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  • Transfer data from Android to PC/Mac, or reversely.
  • Transfer media between Android and iTunes.
  • Act as an Android device manager on PC/Mac.
  • Supports the transfer of all data like photos, call logs, contacts, etc.
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Top 9 Android Desktop Managers: Manage Phone on PC or Manage PC on Phone

James Davis

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Smartphone is the first thing a person reaches when a person wakes up and the last thing a person touches before one nods off to sleep. Android is now the most common smartphone operating system all over the world with the ratio of 80%.

People can do almost everything on the smartphones, therefore some fore-tellers even predict that smartphones will take over the computer and TV one day.

But with more and more features of the smartphones and people staying with them longer and longer, managing them is not an easy task at all with amount of data. However, there are still methods to handle them.

Part 1: Top 5 Android desktop managers with the Most Downloads

Android desktop manager is a tool to help people manage files on Android phone with a computer. It will connect Android devices to the computer, so that users will be able to keep their documents backup available in the smartphones, synchronize computer folders, restore Android contacts, messages, photos and so on. With Android desktop manager tools, you will easily make your smartphone in order. Here lists top 5 downloaded Android desktop manager software:

1. Dr.Fone - Phone Manager

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager is the top one desktop application software with both Windows and Mac versions.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android)

Best Android Desktop Manager That Most People Hate to Know So Late

  • Transfer files between Android and computer, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more.
  • Install or remove apps instantly. Besides, you can export apps to SD card and share apps with your friends.
  • Send and reply SMS on the computer directly.
  • Transfer, search, add, delete all the files including contacts, photos, videos, music and system files on your Android device or SD Card.
  • Fully compatible with Android 8.0.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,683,542 people have downloaded it

Take a glimpse of the main screen of Dr.Fone - Phone Manager. See the upper pane? The all kinds of file types you can manage and transfer.

android desktop manager- Dr.Fone


  • Dr.Fone - Phone Manager will provide 24/7 customer support via a skilled customer support team.
  • The interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • One click root is easy for root users.
  • Support both iOS&Android devices

2. MOBILedit

MOBILedit will change your idea about cell phone and will make the cell phone more effective for you.

desktop manager android

Hot Features of MOBILedit:

  • Manage your contacts: Search contacts, change the view of the contacts, add or delete contacts.
  • Backup, restore & Data transfer: Back up all data in the cloud or in your phone because MOBILedit will keep data backup automatically and will able to restore all the stored data on a new smartphone easily.
  • Send and print Messages, make calls: Send the messages from your mobile using your PC. So, you can type the messages by using the keyboard of your PC and can send group messages or print messages out. Like Moborobo, you can also make calls on the computer.
  • Create ringtone: Grab a sound bite from any video or audio file or YouTube set as the ringtone for your smartphone.
  • Edit photos and videos: Built-in editor enables you to edit photos and videos easily.
  • Multiple connections: connect the phone to the PC via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA or USB cable.


  • The software is for almost all mobile phones, such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, etc.
  • It has a cool interface and very easy to use.
  • It is able to store data in the cloud.


  • Large size with more time to download
  • Some features are not available in the trial version.

3. Mobogenie

There are many third party android desktop manager software in the market and Mobogenie is one of them.

desktop manager for android

Hot features of Mobogenie:

    • Backup & Restore data: Backup important data on the Android device, memory card or save a copy onto the PC. Thus, if you mislay or corrupt any data then you can easily restore from the backup.
    • Download and manage files: You can download premium quality media files for videos, images, audios, apps manually from the web.
    • Tidy up ads and notifications: You can organize the ads and notifications on the smartphone.
    • Manage SMS & Contacts: You can manage and replay SMS using SMS manager of this software from your PC. Besides, you can edit & manage your contacts using this app.


  • One click root is easy for root users.
  • Download all multimedia files, games easily
  • Update apps quickly.


  • The interface is mainly for downloading files not a good interface for file management.
  • There is no Wi-Fi connectivity in this app so you need to connect via USB cable every time.

4. Mobisynapse

Mobisynapse is also a free android desktop manager for you. You can easily connect the Android smartphone to the PC using Wi-Fi or a USB cable. You can also manage apps, multimedia files, SMS or monitor system information on the Android phones.

android desktop manager download

Hot features of Mobisynapse:

  • Back up apps and SMS: You can back up apps and SMS between Android phone & PC.
  • Sync outlook files to Android: You can sync outlook files including calendars, contacts, notes to Android phones
  • Manage files & SMS: You can manage or organize files between PC and Android device, send group SMS from the PC. You can sync images, music, videos between the smartphone & your PC.


  • It manages email easily.
  • Easy interface.


  • You can not download apps directly within the app.
  • It backs up only apps and SMS.
  • Many features in the other four managers are not available in this app.
  • To use this app you also have to log in and download extra app mOffice.

Below is a table showing you the exact differences among the softwares when comes to managing Android Smartphone. Have a look at the table and you will have a clear understanding about the top 5 desktop managers for Android software.

