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5 Detailed Solutions How to Factory Reset iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus

Jun 20, 2024 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Knowing how to factory reset your iPhone is one of the essential processes every phone owner should know about. When something goes wrong, whether you’re phone is slowing down dramatically, you’ve encountered some kind of error, bug or glitch, or you’re getting rid of your phone and want to take your personal data off the phone, the factory reset option is how you do it.

reset your iPhone

However, there are multiple ways to factory reset your device, and each one is different in its own right and will be used for its own reasons. Fortunately, there’s no reason you need to be confused as we’re here to help.

Below, we’re going to explore everything you need to know when it comes to factory resetting your iPhone; the 6, 6S and 6 Plus models in particular. To ensure everything stays simple, we’ll even share our complete step-by-step guides.

Let’s get straight into it!

Part 1. 3 solutions to factory reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus (when not locked)

1.1 Factory reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus with a program

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to factory reset your iPhone is using a software application known as Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS). As the title suggests, this program is capable of erasing everything on your phone so all that is left is the bare essentials; just how it came out when made at the factory.

This is an excellent solution because you don’t have to worry about having a faulty or buggy phone because everything is managed through your computer system. Some of the other benefits and features include;

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Dr.Fone - Data Eraser

Factory Reset iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus from Your PC

  • The most user-friendly iPhone factory reset tool on the market
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows computer operating systems
  • Trusted and utilized by over 50 million customers around the world
  • Works on all iPhone models and units, not just the 6 range
  • Can erase everything, or select the specific file types individually
Available on: Windows Mac
4,683,556 people have downloaded it

Sounds like the solution you’re looking for? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it to its full potential!

Note: The Data Eraser will permanently delete phone data. If you'd like to remove Apple account after you forgot the Apple ID password, Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) can achieve the purpose. It will erase the iCloud account from your iPhone.

Step 1 -Head over to the Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) website and download the software to your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions when it comes to installing the software and wait for the process to finish. When you’re done, open the software, so you’re on the main menu.

Click the Data Eraser option.

reset iphone 6 using drfone

Step 2 - Choose the Erase All Data option from the left-hand side of the screen, and then connect your iPhone 6 to your computer using the original lightning USB cable. Wait for the computer to detect your iPhone, and then click the Start option.

reset iphone 6 - click the Start option

Step 3 - Select the level of Erase you wish to proceed with. This includes a hard erase which will delete everything on your device, or a light erase where you can remove some of your files. For a recommended factory reset, select the Medium option.

select the Medium option

Step 4 - You will need to confirm the erase process by typing ‘000000’ on the next screen. Click confirm to proceed with erasing process.

typing code

Step 5 - Now you just need to let the software do its thing! You can track the process of the software on the screen, and the window will tell you when it’s done. When that happens, just disconnect your phone, and you’ll be able to start using it as new!

1.2 Factory reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus with iTunes

Perhaps one of the most common ways to factory reset your device is by using Apple’s own iTunes software. Built into the software, there’s a Restore function which is just another name for Factory Reset. Here’s how you can use it.

Step 1 - Download and install the iTunes software to your Mac or Windows computer. Follow the onscreen instructions on how to install it, and when you’re done, open the program. If you already have iTunes installed, open it and make sure you’re running the latest version.

Step 2 - Connect your iPhone 6/6S6 Plus to your computer using the official lightning USB cable. Make sure your computer registers the device, and then navigate to the iPhone tab in iTunes.

reset iphone 6 with itunes

Step 3 - On the main window, click the Restore button. Here, you’ll be able to see the factory reset options that iTunes has to offer. Simply confirm you want to Restore the factory state of your device, click confirm, and the process will happen automatically!

factory reset

1.3 Factory reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus from settings

The final way you can factory reset your device is via the phone itself in the Settings menu. While straightforward and effective, this is the riskiest approach, because if something happens to your device, such as the battery dying or the phone bugs out halfway through the process, you can be left with a faulty phone.

However, if you have no other options, this may be the solution you want to use. Here’s how.

Step 1 - Backup your phone and save all the data you want to keep. Go to the main menu of your phone.

Step 2 - Navigate Settings > General > Reset, and then select the Erase Content and Settings option. Make sure you confirm this is what you want to do and then the phone will begin the process.

Just wait until this is complete, which can take several minutes. The phone will restart several times, and you’ll find yourself on the setup screen ready to start again!

reset iphone 6 - recovery mode

Part 2. 2 solutions to factory reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus (when locked)

One of the most common problems you may find yourself in is trying to factory reset your device, but there’s a lock screen on the device. This means you can’t get into the settings menu, or unlock the phone when iTunes requests it, meaning you can’t factory reset the device.

Fortunately, you can use another Wondershare application known as Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). This is a powerful software application you can use to unlock and remove the lock screen from your device, meaning you’ll be able to factory reset it whenever you want.

Some of the best aspects to this software include;

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Factory reset a locked iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus

  • Removes all kinds of the lock screen, including passcode and fingerprint
  • Works on all iPhone models, not just the 6 series
  • Used by over 50 million happy customers around the world
  • One of the most user-friendly solutions available
Available on: Windows Mac
4,228,778 people have downloaded it

Think this is the solution for you? Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to use it.

2.1 Factory reset locked iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus in one click

Step 1 - Make your way over to the Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) website and download the software to either your Mac or Windows computer. Install the software to your computer by following the onscreen instructions and open the program when it’s done, so you’re on the main menu.

reset iphone 6 when it is locked

Step 2 - Connect your iPhone 6 to your computer via the USB cable, and then select the Unlock option on the main menu. Click Unlock iOS Screen.

reset iphone 6 - connect iPhone 6 to pc

Step 3 - Put your phone into Recovery Mode by following the instructions and pictures on the screen. When completed, make sure your iPhone information is correctly displayed in the boxes on the screen.

reset iphone 6 - put your phone into Recovery Mode

Step 4 - The software will now automatically download the firmware for your device and install it onto your phone. You need to make sure your computer stays on during this time, and your phone doesn’t disconnect.

When the process is complete, you’ll be notified by the software, and you’ll be able to disconnect your now factory reset your phone and use it as new.

reset iphone 6 - advanced unlock

2.2 Factory reset locked iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus in recovery mode

The last way you can factory reset your iPhone 6, and is a key part of most factory reset processes for the iPhone, is putting your device into Recovery Mode. This is a Safe Mode where only the core parts of the phone activated, meaning you can make large changes to the device, like factory reset, without damaging the device.

You will need iTunes or third-party software like Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) to complete the process, but getting into Recovery Mode is key. Here’s how you can do it yourself;

Step 1 - Back up your device and turn it off. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes or your third-party software.

Step 2 - Press and hold both the home button and the lock button of your device. You will need to keep holding these buttons until you’re able to see the Apple logo on the screen.

That’s it! Now your phone is in Recovery Mode (or known as Safe Mode, or DFU Mode), and you’ll be able to use the software of your choice to reboot the firmware and factory reset your phone.

dfu or recovery mode

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