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A How-To Guide on Bypassing iPhone SE iCloud Activation Lock


Mar 06, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

iCloud Activation Lock is a feature for Find My iPhone capability. You will need your Apple ID and its code to switch off the "Find My iPhone" feature when it is enabled. You may also need it to erase your data or reactivate and utilize your device. That is to say, iCloud Activation Lock keeps your device from getting into the wrong hands.

Regarding this security plan, if you purchased a second-hand iDevice with "Find My iPhone" enabled, you would be stuck after resetting it without a passcode. Therefore, the best way is to bypass iPhone SE Activation Lock to utilize the phone. You can bypass the lock but can't eliminate the Activation Lock by iTunes.

So, to dispose of the Activation Lock, here, we will provide the best ways possible for iPhone SE iCloud bypass. All the solutions mentioned here are effective and work almost 100% of the time.

Part 1: 4 Quick Methods to Bypass iPhone SE iCloud activation lock

Ask the previous owner for Apple ID and passcode.

The first thing you can do is to ask the previous owner for their Apple iCloud account credentials. You can use these details to open the account and use it for the iPhone SE bypass.

However, it is the least suggested and least effective method. It is because asking someone about their account details is unethical. The iCloud account has a lot of personal information about the user. Therefore, no one will be willing to hand you the account credentials unless they are your close relatives.

Ask the previous owner to bypass it (iCloud) remotely.

The best iPhone SE bypass method is connecting with the past user and having them erase the iPhone from their Apple ID. The previous user can enter their password on the Activation Lock screen or access iCloud. The following are the steps that the past user ought to follow:

  • Sign in to iCloud.com and go to Find iPhone.
  • Click "All Devices" from the top to open a rundown of the phones connected to their account. It will show all the phones connected to the iCloud account, regardless of whether it's on the web. If this is a family account, it shows every accessory.
  • Scroll down until you find the phone you need to eliminate. Click it.
  • The site page will show a couple of choices for it. Click "Remove from Account" to disassociate it from iCloud.

Use iCloud DNS Bypass.

DNS represents the domain name and is a supportive method for bypassing the iPhone SE activation lock. It controls the DNS server and redirects the authentication way of your phone. It assists you with the iPhone SE iCloud bypass using these steps:

dns bypass

Step 1. Go to the WiFi settings and click Configure IP. Then choose Manual and click "Add Server."

Step 2. Click on the "i" and enter the DNS server IP according to your area, which is:

  • USA:
  • South America:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Australia and Oceania:
  • The rest:

Step 3. Go Back and turn on WiFi.

Step 4. Tap on Next Page and go Back to bypass the lock.

Step 5. Set up the gadget according to your liking.

The downside of this strategy is that it is short-term. When you reboot your iOS gadget, the activation lock comes back up, and you'll need to do it again. That can get irritating and wasteful.

Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock.

As one of the most well-known and proficient iCloud Activation bypass software for iOS, Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock is the best way to bypass iPhone SE Activation Lock.

As a complete iOS unlocking tool, Dr.Fone can satisfy your unlocking needs, regardless of whether your iPhone is connected to an Apple ID, you want to eliminate your Apple ID, or you fail to remember your ID credentials. By utilizing its iCloud Activation Unlocker feature, you can bypass the lock without requiring an Apple ID.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1. Install the Dr.Fone program on the PC and choose Screen Unlock.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

screen unlock

Step 2. Click the "Bypass Activate Lock" feature.

bypass activate lock

Step 3. Please select the "Start" button to bypass Phone SE activation lock

bypass iphone se

Step 4. After the "Start" option, the next process will go differently for GSM devices and CDMD devices.

For GSM devices, you don't have to worry about use problems after bypassing the activation lock.

start option

But for CDMD devices, after bypassing this lock, some use obstacles will show up, like you can't use phone calls and cellular data use won't work.

use obstacles

use obstacles

Step 5. Please don't forget to jailbreak your device; otherwise, the process can't continue.

jailbreak your device

Step 6. The activation lock will vanish in a minute. Your iPhone will begin with no activation lock.

activation lock

You can access and utilize the iDevice now. Kindly recall that you can't use your new Apple ID's call, cell, and iCloud after an iCloud lock.

access and utilize the idevice now

You can watch the video below to get your iPhone SE Cloud activation bypassed with Wondershare Dr.Fone

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Part 2: What is Find My?

By all accounts, Apple's Find My feature does what it says. If you lose your iPhone, you can recognize its latest area using the iCloud Site, and you can make it play a sound.

Yet, Find My iPhone does substantially more! You can utilize it to find a missing Macintosh, iPad, iPod, and even AirPods. It also safeguards your data on the off chance a gadget is stolen. It even works with Family Sharing to find phones claimed by anybody in your family.

Part 3: How to Disable Find My?

When you switch off Find My feature on your iDevice, the Activation Lock is naturally switched off. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings, click on your account (your account name) and click the "Find My" option on your iDevice.

click on your name

  • Tap iCloud > Find My [iDevice], then switch it off.

disable find my

The Bottom Line

Getting suck on the activation lock screen can be frustrating. Therefore, this iPhone SE bypass guide tries to answer all your questions. We have listed several solutions to help you bypass iPhone SE Activation lock. However, we strongly recommend Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock as a fast and effective solution.

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