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager MoboRobo MOBILedit Mobogenie Mobisynapse
File types for transfer Contacts, SMS, video, photo, music, call logs, app and app data, calendar, documents Contacts, SMS, app, video, photo, music, call logs Contacts, SMS, app, video, photo, music, call logs Contacts, SMS, app, video, photo, music, call logs Apps, SMS
File management
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
Manage apps Download, install, uninstall, export, import, share Download, install, uninstall, export, import Download, install, uninstall, export, import Download, install, uninstall, export, import Download, Install, uninstall, export, import
Send SMS
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
Find duplicate contacts
blue tick
Make calls
blue tick
blue tick
Connection USB cable USB cable, WiFi USB cable, WiFi, Bluetooth, IrDA USB cable USB cable, WiFi
Manage media
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick
blue tick

Part 2: Top 5 Remote Android desktop manager Apps

Modern life without the Smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop is almost impossible?We may forget about important documents when we need them or we need to access computers when we are on travel. In such situation Android Remote Desktop App can make life & work much easier. Easily we can access our desktop or laptop using our Android smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Remote Android desktop manager Apps act as the direct portal back to our PCs, laptops or tablets, and allow us to remotely access, view and work on our computers directly via our Android smart phones. You can find the following top 5 Remote android desktop manager apps:

1. TeamViewer

With TeamViewer, you can transfer your important files, edit documents, use any software from your Android devices while you are even travelling. This free app supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

android desktop manager download app

Hot features:

  • Walk on LAN: Using this feature, you can wake up your sleeping computer, work, transfer or edit files easily. When your work is done, then put the computer back to sleep again.
  • Communicate with clients: You can talk with your clients anytime.
  • Audio & video transmission: You will be able to transfer files to your clients or colleagues.
  • Keyboard feature: You will use it like you use your computer with special keys like Ctrl+Alt+Del.


  • TeamViewer is very user friendly & it quickly manages PC or servers.
  • It is completely free for personal use.
  • It transfers files very fast.


  • TeamViewer quick support is weak sometimes and it cannot work smoothly for some devices.
  • It cannot zoom out far enough.


If you love to listen to music, watch movies when you are on travel then GMOTE is the best Remote Android Desktop app for you! With this app you will be able to use your Android phone just like the remote control for your laptop or PC. Besides, if you need to present something, then you can control PPT slides, PDF or image slideshows very smoothly.

desktop manager for android

Hot features:

  • Streaming music: It is very easy to stream all your music from PC to your Android smartphone.
  • Control music & movies: GMOTE will enable you to control movies or music from a distance.
  • Browse files: The inbuilt file browser will allow you to browse all multimedia files stored on your PC.


  • This app is very effect to control your PowerPoint, image slide shows or PDF presentation.
  • You are able to launch websites from your Android phone.
  • The user interface is very cool & simple.


  • It does not support Bluetooth option.
  • It only supports the M3U playlist format.

3. 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop app will always keep you stay in touch with your PC via your Android phone. It does not matter wherever you are and whatever you want. Besides, this app will secure your PC or laptop from known & unknown threats.

Hot features:

  • Access security: It will secure your Android smartphone access via 2X Client SSL and 2 factor authentication support.
  • Virtual mouse: Easily you can do your work using a virtual mouse with right click. It also have got full keyboard.
  • Cross platform support: This app supports across different platforms. You can use different applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Microsoft Word and so on smoothly.


  • This app can remotely access server.
  • It is user friendly and easy to set up on the device.
  • Full screen view.


  • Dark keyboard is hard to see the key labels or key symbols.

desktop manager for android app


You do not need to have a hypersensitive touch pad or carry the mouse for the laptop, if you have the small app RemoteDroid installed on your Android smart phone. The app will turn the smartphone into a track pad & a wireless keyboard.

desktop manager app for android

Hot features:

  • Touchpad: This feature will make your smartphone screen as the touchpad for your PC.
  • Keyboard: Simply got the smart keyboard, which is very fast & comfortable to use.
  • Browse files: The inbuilt file browser will allow you to browse all multimedia files stored on your PC.


  • You can use portrait mode or landscape mode.
  • It supports any types of Wi-Fi network.
  • It is also user friendly and easy to install.


  • It must have a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

5. VNC Viewer

You can control your desktop computer from anywhere in the world using your mobile device with VNC Viewer. This app will allow you to view the PC's desktop, access data, run any application, etc.

best desktop manager for android

Hot features:

  • Keyboard support: You will get international keyboard support and reproduce all the characters according to your need. Just scroll the key bar buttons.
  • Transfer text: You can copy and paste text.
  • Mouse emulation: You will enjoy the scrolling operations and control your work using Mouse button mode. Twice tap will open an app like what you do with a mouse.
  • High screen resolution: This app will support high screen resolutions up to 5120 by 2400 pixels.


  • It has simple protocol and easy to set up.
  • It has easy navigation.
  • You can access to unlimited computers.


  • It doesn't have an external usb mouse support.

drfone drfone

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