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How to Reset iPhone 5

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

iPhones can be a boon and iPhones can be a pain. Like any electronic device, iPhones can malfunction or get locked due to various reasons. Sometimes you may forget your passcode and cannot access your phone. Used iPhones also need resetting to erase earlier passwords or settings. iPhones a certain occasions become unresponsive and the screen becomes frozen. You cannot do anything as the touch does not respond. Resetting can get the phone to working condition and make it perform better. It is also wise to perform factory restore reset when selling or giving away your phone. Factory reset wipes your data and does not let it fall into wrong hands.

We are going to give you a detailed guide into various ways of resetting your iPhone 5. But before you proceed, there is something to take care of.

Backup iPhone 5 Data

Some methods of iPhone 5 reset wipe your data and settings. Your phone becomes like new and you have to set it up again. It is useful to have backup of your data which you can use to restore the iPhone. There are various ways you can adopt to backup the data. You can use Apple ways like iTunes or iCloud to save your content. But usually the process is time taking and does not work for all apps or data. The best way to take iPhone backup is by using Wondershare Dr.Fone – iOS Data Backup and Restore. It easily takes backup of various iPhone file types quickly and in few steps. The program can also used to restore your phone using backups you made earlier. Another great feature is the ability to retrieve deleted and lost data due to resetting, factory settings reset, etc. You can get back your important files even if you have not made backups.

Part 1: How to Reset iPhone 5 to Factory Settings

Step 1: Open Settings Option

how to reset iphone 5

Open the Settings option of your iPhone from the home screen and choose General from the next menu. Then navigate to bottom of the screen and select the Reset option.

Step 2: Erase Content and Settings

how to reset iphone 5

Choose the second option from the top named Erase All Content and Settings. Your iPhone will prompt you to confirm the action. You have to tap on the Erase iPhone option when the phone displays it.

Step 3: Setup your iPhone 5

how to reset iphone 5

The restoring process will take some to complete. After your phone reboots, you will find the iOS Setup Assistant to guide you through the setup. You can use any backups to restore your phone at this point.

Part 2: How to Reset iPhone 5 Without Password

Step 1: Connect your iPhone

how to reset iphone 5

Start by connecting the USB cord with your computer, but leaving the phone end free. Now switch off your iPhone by holding down the Power and Home button.

Step 2: Activate Recovery Mode

how to reset iphone 5

Keep pressing the home button of iPhone 5 and connect it with the free end of the USB cable. The phone will automatically switch on and you should keep the home button pressed. Shortly a message will appear on iTunes displaying that your iPhone is in recovery mode.

Step 3: Restore iPhones from iTunes

how to reset iphone 5

Click OK on the command box and navigate to iTunes. Open the Summary tab and then press the Restore option. Your iPhone will be completely erased along with the password leading to successful restore.

Part 3: How to Reset iPhone 5 with iTunes

Step 1: Open iTunes on Mac or Computer

Launch iTunes on your computer or Mac depending on what you use. Now use the USB cable to connect your iPhone and Mac. Follow the on screen instructions and provide your password if prompted. Your iPhone 5 will be detected by iTunes.

Step 2: Restoring your iPhone 5

how to reset iphone 5

Click on the Summary tab under Settings on the left side menu. Then from the right side window select Restore iPhone. iTunes will ask you to reconfirm for which you need to click on Restore again on the pop up dialogue. Your iPhone 5 will be erased and reset with the latest iOS version. You can prepare your phone as new or use backups to restore it.

Part 4: How to Hard Reset iPhone 5

This method is best when your iPhone 5 is not responding or is frozen. You do not need any computer, iTunes or backups. It just requires pressing of the iPhone Home and Power buttons located under the screen and on the top respectively.

Step 1: Reboot Your Device

how to reset iphone 5

Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Home buttons. Your iPhone will restart and show the Apple logo on the screen. Do not let go of the button till you see the logo. It can take about 20 seconds for the logo to appear.

Step 2: Wait for Booting to Complete

how to reset iphone 5

Your phone may take some time to boot completely. The Apple logo may be displayed on the screen up to 1 minute till the phone reboots. You will be able to use the phone after it reboots and shows the home screen.

Part 5: Video Tutorial for Resetting iPhone 5

We have given a comprehensive guide to different ways to reset your iPhone 5. To make things super easy and simple to understand, we are proving the tutorial video. You can check it out to learn how to reset iPhone 5. The method works for disabled and passwords locked phones. All the data on the device and the passcode will be wiped during this process.

That's all that you need to do to reset your iPhone 5 and get it working back to normal, just like how it worked when you first bought it.

James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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