Transfer tool, a user-friendly tool that simplifies the transfer of data between different devices, offering a wide range of compatibility. It is the answer to your “Can I transfer music from an iPod to an Android phone?” question. It’s all possible with Dr.Fone's Phone Transfer tool.

The software is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can even navigate and use it effectively.

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How to transfer music from iPod to Android:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone’s Phone Transfer tool

Make a connection between your iPod and your Android phone on your computer. Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and navigate to Toolbox > Phone Transfer.

Music data transfer with Dr.Fone.

Step 2: Specify the source and destination devices

After connecting them, the platform will identify the connected devices and load their data. Choose the Source and Destination devices to set the transfer path. Use the Flip button to alter the transfer direction (for example, when you want to transfer from Android to iPod instead).

Specify the source and target devices.

Step 3: Choose the music category for the transfer

Proceed to select the types of data you wish to transfer. Checkmark music and click the Start Transfer button. If you want to remove existing data from the destination device, you can select “Clear data before copy.”

Choose the data types for transfer.

Step 4: Disable iCloud syncing

Now, Dr. Fone's Phone Transfer tool should prompt a specific operation on the window. Follow the instructions to turn off iCloud syncing.

Disable iCloud syncing.

Step 5: Monitor data transfer progress

The progress of the data transfer will be displayed in a pop-up window. Once completed, click OK to conclude the process.

Monitor the data transfer progress.


Transferring music seamlessly between iPod and Android devices, and vice versa, has become more accessible than ever with the right tools and methods. Bluetooth technology serves as a wireless bridge, allowing users to effortlessly move their favourite music from an iPod to an Android device.

On the other hand, there are also apps like Move to iOS and Dr.Fone Basic that facilitate the transfer of music depending on your needs. These options empower users to break through the traditional barriers of device exclusivity and seamlessly enjoy their music collections across different ecosystems.

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